Tuesday, December 17, 2013

World Record $83 Million "Pink Dream" , $250 Million Dollar Necklace~

 On November 12th in Geneva Switzerland Christies set two world records for set for largest colored stone sale prices.  The impressive internally flawless pink diamond sold for an incredible $83 Million dollars! Four bidders were bidding on the highly anticipated vivid fancy diamond and in the last 5 minutes it went to diamond cutter Isaac Wolf who renamed the stone "Pink Dream" following the auction. Still an unbelievable sum for a diamond! is this stone going to be set into a setting? or is it going to go on tour?  My guess is it'll go on tour~

59.6cts "Pink Dream sold for $83 Million Dollars

 Another unqiue colored diamond also set a record on the November 14th. The largest fancy vivid orange diamond 14.32cts sold for $35 Million Dollars. Quite impressive numbers for both stones but especially for the carat size of the yet unnamed orange diamond. "Orange diamonds of more than five carats have very rarely been seen at auction, said François Curiel, international head of Christie’s jewelry department in a statement. “Time and again, a stone will appear on the market that is truly a miracle of nature,” he said, adding that the likes of The Orange “will perhaps only be seen once in a lifetime.”A single anonymous collector has owned The Orange for at least 30 years. Its record-breaking price positions it “amongst the greatest pinks and blues, which are traditionally the most appreciated colored diamonds,” said Curiel. What a true beauty indeed!

14.83cts fancy vivid orange diamond sold for $35 Million

  Some other items at the auction were an antique diamond tiara from 1860 ( we have on our pinterest board sold) for $227,559. It states that the tiara is from the property of a gentleman. There must be an incredible story tied to this tiara... Such a low price for a piece of history!

  The Gilded Age is a glittering time in history were enormous fortunes of exorbitant amounts were made and spent by the Cornelius, Astor and Rockefellers alike. The barons of industry spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and years to create limestone concrete mansions, entertained hundreds of guests on quail and delicacies of the time. Museum of the City of  New York is having an exhibit that is simple titled "Gilded Age" that will open on November 13th - 30th  2013  that will bring many New Yorkers and lovers of the gilded age to their doors.  These are a few of the items that will be on display. If you're in new York or planning to go, this will be a fantastic exhibit~

Tiffany & Co. brooch, 1900 • Platinum, gold, diamond, pearls, ruby, garnet, sapphire
Tiffany & Co., Brooch, ca. 1900 • Gold, sapphires, zircons, enamel
The "Rehan necklace"
Tiffany & Co., Pendant brooch, ca. 1900 • Platinum, diamond, sapphire

   Locally in South Florida we have Worth Ave lined with the best jewelers and retailers in the world. One of those famous retailers is kaufman de suisse. A Canadian based jewelers that have two locations and some of the best jewels that you'll ever see. There's a stone thats putting Palm Beach in the news. Kaufman De Suisse have a remarkable stone that is the largest Paraiba tourmaline that is named " Ethereal Carolina Divine Paraiba".  I love how all the great large stones have names~  At an astonishing 191.87 carats and has also set a Guiness book world record in 2009.  Shattering the record by 51.77cts of the previous largest facted Paraiba. this stone has an incredible light blue hue. Upon seeing the stone Moneca was inspired for the stone to be set into a unique setting titled "Star of the Ocean Jewels". Featuring different sea creatures this necklace made its debut in October 18th 2013 at their Montreal Quebec store location.  this magnificent necklace will be auctioned in 2014. There are over 1,076 gemstones and also a 10.73 yellow canary diamond.the necklace will be in Palm Beach prior to its auction next year. I'm definelty going to hop, skip and jump over to see it!

"Star of the Ocean Jewels"

"Star of the Ocean Jewels" being modeled
  There has been some talk that this necklace is worth in the neighborhood of $250 Million dollars, crazy figure! But the stone is a record holder and has " been placed on a very short list of the world’s most famous gems in history by experts in the field, along with: the Logan Sapphire, the Hope Diamond, the Golden Jubilee, the Alan Caplan Ruby, and the Cullinan Diamond". One can only imagine the bidding frenzy that this necklace will bring about~ 

 Have you ever heard of Marion Rumsey Cartier? She was the daughter of Pierre Cartierone of the three brothers that started of the infamous jewelry house by the same name. Her collection of jewelry is up for auction on December 10th at Christies New York. Her pieces are extrodinary, here's a few pictures of her jewels~

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Doris Payne, Worlds Oldest Jewel Thief & Jaw Dropping Cartier Exhibit

  In May, world famous Cannes had experienced several unfortunate jewel thefts in the span of  afew months that resulted in the loss of of over a hundred million dollars. And had also left many jewelers nervous about their own high priced goods for sale. Unheard of, especially during the Cannes Film Festival.  It was becoming common place to read about another burglary. There is another story about a jewel thief that I hadn't heard of and was quite fascinated with.  According to reports she ( yes a woman) has been burglarizing for decades! 83 year old Doris Payne ( she even has a page in Wikipedia dedicated to her) was recently arrested for stealing a diamond ring at El Paseo jewelry store in Palm Desert, California worth $21,000! She had entered the store had been looking at items for about 45 minutes. She had told the sales people that she has a check for $40,000 insurance check and wanted to purchase new items. After she had left the store one of the sales associates had noticed that a ring was missing.

Alleged Jewelry Thief 83 y.o Doris Payne
  Raju Metha, manager of El Paseo Jewelers in Palm Desert, Calif.“I have been in retail for years, and never had anything like this happen,” he says. “You don’t suspect because she is elderly. I have to give her credit: She is excellent at what she does.”

The $21,000 stolen diamond ring
 A documentary has been created about her colorful criminal past titled " The life and crimes of Doris Payne". The documentary has already been featured at a few independent film festivals.

Doris Payne in the 1960's during her heyday
 She receives short jail terms because of her age, and its very expensive to keep an elderly person in jail or prison. And apparently she has no worries about going to jail. But I can only imagine the stories she has to tell. She must of been a femme fatale in her time~

 Her criminal history is quite long and will make for an interesting movie ( there has been talk that Halle Berry will portray her in a movie about her life) She has been arrested in 2005, and 2011.  She has reportedly stolen$2.0 Million dollars worth of jewels spanning  from Japan to Monte Carlo. She has escaped TWICE from custody in 1968 and in 1987.  She has been charged with burglary and grand theft and is currently in jail on bail for $65,000.  A preliminary hearing is set for December 11th. Since then the ring has been recovered. Doris had sold the ring to a store called " The Exchange" which is 3 miles from the El Paseo jewelry store. The exchange had purchased the ring from her, and now they are out of the money they purchased the ring with. Its truly a no win situation.

 Cartier will be celebrating with a mouth watering exhibit that is featuring 600 items from their greatest creations at the Grand Palais in Paris on December 4th 2013 - February 16th 2014 and is  titled "Cartier, Style & History" ( not a very original title~)  .  Here is a link to the exhibit, if you're fortunate enough to be in Paris~ http://www.grandpalais.fr/en/event/cartier-style-and-history

Countess of Granard Emerald & Diamond Necklace

Truly stunning 143.23ct Emerald cut emerald cabochon and diamond collar necklace 1932 and once belonged to the Countess of Granard

  The countless jewels, watches, and objects will make any ones head spin!  About 50 items are being borrowed from private collections. Cartier was founded by Alfred Cartier in 1847. His son Pierre Cartier opened the flagship store in the US in New York 1910. 

  Throughout the years he had custom created pieces of jewelry and objects or art for the likes of Grace Kelly, Barbara Hutton, Marlene Dietrich and Elizabeth Taylor, Vanderbilt, Hearst, Astor, Rothschild. Gloria Swanson, Edsel Ford, Fred Astaire and Mrs. Cole Porter as well as pieces commissioned by the Maharajahs of India. An absolutely stunning piece that was once owned by the Countess Granard will be on display.  The Countess Granard who was formerly known as Beatrice Mills and was an American born heiress who had married the 8th Earl of Granard. And from the looks of it, she had quite the jewelry collection~

Countess Granard aka Beatrice Forbes
Maria Felix, Mexican actress and siren with her crocodile necklace
 Maria Felix was a larger than life  exotic women with a dramatic taste in jewelry.  She had Cartier commission a necklace that was composed of two crocodiles. One was set with 1,023 fancy yellow diamonds and 1,060 circular cut emeralds.  The could be joined together to form a necklace or else worn separately as bracelets.  

She had an affinity for animal pieces as she also had Cartier commission a necklace resembling a snake, set with 178.12cts in diamonds. She had the underside of the snake created in enamel as it was more comfortable against the skin.

178.12cts Diamond Snake Necklace

Maria Felix wearing some of her extensive collection of jewelry
Grace Kellys Diamond Engagement Ring

Gloria Swanson wearing her rock crystal and diamond bangle bracelets
Elizabeth Taylor wearing her ruby and diamond necklace

The Lila Vanderbilt Sloan diamond tiara was created to match the exact waves in Lilas hair

Duchess of Windsor 152cts + Sapphire and diamond brooch
20cm diamond bird brooch, 2nd time it's been on public display

  These pieces have traveled the world in many exhibits and as many as 1457 items are on display at Cartiers main showroom in New York.  I would believe that they have much more value as in the history of the item.  As in case with the Duchess of Windsor's 152cts + plus sapphire cabochon pin.  The items are as historic and interesting as the women who owned and wore them. How incredible! Seems like they are truly museum worth items~

Cartier Mystery Clock with diamonds and gemstones

  Being so close to the Holidays some early birds are thinking of their Christmas lists now. And for whom they need to shop for. Watches tend to be a favorite gift for any gender. The jewelry houses have designed some whimsical and terribly decadent glittering versions. Giving the gift of watches has been a long practice dating back to the early 1900's. Mens watches have always been in the spotlight as it is one piece of jewelry that all men have and can relate too.  Designers have been busy created exquisite diamond and gem encrusted time pieces just in time for the Holidays. now granted the trend towards watches has been that the faces are larger, and could possibly be worn by both sexes.  Here's a few sparkly examples..

Jacob & Co Pink Sapphire Mystery Set watch
Bulgari 7 gems

Diamond encrusted Chopard

  Along with watches jewelry has been given to commemorate different milestones  in someones life. First communion, Sweet 16, graduation, weddings... A company called "Break Up Gems" based in Plattsburgh, New York creates jewelry for mens and women who have experience a break up or a divorce. They carry a line of jewelry including rings, bracelets and pendants, earrings.  so0me of the tongue in cheek designs show a heart that is broken in half but is decorated with pave diamonds.  Their items are created in 10k, 14k  gold, platinum, sterling silver and stainless steel. Their prices are moderate and range from $85 to over $10,000.  One of the most extravagant items is a ring created with 119 diamonds that are pave set and feature three diamonds that are channel set.  Its titled the "Liberta Diva" ring. It is an eye catcher~

Liberta Diva Ring with 119 diamonds set in platinum

Joyful heart necklace in white gold with black diamonds

  Here is a link to their website, http://www.breakupgems.com/default.asp Im sure many people will take advantage of an unfortunate experience and get a piece of jewelry to celebrate their new status.

The big news from this past week is that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got engaged at AT&T Baseball field with a proposal that showed on the JumboTron that simply stated "WILLL YOU MARRY MEEEE? .  The ring is a 15 carat cushion cut diamond set in platinum and is a D flawless stone type II A. After she had said "yes" to a 15 carat cushion cut diamond set in platinum (designed by her favorite jeweler Lorraine Schwartz) her family came from the dug out and celebrated with champagne. Early reports are that the diamond is to be worth an estimate $4 - $5 Million dollars.

The happy couple

A close up the 15 carat cushion cut diamond by Lorraine Schwartz
  And speaking of Kim K and diamond rings~ Christies had an auction on October 15th and lot 194 looked familiar along with a confirmation prior to the sale sealed it!  The 20ct Emerald cut diamond ring , by you guessed it~ Lorraine Schwartz was owned by drum roll please...Kim Kardashian! Kim had quietly given the ring back once there relationship had ended. The ring at the time of their engagement was said to be worth $2 Million. Christies stated pre sale estimate to be between $300,000 - $400,000. But in actuality the ring sold for $749,000.  With a portion of the proceeds going to charity. No mention as to which charities (or as to who the new owner is), but Kris is deciding that now.
Kim's previous 20ct diamond engagement ring

Set with a rectangular-cut diamond, weighing approximately 16.21 carats, flanked on either side by a trapeze-cut diamond, each weighing approximately 1.80 carats, mounted in platinum, in a Lorraine Schwartz pink wood case
Signed L.S. for Lorraine Schwartz With report 2155599544 dated 8 August 2013 from the Gemological Institute of America stating that the diamond is I color, VS1 clarity

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Sothebys, Christies 100ct Diamonds Oh My!

   The anticipation is over as the world most EXPENSIVE 118cts white diamond in the world has been auction for a record breaking $30 MILLION dollars. There was a bidding war and at the last moment the other bidder had backed out. The buyer of this remarkable, historic diamond is apparently a private collector and wishes to remain anonymous.  When a large diamond is auctioned, it isn't named. The stones are named by the new owner.... So does that mean that this magnificent diamond is going to sit in a vault without a name?? But maybe just at cocktail parties? Shame...shame... 

118cts Diamond Auction price $30.8 Million 

   At the same auction was an incredible unheated pigeon blood Burmese ruby and diamond ring that was created by Vietnamese Jewelry designer Cindy Chao ( her work is mind blowing!) had sold for $3.8 Million dollars. The Burmese ruby is unheated and adds value to the stone and the ring, but still at less than 10cts, that's a substantial amount of money for a ring~But with the embargo right now Burmese rubies aren't allowed to exported into the US. It could of added a little more value to this piece of art jewelry~

8.20tcw Unheated Burmese Pigeon Blood Ruby & Diamond Ring

    Its the year for large gems to break records! A large lump that was discovered by a poverty stricken African girl turned out to be a rather large diamond. It was found by the girl in a pile of rubble that had been discarded by the diamond company.  This big rock has turned out to be the most expensive diamond  (407cts) necklace in the world according to Guinness. The necklace features 90 diamonds that weigh 230 carats, for a grand total of 637cts necklace! The original rough 890 carats and took 4 years to polish. The fate of the girl that had discovered the stone is unknown... 

L'Comparable diamond necklace

It shows the size at how large the necklace truly is! 

  Sothebys "Magnificent Jewels & Jadeite" Auction held in Hong Kong on October 7th had an exquisite internally flawless 7.59cts fancy vivid blue diamond that was pre auction estimate to be around $19 Million dollars ( ouch!) But the stone failed to met the reserve and the bidding got as high as $16.1 but wasn't sold. But in other news regarding blue diamonds (how many can there be?) A stunning 12.47cts blue diamond was sold for  $7.5 Million and an 82ct white diamond for $4.8 Million. Both of these stones were mined from the Lesteng Mine in Lesotho by Gem Diamonds. At $7.5 Million that equates to $603,047 a carat! (I had written about the finds in this mine in a previous post.)

12.47cts Blue Diamond

   New trends for jewelry can be seen all over. Our recent trip to Hong Kong for the Asia world Expo we had seen so many beautiful gems and gorgeous jewelry designs. Along with the sale at the best auction houses there is still a demand for larger sized gems. Pearls are making a big comeback, classic and always in style, they are still highly coveted. Designers have been using pearls in a fresh and updated look. Chanel has a new line of gorgeous multi hued pearl bracelets and earrings.

Chanels "Lion Talisman" features diamonds, and multi colored cultured pearls

 There is something so beautiful about putting on a strand of cold pearls and have the heat up to your body temperature. It's a wonderful feeling. 

  And speaking of pearls, in 1917 Maisie Plant and her husband Morton Plant were planning on moving uptown from 5th Ave in New York with the other socialites at the time. they were selling their mansion for the same price as a strand of pearls she owned. A reported double strand of pearls (reportedly worth $1,000,000, equivalent to $16 Million dollars today)) was used as well as $100 to purchase the building in 1917, it is where Cartier stands now on 5th Ave. 

Maisie Plant and her $1.0 Million Dollar Pearl Necklace

 Towards the end of the year some larger stones will be hitting the auction block. An exceptional piece of jewelry that will be auction at Sothebys is the Walska Yellow Diamond " bird of paradise" brooch. This brooch features a 96.62 yellow diamond briolette, diamonds, emeralds and a sapphire cabochon.  It was created by Van Cleef in 1971.  The pre auction estimate is $8 million dollars!  It is very unique and I'd love to hear the story behind it~

96.62cts Yellow Diamond Bird of Paradise Brooch

Ganna Walska pictures during her theatrical career, she was a beauty!

  Ganna Walska was quite a character herself. She was an opera singer and an actress. She had many husbands and during her life had created quite a controversy wherever she went. She had six husbands and loved her orchids and plants. Her estate in California "Lotusland" is one of the most magnificent places that contains rare orchids and fauna. She also had a fabulous collection of jewels from her many travels around the world and her various husbands as well.  I'll be featuring her and her love of jewels in a future Blog entry.

  It seems like the two auction house are always in quiet competition with one another. Not to be outdone by Sothebys, ( they are auctioning the most expensive diamond in the WORLD) Christies is holding an auction on November 13th in Geneva. What a beautiful setting!  The jewelry featured in this auction will be from two very prominent people. One of them is the Bolivian mining tycoon ( aka King of Tin) Simón Itturi Patiño and also the wife of fashion designer Helene Rochas. Helene had met her future husband Marcel Rochas  on the Metro when she was 18. he was from the famous fashion house Rochas.  When he passed away in 1955 Helene turned her husbands company into an empire and was known for hosting the most glamorous of parties. She passed away in 2011 and since then, her french apartment and its contents had been sold in September 2012.

Helene Rochas
  Not only is the jewelry incredible but also the stories of the women who owned these fabulous pieces of jewelry. I think that is an interesting concept and adds mystery to the jewelry. 

A diamond, coloured diamond and emerald Tiger shoulder brooch by René Boivin, the property of Madame Hélène Rochas

Three sapphire, ruby and diamond Honeycomb bracelets by René Boivin
A mystery-set ruby Magnolia brooch by Van Cleef & Arpels, 1968, the property of Madame Hélène Rochas
  There 18 items from the estate of Helene Rochas and 3 items from
Simón Iturri Patiño estate.  There might be only 3 items, but they have significant historic value. 

 The emerald and diamond cross necklace was designed by Cartier in 1937. The cross that was added is from Queen Eugenia Victoria of Spain and had also belonged to Empress Eugenie of France. It is carved from one piece of emerald and weighs 45cts and is called the "Andean Cross'.  Pre auction estimate is $7 - $10 million dollars. Simon passed away in 1947. he was one of the wealthiest men in the world and had owed his great success to mining tin after purchasing a land deed that was of no value at the time. it was later learned that it contained a large vein of tin. He controlled the majority ( 80%) of the tin population in the world. 

 He invested his money wisely and had bought jewels that were of historic value.  

A magnificent emerald and diamond necklace, by Cartier, 1937, from the Patiño collection

Here is a picture of the necklace intact.  Earrings had been made in 1945 and the necklace was shortened.


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