Tuesday, December 17, 2013

World Record $83 Million "Pink Dream" , $250 Million Dollar Necklace~

 On November 12th in Geneva Switzerland Christies set two world records for set for largest colored stone sale prices.  The impressive internally flawless pink diamond sold for an incredible $83 Million dollars! Four bidders were bidding on the highly anticipated vivid fancy diamond and in the last 5 minutes it went to diamond cutter Isaac Wolf who renamed the stone "Pink Dream" following the auction. Still an unbelievable sum for a diamond! is this stone going to be set into a setting? or is it going to go on tour?  My guess is it'll go on tour~

59.6cts "Pink Dream sold for $83 Million Dollars

 Another unqiue colored diamond also set a record on the November 14th. The largest fancy vivid orange diamond 14.32cts sold for $35 Million Dollars. Quite impressive numbers for both stones but especially for the carat size of the yet unnamed orange diamond. "Orange diamonds of more than five carats have very rarely been seen at auction, said Fran├žois Curiel, international head of Christie’s jewelry department in a statement. “Time and again, a stone will appear on the market that is truly a miracle of nature,” he said, adding that the likes of The Orange “will perhaps only be seen once in a lifetime.”A single anonymous collector has owned The Orange for at least 30 years. Its record-breaking price positions it “amongst the greatest pinks and blues, which are traditionally the most appreciated colored diamonds,” said Curiel. What a true beauty indeed!

14.83cts fancy vivid orange diamond sold for $35 Million

  Some other items at the auction were an antique diamond tiara from 1860 ( we have on our pinterest board sold) for $227,559. It states that the tiara is from the property of a gentleman. There must be an incredible story tied to this tiara... Such a low price for a piece of history!

  The Gilded Age is a glittering time in history were enormous fortunes of exorbitant amounts were made and spent by the Cornelius, Astor and Rockefellers alike. The barons of industry spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and years to create limestone concrete mansions, entertained hundreds of guests on quail and delicacies of the time. Museum of the City of  New York is having an exhibit that is simple titled "Gilded Age" that will open on November 13th - 30th  2013  that will bring many New Yorkers and lovers of the gilded age to their doors.  These are a few of the items that will be on display. If you're in new York or planning to go, this will be a fantastic exhibit~

Tiffany & Co. brooch, 1900 • Platinum, gold, diamond, pearls, ruby, garnet, sapphire
Tiffany & Co., Brooch, ca. 1900 • Gold, sapphires, zircons, enamel
The "Rehan necklace"
Tiffany & Co., Pendant brooch, ca. 1900 • Platinum, diamond, sapphire

   Locally in South Florida we have Worth Ave lined with the best jewelers and retailers in the world. One of those famous retailers is kaufman de suisse. A Canadian based jewelers that have two locations and some of the best jewels that you'll ever see. There's a stone thats putting Palm Beach in the news. Kaufman De Suisse have a remarkable stone that is the largest Paraiba tourmaline that is named " Ethereal Carolina Divine Paraiba".  I love how all the great large stones have names~  At an astonishing 191.87 carats and has also set a Guiness book world record in 2009.  Shattering the record by 51.77cts of the previous largest facted Paraiba. this stone has an incredible light blue hue. Upon seeing the stone Moneca was inspired for the stone to be set into a unique setting titled "Star of the Ocean Jewels". Featuring different sea creatures this necklace made its debut in October 18th 2013 at their Montreal Quebec store location.  this magnificent necklace will be auctioned in 2014. There are over 1,076 gemstones and also a 10.73 yellow canary diamond.the necklace will be in Palm Beach prior to its auction next year. I'm definelty going to hop, skip and jump over to see it!

"Star of the Ocean Jewels"

"Star of the Ocean Jewels" being modeled
  There has been some talk that this necklace is worth in the neighborhood of $250 Million dollars, crazy figure! But the stone is a record holder and has " been placed on a very short list of the world’s most famous gems in history by experts in the field, along with: the Logan Sapphire, the Hope Diamond, the Golden Jubilee, the Alan Caplan Ruby, and the Cullinan Diamond". One can only imagine the bidding frenzy that this necklace will bring about~ 

 Have you ever heard of Marion Rumsey Cartier? She was the daughter of Pierre Cartierone of the three brothers that started of the infamous jewelry house by the same name. Her collection of jewelry is up for auction on December 10th at Christies New York. Her pieces are extrodinary, here's a few pictures of her jewels~