Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Awards Season begins~ Let them Sparkle!!

The start of a New Year is always full of many hopes and promises. We are hoping that all of you had a safe, healthy and very Happy New Years. And that all of us are prosperous too!

Since we had mentioned in one of the early posts about Pantone choosing the color of Emerald for 2013 we have already seen the color emerald being used by many of our designers, and also jewelers are jumping on the bandwagon too. I'm really looking forward to next seasons fashion shows as there will many pops of the color emerald.

 We have been getting ready for the next Holiday~ Valentines day! Some people (mostly men) don't think as Valentines day as an actual holiday, but every red blooded woman will tell you otherwise!

 We receive new parcel of Colombian Emeralds on a weekly basis and it is very easy for all of us to be inspired by the many shapes and varying hue of Colombian Emeralds.

And speaking of sparkle, as of yesterday it is officially the beginning of the awards season! To most people it can be forgotten about. But in my world gems and jewelry and award shows go hand in hand! Especially if a winning actress is wearing a certain style or colored gems can literally mean millions in the pockets of jewelers and copycats worldwide! These award shows set the stage for maybe soon to be "discovered" jewelers and designers. But it all gets started with the stylist.

 And speaking of stylists who watched and awwwed over the SAG awards? The Golden Globes showed many promising styles ( we noticed alot of large colored gemstone dangle earrings) and February 24th is the highly anticipated Oscars!

 We've custom created gorgeous Colombian Emerald Gold and Diamond earrings that are very "Oscar" worthy!

   Inspired by a Grand Dame who was known world wide for her collection of gems~

                Vintage Colombian Emerald & Diamond Dangle earrings 14k

the awards season will and has been a great source of inspiration for our jewelers and for yours truly! the hair styles and the gown all give us insights to the upcoming season in clothes and the new trends that will be the basis for many jewelry collections. With the jewelry industry unlike the clothes industry there really isn't a season per se. With high profile events and award shows if a celebrity is wearing an item of jewelry that can be created for the masses at a fraction of the cost, you can be that every jewelry worth anything will be watching the news and anything else to come up with the next "big idea".

 They always say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, especially when they're priced at $10,124. Our version of flattery~

          "Star Spangled Banner" Colombian Emerald & Black Rhodium earrings

 And for all of you last minute shoppers (yes, guys I'm talking to you!) there's still time to have a custom piece of jewelry created for your beloved for Valentine's day. We can be reached at 1 800 840 6828 for all the easy details...

                          With that in mind, keep sparkling until next week!