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How to take care of your emerald jewelry

How to take care of your loose emerald stone
How to take care of your emerald
Quick Info About The Emerald
     Emerald is a gemstone and a variety of the mineral beryl colored green by trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium.  Beryl has a hardness of 7.5–8 on the Mohs scale. Most emeralds are highly included, so their toughness is ranged as generally in between. The best emeralds are found and mined in Colombia. Color tone and saturation ranging from bluish green or yellowish green. Have a excellent emerald with Excellent luster, transparent eye clarity, medium dark tone and bluish green color is ideal.

Be Gentle 🔑   
   The first key of how to take care of your emerald. Emeralds are remotely brittle and can be damaged by heat, vibration, or chemicals. It's too lamentable that other jewelers do not inculcate their customers about how to care for their prized possessions. Here are a few tips.

For marginally more tough dried up dirt gently scrubbing with a soft toothbrush, but if you're cleaning jewelry, be meticulous not to scrub highly polished metal surfaces, as the marginal abrasive action of the brush will engender marginally nebulous effects on the metal.

When taking care of your emerald, abstracting light marks or dirt from your stone, it's conventionally best to rinse them with clean water and dry with a soft cloths. Additionally, store jewelry and loose emeralds in separate padded compartments or wrapped in soft lint-free cloth to avert scratching, chipping, entanglement or even losing it. Ascertain where ever you are cleaning your emerald to hold it tightly from slipping off your hand because trying to relocate the emerald is another story.  😅

Being a bit more careful
     Before you even think of grabbing that bottle of lotion or creams, remove your ring to avert heavy build up of oil and dirt that over time will dry around the pavilion which will make your emerald seem nebulous or less appealing.

If you plan to do heavy or dirty work with your hands, abstract your rings so they will not be subjected to astringent blows, abrasives, or nonessential dirt. Even diamonds are relatively brittle and can be chipped by a hard blow.

Be cautious about the utilization of ultrasonic cleaners. Most emeralds are "oiled"  ultrasound may abstract the treatment or expand subsisting fractures. If you are not absolutely SURE it's safe, don't put your emerald in ultrasound!
Our jewelry preparing to set a emerald

Over 20 years in experience of working with emeralds

Examine The Jewelry
 How can I take care of my emerald jewelry? If you can see any damage, either cracks in the emerald or damage to the mount - don't clean it.  You might make things worse. Seek expert advice from your trusted jeweler.

Always be conscientious to who you give your jewelry to for repair. Emeralds are a different subject from diamonds and most jewelers don't know how to work with them. always check your jewelry or take a picture of it before you hand them your rare and most prized investment. Some jewelers linger too long with a torch during prong work and can burn the emerald. It's often safest to abstract them before working on a setting. Emeralds should never be exposed to extreme heat.

If one prong of a four-prong setting breaks, it often results in the loss of a stone. Six prong settings are more secure. If a prong is weak or broken, it's usually best to supersede the head than to endeavor retouching prongs.

Bezel settings offer more protection for any stone, but they make it more arduous to abstract and reset stones if the stone needs repolishing or if alterations of the metalwork are required. Setting can also be hazardous. It's best to utilize high-karat gold, which is softer and more facilely bent into place. also, consider how the stone might be abstracted if compulsory. Sometimes, it may be best to utilize a false bezel setting and set the emerald from beneath, holding it in place with tabs.

We repair fine jewelry and emerald jewelry
We wholesale and specialize in Colombian emeralds 
created custom emerald ring
Emerald ring finished and given to the client 

JR COLOMBIAN EMERALDS is an American company founded in 1995 by Jorge Rodriguez as a supplier of Natural Colombian emeralds. Here at JR Emeralds we hand selects pieces from thousands of loose natural Colombian emeralds. Our stones are produced in the world famous Muzo mine in Colombia.

Creative and extraordinary designs fulfill the needs of all our international clientele. We also source our emeralds from the Coscuez, La Pita and the Chivor mines. Emeralds that are sourced from these mines break world records and are housed in the most prestigious of Museums in the United States and abroad.

We are proud to have assembled a world class team of classically trained GIA resident jewelers and designers that have dedicated their lives to the art of creating jewelry. Our team has a combined experience of over 90 years.

Our jewelers have been trained and have apprenticed with the most prestigious jewelers of our time. Talent can also be found within our jewelry designers that hold several degrees in art and history. Studying new trends and techniques puts us head and shoulders above our competition.

Colombian Emerald Cushion

Colombian Emerald Cut

Colombian Emerald Lot
Colombian Emerald Trapiche 


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Muhgul "Bejewelled Treasures" & A Royal Jewel Theft, Madoff Jewelry Auction

There is an air of romance and great history when viewing the gems and jewels in the collection of Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah Al Thani. Over 100 items are on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London until March 28th. Its a great opportunity to see this incredible historic items up close and personal~
Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah Al Thani a simple man with a large collection of gems and jewels
The Mughal (or Mughol)  Empire was a period in India from 1526 until the British rule in 1857. During that time the generations of talented craftsman created unbelievable works of art crafted out of gold and numerous previous gemstones. The highly decorated items many of them for everyday use were created in jade, gold, silver and other various gemstones. At the Victoria and Albert Museum in London there is an exhibition that if you live within earshot, its a must for you go. But of course you have to have a love for exquisite Indian gems and jewels! The exhibit is aptly entitled "Bejewelled Treasures"and features over 100 opulently decorated items with precious gemstones and jade artifacts.  These magnificent items were used in elaborate court ceremonies. Mahrajas had an immense appetite for jewels and would contact the Houses of Cartier and other jewelers to create their pieces. Virtually every Indian Mahrajas would commission a state picture of them wearing their incredible jewels. And they loved their gems, jewels, ornate turban ornaments, multi rowed pearl and diamond necklaces etc. Its unimaginable the carat size of the stones~

Maharaja Yadavindra Singh of Patiala in 1940 an example of how Maharajahs wore their jewels, he is also the same Maharajah that Cartier created the largest necklace ever commissioned the 926cts Patiala Necklace 

The pieces range in date from the early 17th century to the present day, and were made in the Indian subcontinent or inspired by India. They include spectacular precious stones, jades made for Mughal emperors and a gold tiger-head finial from the throne of the South Indian ruler Tipu Sultan

The jade dagger that had once belonged to Emporer Jahangir, father to Shah Jahan
But first, who was Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah Al Thani? He was born to the Qatar Royal family in 1896 in Qatar. In his rather short life he was able to amass the largest collection of historical Indian jewelry. Being a sheik, obviously has numerous benefits! His large collection consisted of over 400 pieces of jewelry and artifacts . One of his prized possessions was a 17th century jade dagger that had belonged to Emporer Jahangir and later his son. the Sha Jahan who built the Taj Mahal as a resting place for his wife. Other items include turban ornaments ( they are quite large and exquisite!) from 1875 to 1900. 
The gold tiger finial from South Indian ruler Tipu Sultan of Mysore throne, the only part left of his gold throne

A closer look at the gems and detail can visibly be seen on the finial
Tipu Sultan was one of the most powerful rulers of India. He was loved and hated in India as he is regarded both as a secular ruler who fought against British colonialism as well as an anti-Hindus. Opposing rebels had set fire to the church where his throne was housed. The tiger finial was the only remnant left of what must of been an incredible work of art.

Loved and hated by the people of India he was one of the countries most powerful rulers 

Possibly a turban ornament? Its breathtaking and very realistic!

 There are quite a few jewelry periods that are known for their craftsmanship and techniques, in my personal opinion the jewels made during the Mughul period are the most fascinating. Exceptionally large and rare gemstones used on a variety of items. It is truly spellbinding and a personal favorite~ 

Gold and gemstone inlaid temple spoon used for rituals

Craved emerald and sapphire pendant

Pearl , diamond and red spinel nose ring, at the time red spinel was as valuable as rubies

Seed pearl , polki diamonds and emerald earrings
Turban ornament with polki diamonds and red spinel ( the reverse is  Kundun and is painted)
A cane ornament, notice the huge diamond on top of his head~
Goodwood House known for the Festival of Speed, Lord March is the President of the British Automobile Racing Club and host several events at their estate
 Goodwood House is an estate located in the UK that had a break in that resulted in millions of dollars worth of historic and royal provenance jewels being taken during a brutal and terrifying break in at 4:30 am on January 13th. Lord and Lady March when Lady March  had awoken to a noise. After her husband investigated they were both pushed into the bedroom where the intruder forced Lady March to open the safe.Afterwards they were bound to a chair and were only released when one of their staff discovered them. How terrifying to be not only tied up but to have so many treasured heirlooms taken is just devastating~

Lord and Lady March of GoodWood House
Along with the historic ring, he escaped with 40 antique items including an 1820 diamond tiara worth around £400,000 and a 19th century diamond necklace worth £200,000.
Several high-value watches, including a Rolex and Girard-Perregaux, were also taken, along with emerald, diamond and sapphire rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

 Every year the estate plays host to the Qatar Goodwood Festival, Festival of Speed, and the Goodwood Revival. There is currently a large reward being offered to capture the thief and to recover the missing heirlooms.
A diamond tiara dated from 1820 and valued at $800,000
An emerald and diamond ring given from Charles II to his mistress the Duchess of Portsmouth (the top of the stone is engraved with a family crest)

Since Bernie Madoffs arrest more than 7 years ago, the authorities are still trying to locate over $11 Billion that is still missing. To help recoup some of the missing funds, Gaston & Sheehan an Auction house in Texas is currently auctioning off 6 items of jewelry previously owned by Bernie and his wife Ruth. They are being auction online and the bidding ends on February 16th. The jewelry includes a multi row diamond bracelet, an emerald and diamond necklace along with two of Bernies Patek Phillipe watches. The bidding has started at a healthy point and can only increase.  But even at increments at $100 a time, it wont come close to cover the cost of the missing funds~

Ruth Madoffs emerald & diamond necklace, of Russian origin maybe?

One of two Patek Phillipe watches owned by Bernie Madoff
Since Bernies arrest, Ruth has been living a simpler life in Connecticut in a 989 square foot apartment and owns a Prius. She was able to make a deal with the government to keep $2.5 Million dollars. She has refused all press requests and avoids the spotlight. Ruth had lost her son Mark in 2010 to suicide and son Andrew in 2014 to cancer. Both sons were involved with the Madoff downfall. According to court records they are still currently married, since she was 18 years old.

Here is the link to the online auction,http://www.txauction.com/items.cfm?id=834

                                                                   Keep sparkling, until next time~
400 pieces of jewelry and jeweled artifacts, whose origins range from the Mogul era to the 21st century - See more at: http://robbreport.com/paid-issue/sheikh-hamad-bin-abdullah-al-thani#sthash.89N3qwf6.dpuf
400 pieces of jewelry and jeweled artifacts, whose origins range from the Mogul era to the 21st century - See more at: http://robbreport.com/paid-issue/sheikh-hamad-bin-abdullah-al-thani#sthash.89N3qwf6.dpuf

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Imelda Marcus Legendary Jewels, $1 Million Watch, Angelina Jolies 177.11cts Citrine Necklace

A new year, a fresh beginning. The Auction houses were bustling during the last few weeks of December. Sothebys, Holiday Treasures auction had quite the assortment of glittering gems of a royal provenance and a large selection of well known designers jewels as well.
The Queen of Egypt wearing the matching necklace and tiara that was commissioned by Van Clef and Arpels 1939
One of the most spectacular items at the auction was a superb diamond necklace that was commissioned by the Queen of Egypt on the event of her daughters weeding to the future Shah of Iran.
The incredible necklace featuring a 6ct round diamond, totaling 217 carats
The pre auction estimate was $3.6Million - $4.6Million but sold for $4.2 Million. With the carat size and the royal provenance you would think the winning bid would of been higher.

Some of the other items winning bids went many times over the actual winning amount. along with Van Clef and Arpels gorgeous vintage pieces were stunners. A bombe bracelet previously owned by New York's Brooke Astor ( her jewelry collection was beyond legendary and the sizes were dreamy) created by Van Clef and Arpels in 1965 that is set with 11 cushion-cut emeralds weighing approximately 21.00 carats, accented by round emeralds weighing approximately 36.75 carats, completed by round diamonds weighing approximately 58.00 carats, gross weight approximately 104 dwts all in 18k f course. The pre auction estimate was $100,00 -$150,000 but the winning bid was an impressive $466,000!

Anotehr beauty that sold for almost double the pre auction estimate was an 18k yellow gold and carved jade necklace titled the "Ru-Yi" necklace, by David Webb. The carved mushroom releif represented longevity and the pendant could also be detached and the chain could also be worn as a belt. Came with a signed box 1971. One of my personal faves, he has a strong following still to this day many years after his untimely death.

The pre auction estimate was $80,000 - $120,000 but sold for $225,000. There were several lots in this auction created by David Webb.

Robert Procop is a well known jeweler that collaborated with Angelina Jolie on her line of jewelry where 100% of the proceeds benefited her children's charity "Education Partnership for Children of Conflict".  Angelina is well known for her good work, this time she has donated, yes donated a necklace from her line "Style of Jolie' to the Smithsonian. The 64 graduated bezel-set cushion cut citrine gems feature a 177.11cts citirne drop all set in 18k yellow gold.

The 18k yellow gold necklace features 64 graduated bezel-set cushion-shaped citrine gems highlighted by a 177.11-carat pear-shaped citrine drop.
Angelina Jolie wearing the necklace, it gives an idea of the scale, HUGE!
“We are thrilled to receive this important piece for the Smithsonian,” said Jeffrey Post, curator of the National Gem Collection. “It is the first piece of citrine jewelry in the collection. The fact that it was personally designed by Angelina Jolie Pitt and Robert Procop makes it all the more significant.”

Jolie added, “Robert and I are honored to have this great institution feature one of our jeweled creations. As the Smithsonian has educated so many of us, this jewel is a symbol of our efforts to help educate underprivileged children in conflict areas of the world.”

Robert had stated, “I am honored and also humbled to have our citrine necklace placed among the great jewels of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution,” said Procop. “From one endeavor, Angelina's creative vision draws two equally impressive outcomes: to transform the finest gems into works of art, and ultimately, improve the lives of many that are in need.”

As of now this is the only item from the jewelry line to be donated to the Smithsonian. What  a beautiful gesture, for the world to be able  to view this remarkable piece of jewelry.

Where the necklace will be showcased is at "The National Gem Collection in the Janet Annenberg Hooker Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals"  It is one of the most visited exhibitions at the Smithsonian with a mineral and gem collection that consists of approximately 350,000 mineral specimens and 10,000 gems, making it one of the largest of its kind in the world.

Floyd Mayweather in Dubai after his historic purchase
 loyd Mayweather is a sportsman best known for his boxing skills. But hes known for a fabulous sparkling reason. Actually $1 Million worth~ Mayweather  was in the most lucrative fights in boxing history when he fought Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao in May. "Money" Mayweather hung up his boxing gloves in September his defeat against Andre Berto.  Floyd has a love affair with spectacular jewelry , watches chain etc. while enjoying his retirement he has been traveling to Italy, Monaco and Dubai. Where he purchased a sparkling diamond encrusted Hublot watch for a cool $1 Million dollars.

 The watch is titled the "Big Bang Unico Haute Joallerie watch". And it lives up to its name. It is encrusted with numerous blinding diamonds. There haven't been any reports to the carat weight, but one can only imagine that it must be jaw dropping!

Decadent in diamonds... any guesses on the carat weight? Photo courtesy of Hublot
Imelda Marcos, the name conjours up the worlds largest collection of shoes. Imelda Marcos jewelry collection came to light recently when it was announced that her rather extensive collection of jewels were being appraised in november of 2015. The Philiphone government is trying to decide if they should be auctioned or if they should be put on display. The priceless gems  were found taped to pieces of paper in ziploc bags. They jewelry was stored in trunks and suitcases. Thats alot of jewelry!

30.76cts Diamond Bangle from Bulgari, 1986 price tag attached $1 Million
 The items were seized from 3 separate locations in in 1986. At the time of the seize the collection was thought to be valued from $5 Million - $7 Million in 1988 and 1991. One diamond bracelet alone still has the price tag attached, it is a $1 Million dollar diamond bangle by Cartier. A 25ct pink diamond cut in the 18th century is expected to get $5 Million dollars.  It is absolutely breathtaking and difficult to imagine that it has never been worn!

86cts Yellow Canary Diamond Brooch, the size is fascinating!
 The jewels have been stored since 1986 Ferdinand Marcos and his family fled to Hawaii during a revolt. During his 20 years as president he amassed billions of dollars while the people of his country lived in poverty. During that time she bought many large items of jewelry and an impressive collection of shoes.

One of the necklaces being appraised by Christies Appraiser
Examinng one of the yellow diamond necklaces from Imeldas collection photo courtesy of Diana Limjoco

Imelda Marcos in 2009, she is now a member of Congress

 David Warren of Christie’s said the collection, which has been stored by the Philippine central bank for close to 30 years, is comparable to a collection of jewels owned by royalty. “If I didn’t know where the collection came from, I would probably say it could have come from a royal person,” said Warren, who was among a Christie’s team that inspected the jewelry on November 24th 2015.  I'll be following the story closely~

                                                        Keep sparkling, until next time!

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$200 Million Dollar Necklace, Royal Gems & World Reocrd Breaking Diamonds!

In 2010 Chow Tai Fook, a diversified company that is property development, hotel, casino, transportation, jewelry, port and telecommunications businesses had purchased a rough diamond that weighed 507 carats at the cost of $35 Million and was called the Cullinan Heritage. At 507 carats its one of the largest rough diamonds ever mined in the world. Chow Tai Fook ( here's a link to their jewelry website, the pieces are truly incredible!, http://www.chowtaifook.com/en/ collaborated with Hong Kong jeweler Wallace Chan on creating a piece of jewelry with the Cullinan Heritage. What resulted is an extraordinary necklace aptly named the "heritage in Bloom " that consists of 11,151 diamonds the center being 104cts and also 24 flawless diamonds cut the from Cullinan. Add 22 people and 44,000 man hours it almost explains the price tag of $200 Million dollars. This necklace can also be worn 27 different ways! Its also the most expensive diamond necklace to date. No official word from The Guinness Book of Records, yet!
Petra CEO Johan Dippenaar and the 507ct "Cullian Heritage"

A sketch of the infamous necklace, so many working parts!

Wallace Chan working on the model, larger than life size!

Magnificent, looks unreal, the diamond color is fascinating
Closer view of the intricate setting holding the 104cts diamond

 Jewels of a royal provenance have always besotted auction goes and jewelry connoisseur. To be to actually own ( and if you can afford the price) of royal history fascinates many. A highly desirable and also along with quite the story is the fabled necklace and tiara of  Queen Nazli. Not just any necklace and tiara.

Queen Nazil of Egypt
  The two items were commissioned by Van Clef and Arpels at the request of King Farud on the event of his daughters Princess Fawzia marriage to the future Shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi in 1939. Truly breath taking, the necklace contains 212 carats of diamonds set in platinum and is hinged so it nestles on any womans neck. While the tiara has 274 carats. Both pieces were auctioned off in 1975 to aid the ousted Queen Mother of Egypt ( a title which she was stripped off when she had coordinated the marriage between her daughter and Riyad Ghali Effendi, who was a Copt and went against the Kings wishes) and her daughter who were living in Beverly Hills. Apparently the daughter had a lavish lifestyle she wished to live. Trying to claim bankruptcy the court had decided that for the selling the jewels for $180,000 they had decided to sell them privately to get more funds. They initially thought they would bring in $500,000 to help clear debts. A sad story of truly fabled royal jewels.

 Exceptional not only in size but also quality these two pieces will be auction on December 9th by Sothebys for the Magnificent Jewels in New York. The pre auction estimate is $3.6Million - $4.6Million. One of the most spectacular necklaces at the auction, but the tiara is not included in this sale.

The custom created tiara created for Queen Nazil in 1939 by Van Clef and Arpels

Joseph Lau Hong Kong Real Estate Developer, $11.1 Billion net worth!
Joseph Lau is a businessman with  eccentric tastes and obviously adores his 7 year old daughter, Josephine. Mr. Lau who is one of Hong Kongs largest real estate developers owning 1/3 of the real estate in China. He had a small setback in 2014 when he was sentenced to 5 years for bribery in Macau. But fortunate for him, there is no extradition between China and Macau. His name comes into the news, this time for a different reason. He recently purchased not one but TWO of the largest diamonds ever to come to auction totaling a remarkable $77 Million dollars. Joseph didnt purchase one but bought two exceptional diamonds from the Sothebys "Noble Jewels" auction in Geneva on November 11th. The auction had netted $139 Million dollars and featured two prominent colored diamonds. The 12.03 blue diamond set a world record auction price at an astonishing $48 Million dollars! he had also purchased a 16.08ct pink diamond ring for $28.5 Million dollars. Pink and blue hued diamonds are the rarest colors in the shades of diamonds.

The 12.03ct  "Blue Moon of Josephine"set world records when auctioned for $48 Million dollars, thats about $4 Million/carat!
“Tonight we set a new world record, a new auction record for any diamond, any jewel, any gemstone, with the sale of the Blue Moon diamond,” said auctioneer David Bennett in Geneva. He specified the price as $48,468,158. “I have never seen a more beautiful stone. The shape, the color, the purity — it’s a magical stone.”

"The polished blue gem was cut from a 29.6-carat diamond discovered last year in South Africa’s Cullinan mine, which also yielded the 530-carat Star of Africa blue diamond that is part of the British crown jewels, and the Smithsonian Institution’s “Blue Heart” discovered in 1908. "

The 16.08ct Pink diamond , "Sweet Josephine" sold for $28.5 Million
A very fortunate 7 year old, Josephine Lau~
Rio Tinto mines have unerathed a record breaking 1,111 rough diamond in the Lucara Diamond firm Its the world’s second-largest diamond of gem quality in Botswana. This 1,111-carat diamond is second only to the 3,106-carat Cullinan diamond found in South Africa in 1905. The gem measures 65mm x 56mm x 40mm and was recovered from the Karowe mine located just north of the capital, Gaborone.

Not actual size! 1,111 Lucara rough diamond
  “This has been an amazing week for Lucara with the recovery of the second largest and also the sixth largest gem quality diamonds ever mined,” William Lamb, chief executive officer of Lucara. It was also released that Lucara’s stock price rose 32%, adding $150 million to its market value. Call your stockbroker dears~

This is the largest diamond unearthed in a century! It is roughly the size of a tennis ball. This mine had a great week also unearthing two other rough diamonds weighing 813 carats and 374 carats! No word as to the value of the latest large rough. With stones of this size it can take a year or longer to diagram and cut the diamond. And more than likely it will be cut into several smaller stones. I would hope to see some of these magnificent diamonds in a museum, for the whole world to see and enjoy~ 

                                                            Until next time, keep sparkling!