Friday, February 7, 2014

Rough Diamond Find & Fashion Week for Watches

 What would be better for Valentines Day than your own personal 95 carat rough diamond?  Well you're in  luck! The Lucapa Diamond Company has just found a 95 carat rough diamond in Angola. Lulo is situated about 750km from Angola’s capital city of Luanda and ~150km from Catoca, which is ranked the third biggest kimberlite diamond mine in the world.  The stone has been classified as a D color diamond. Which will add additional zeros to the auction price of this stone. This is the second large rough diamond that has been mined at this location. The first rough diamond was 131.45cts and a type ll a mined in 2012.   By the time is cut and polished the whole process can take 2 years or more. I'm looking forward to seeing the new ownerset this stone in a piece of jewelry~

95 carat rough diamond, Lucapa Diamond Company, Angola

Compilation of rough diamonds that have been mined at Lulo, Angola
   Timepieces have come a long way since Charles Lindbergh had sent his friend a letter who also happened to be a director at the Longine watch company.  Charles had an idea for a watch that would help a pilot navigate with longitude.  He successful flew from Roosevelt Field,  long island New york to Le Bourget Paris in May 20-21 1927. he was the first people to be in new York City one day, and then Paris the next. It was the first transatlantic solo flight on a single seat plane. His design was created in  the exact detail Charles had described.  Its a watch design that they still make to this day. 

Charles Lindbergh and a copy of the Longine watch he created
 Watches have long been a form of expression for men and women. Last week the 24th Salon International de la haute Houralagie was held in Geneva and 16 designers revealed their timepiece collections. Watchmaking just like jewelery making is such an amazing talent and skill that has improved with technology thru the years.  Here is a list of the 16 designers~

  Vacheron Constatine has unqiue and highly decorated and blinged watches. The Métiers d’Art – Fabuleux Ornements watches now invite women to rediscover the beauty of the ornaments of the world, beating to the rhythm of a precious calibre. China and its ancient embroideries, India and its colorfully illustrated manuscripts, the Ottoman Empire and its architecture, France and its famous lace: all are sources of inspiration.

The Patrimony Traditionnelle Haute Joaillerie petit modèle watch  in a shiny satin wristband and 10.06cts of diamonds, this is a fav already!
  Ralph Lauren a name synonymous with American style and culture is getting involved in the luxury watch business.  His watch is reminiscent of an art deco watch from the 20's. Beautiful design with diamonds.  His home goods and clothes are incredible but a little difficult to justify paying for a Ralph Lauren watch, I associate his name with towels and linens.

 Cartier had a spellbinding watch with a glorious 106 carat stone tat serves as the watches crystal ( just brilliant!)  It took 1700 man hours to create this watch  But its truly a work of art and makes a statement.

The L’Heure Envoûtée de Cartier collection
 And speaking of watches a sad bit of news , Mr. Raymond Weil a well known Swiss watchmaker and jeweler passed away on January 26th at the age of 87. He was a pioneer in the 70's stating that watches could be a luxury item. The luxury brand that bears his name is still run by his two sons and is one of the last independent brands in the Swiss watch industry.

 Valentines Day is just around the corner and the Super Bowl was last weekend, the relation? if you are a woman and were watching the game you more than likely saw an ad for Alex and Ani.  Alot of people asked after the game who exactly are Ani and Alex and why do they have a commercial.  Who they are is a Rhode Island based jewelry store that is targeted the core audience of 20 -30 somethings with a main stream style of more is more. The jewelry is fun and they try to pass on a message of peace, goodwill, and positive energy. They have quit the following now.  The prices are low ranging mostly in the 20- 30's with nothing over $350 ( a silver plated stack of bracelets) and their items are silver and gold plated.  Here is the link to their website, but be careful 30,000 people crashed their site during the game~

                                                       Keep sparkling until next time!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Award Shows Jewelry Rundown~

  Happy New Year!  Its a glorious start to the beginning of 2014 and with so many awards shows its easily one of the best parts of the year~ Not only is it an exciting time to see who's going to win for the awards but also you can usually get a gauge on upcoming trends, new colors and styles. So far this year we've had the Peoples Choice Awards 1/8/2014, Golden Globes 1/12/2014, Critics Choice 1/16/2014, Screen Actors Guild (SAG) 1/18/2014.

 That's alot of awards shows, but here's a rundown of the best jewelry we saw on the red carpet~

 The Peoples Choice Awards is a more low key event with most of the hemlines going to the knee and very few that wore floor length gowns. The colors of the evening were many neutrals and light colors.  Not much large jewelry and many jewels loaned from famous jeweler to the stars Lorraine Schwartz.

The 71st Golden Globes is  a fabulous and glittering event that was held in Beverly Hills. Great fashion and minimal on the jewels, except for Sofia Vergara.  She never disappoints on the red carpet. And lets not forget about the awards! The winners were a slew of actors and actresses that have been in unique and not always top box office movies. Jared Leto for his role playing a transgendered woman on Dallas Buyers Club was brilliant.

 An actress that is quickly becoming a favorite is Jennifer Lawrence. Her role in "American Hustle" landed her a Golden Globe for best supporting actress. Her sense of style, gorgeous jewelry and quirky attitude will be one to watch for come Oscars in March.
 Helen Mirren looks fabulous at any age and wowed her fellow actors in a gorgeous green beaded dress and was wearing emerald and diamond earrings by Bulgari that was once owned by screen siren Gina Lollobrigida. She looked fabulous! wasnt easy to get a good picture of the earrings~

Here's a better view of these luscious earrings

  Jessica Chastain wore a stunning diamond riviera necklace also by Bulgari and dating to 1930's. Lots of sparkle!

   Sofia Vergara absolutely dazzled everyone on the red carpet wearing a stunning vintage 
Lorraine Schwartz Turquoise and diamond bib collar.  It was a gorgeous contrast to the dark color of her dress.  She reminds me of our generations Lucille Ball. 

Sofia was wearing over $3 Million dollars worth of jewels, carved turquoise and diamond bib collar necklace, diamond earrings and ring

 Jennifer won a Golden Globe for her supporting role in "American Hustle". Jennifer Lawrence has proved she is quickly becoming a red carpet favorite with her fun personality, great sense of style and her overall likeability. She looked phenomenal wearing Neil Lane Art Deco platinum chandelier earrings with black spinel, onyx, black diamonds, jade, and coral; four platinum bracelets with colorless and black diamonds; and two platinum and diamond rings and a stunning sugarloaf Colombian emerald ring. All valued at $2.5 million

And Cate Blanchett looked radiant and stunned the crowds in a black lace Armani prive gown with ethically mined diamond earrings by Chopard. She just ethereal and very elegant .The total effect was mind blowing. She was one of the actresses that stole the show!

Chopard Green carpet Collection 11ct marquise ethically mined diamonds set in fairmined gold

Cate Blanchett won a Golden Globe for lead actress for "Blue Jasmine"
  There were many gorgeous gowns along with bare necks and simple post earrings. There weren't any actresses that pushed the envelope.  There were great choices in color, and some fabulous gems.. this is all in preparation for the 86th Annual Oscars on March 2nd.

  Hollywood stars get the option from several jewelry designers to wear their sparkly gems, gem encrusted handbags and shoes to several award shows thru out the year.  Now the everyday person will get the same option!  A new website "haute vault" is a company that after you become a member ( almost like qualifying for a store credit card) you learn of your membership level (s), there are five in total. Sterling, gold, platinum, diamond, corporate.  Then let the lending begin! Depending on your membership level you can choose the item you'd like to borrow.   They offer formal items, rings, watches, nrcklaces, earringsYou can either rent for the week or for the month and you also have the option to buy. Then the piece is FedEx to you overnight.  The costs for rental range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars on each item. Some of the items seem pricey but if you're looking to make an impression, this is the place to find and wear it!

   After you have completed your rental time you return the item via FedEx.  It's a great concept for someone who wants to look a little extra special for the Holidays, a wedding, reunion any kind of event!  Here's the link to their website,