Thursday, May 29, 2014

World Record Ring, Marilyn Monroe & Auction Results

   Marilyn Monroe was an American Icon and whatever she wore be it perfume clothes or shoes she had an everlasting touch on pop culture.  Her style even now after so many years after her death, is timeless and classic. Recently at Juliens auctions in New York held an auction featuring celebrities items.  One of the items up on the auction block was a pair of rhinestone earrings that Marilyn Monroe had worn to the premier of a movie with Marlon Brando in 1955 titled "The Rose Tattoo".  They sold for an incredible $185,000! The last time they were on the auction was in 1999 at Christies.  A substantial amount considering that they are costume and made of rhinestones!

Marilyn Monroe Rhinestone Earrings 

Christies had an auction on April and as usual the results were quite staggering!  A fabulous pair of diamond earrings weighing an impressive 44.26 carats sold for a jaw dropping $8.65 Million dollars.  The pre auction estimate was from $7 - $10 million dollars.  And with that sale price, they didnt disappoint! They were sold to Middle Eastern trade buyer.

This superb fancy intense pink diamond weighing 6.10cts by Harry Winston sold for $5.765Million dollars.  Close to the top range. The for the pre auction estimate was $5.0 - $7.0Million.  This stone is of exceptional and is classified as " Type IIa diamonds are the most chemically pure type of diamond and often have exceptional optical transparency. Type IIa diamonds were first identified as originating from India (particularly from the Golconda region) but have since been recovered in all major diamond-producing regions of the world. Among famous gem diamonds, the 530.20 carat Cullinan and the 105.60 carat Koh-i-noor, are examples of Type IIa 

What is even more beautiful than these diamond pendants (and other items were from the private collection of Riki and Jerome Shaw of Coconut Grove, Florida Our neighbors to the south) is that ALL the proceeds from their items went to an animal sanctuary.  They are very philanthropic in that they believe in better care and quality of life for all animals. To that I say Bravo!! In total their items that were auctioned raised $8.6 Million dollars~ 

I always enjoy watching and participating in the various jewelry auctions. Bonhams has had some beautiful antique jewelry go on the auction block.  Right now the trend is signed vintage jewelry (the best jewelry houses) large diamonds/colored diamonds.  Bonhams recently had an auction on April 9th New York City with items from the estate of San Franciscan Docent Patricia Mitau Rhein.  She was a colorful well known ceramicist, photographer and Japanese brush painter. She had passed away on April 26th 2013. She was a 4th generation San Franciscan and was very involved in the art community.

File photo of Patricia Mitau Rhein

"A sapphire and diamond “Wrapped Heart” brooch, Verdura set with sapphire cabochons, enhanced by pavĂ© set diamond ribbon; signed Verdura; total sapphire weight: 76.53 carats total; total diamond weight: 3.12 carats total; mounted in platinum and eighteen karat gold; length: 2in. The brooch sold for $68,750".  What a stunning piece of jewelry, and in my own personal opinion for a low price! Here are a few of her other items that were also auctioned, the total price for the 185 lots was $4.3Million dollars. 


           A stunning  Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Brooch, circa 1925, sold for $137,000

  Verdura is a jewelery company  that was started in the United States that wad founded by Duke Fulco di Verdura in 1890.. He had worked with Gabrielle " Coco" Chanel, also Salvador Dali among many others.  His signature style is large gemstones, gold, cuffs and rather large statement pieces of jewelry. His pieces are stunning. The famous Maltese cuff bracelet he had created for Chanel is one of his famous trademarks.  His style is evident and can be recognized at a moments glance.

 Who can ever tire of large gems? and the amazing stories and owners that possessed them?  Florence Jay Gould was a philanthropist that was the daughter in law of railroad magnate Jay Gould. She left a prosperous career in signing opera. She was born in 1895 and was Jay Goulds 3rd wife. She had an impressive collection of jewelry and it was estimated that the value of the jewels and paintings was around $100million dollars, by 1983 standards.

101.00 carat Daffodil yellow fancy intense diamond ring by Graff

A superb necklace that was up for auction in 1984, by Van Clef (the center sapphire is 114cts!)

If you're a lover of jewelry or a rockhound that has an appreciate for ALL gems and minerals  then this next auction is for you.  Bonhams is an auction house that is based in London and sells art, gems, jewelry, artifacts and antiquities.  But on May 24th Bonhams is holding an Auction titled "Gems, Minerals, Lapidary Works of Art and Natural History.  I have been a lover of gems and rocks since I was 2, so to have an auction that is just dedicated to the beauty and rarity of some of these gems is mind boggling!

Lot 1023
Rock Crystal Reverse Intaglio Carving with Citrine Lions on a Black Obsidian Base--"Cleopatra on the Temple Steps"
US$ 9,000 - 12,000
£5,400 - 7,100

Property from the Estate of Carey A. Parshall, Stamford, CT
Carved Rock Crystal and Gem-set Sculpture--"The Mayan Warrior"
Depicting a Mayan warrior, carved of rock crystal quartz with polished and matte surfaces, decorated with a large bezel-set turquoise to the front and sides and two applied carved malachite ornaments to the ears. Raised on a black onyx base of tapering form with silver accents at the corners and bezel-set turquoise embellishments. Height 12inches 
It just goes to show the amazing amount of craftsmanship and skill their truly is in the world when it comes to carvings. Myself personally I have always been fond of animals carved in natural gemstones.  There is an innate beauty in them.  But my collection pales in comparison to the 460 lots that are up for bid. I could imagine the bidders for this uctin, all gem lovers looking to add a few sparklers to their collection~ 

Keep Sparkling until next time~