Thursday, April 25, 2013

"The Imperial Emerald" 209cts & One Fund Boston

  With the cost of gold hovering around the $1400 oz  (the lowest its been in 30 years!) now is the time to get your Mothers Day present! We have thousands of loose carats and we can custom create any item for you and work within any budget! And in time for Moms special day. The typical turnaround time for a custom piece is 7 -10 business days. You can contact us at 1 800 840 6828 for more details.
 Here are a few of our websites where you can view our merchandise, and can also see some of loose Colombian emeralds. We do have thousands of loose carats available. If you are searching for something in particular please feel free to contact us! We pride ourselves on our customer service and we are always eager to help.

                                            2.01tcw Colombian Emerald & Diamond Pendant
  With the tragedies that have struck the people of Boston on 4/13 one jeweler in a suburb of Cincinnati, west Chester Ohio is looking to make a difference. Daniel Welling a runner and a jeweler for Welling & Co wanted to do something to honor the people of Boston. Using CAD he designed a sterling silver shoe tag that the runner can lace thru their laces, The tags cost $12.00 and 100% of the profits go to One Fund Boston the organization established by Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick and Boston mayor Tom Menino to help those affected by the tragedy. Currently Welling is taking orders by phone but is looking to launch a website next week. In times of tragedy the people of the US always come together. It’s nice to see a fellow jeweler do some good for people affected by the bombing.

  And jewelers and consumers beware! I’m sure most of us have encountered a stone they weren’t always so sure of. Sometimes the testers aren’t always accurate. This is a case in point. News has it that that the new Moissanite can possibly even fool diamond testers. Always make sure to test the diamond a few times. The new stones have a tint of green and are also lasered with Forever Brilliant in of the stone. The new batch of Moisannites weigh less than 10% of real diamonds. I’m sure knowingly or not some of these stones will be making their way to the neighborhood jeweler for quick cash. Its been known that cz’s can have a coating on them that can throw off a diamond tester as well. You always have to be careful of what you purchase and from where. The old adage “if its to good to be true, it usually is.

  And my oh my, Basel has the world anticipating the show that will be from June 13th - 16th in Basel. The show is one of the largest exhibiting art from modern and contemporary artists. But news of this stone has me stopped in my tracks! A jawdropping 209ct YES! 209 carat Colombian Emerald called "The Imperial Emerald" that is being seen for the first time in over 40 years. The stone was purchased earlier this year by Bayco LLC. There's not much information as to where the stone was purchased from. But one thing is for certain is that it was mined from the best emerald mine in Colombia, Muzo. It is unclear how much was paid for the stone or for how much it might potentially sell for. For now it is on display in Basel and will possibly go on tour to different museums worldwide. It is said that this stone was possibly cut from a rough of 800cts! The great Moguls of India loved emeralds and sometimes traded their gold and diamonds with the Spanish for these highly coveted green gems. What a stunner~

                                               "The Imperial Emerald" 209cts Colombian Emerald

  What is old is new again. This saying is true given the fact that many things in our society influence our clothing and jewelry style." The Great Gatsby" is set to hit the theaters on May 10th. The story was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald of love during the roaring twenties. And many jewelers are scrambling to jump on the new craze~ jewelery that has been inspired by that time in history. Filigree rings, decorative necklaces and an array of gemstones set in everything from sterling silver to precious metals. This style of jewelry is so delicate and will be a nice change from some of the large obtuse jewelry that has been the fad for a while now.

Here's a few of our own designs that are reminiscent of that time (our pieces were created 5 months ago!)

           May is right around the corner and you know what that means, THE month for Emeralds!!!

                                                           Keep Sparkling until next time~

Friday, April 19, 2013

Most Expensive Jewel EVER Sold & 25.0cts Rough Blue Diamond Find

  Howdy Sparkle lovers~ Last week I had written about the 34.65 Pink Diamond aka the 'Princie Diamond" being auctioned off at Christies. It was just released that the stone was sold and is the MOST Expensive jewels ever sold to date in their 200 year history! At 1.2 million dollars per carat this stone is now officially in a league all of its own being sold at $39.3 Million dollars. 

  The buyer wishes to be anonymous for what I'm assuming is for obvious reasons. Who wants the paparazzi following your every move and then your life being in the spotlight? You can sign up to watch the auctions live on their website. If you have the time to watch the auctions live it is incredible! And at times the bidding can become quite firece!

  The next fabulous auction will be on May 14th  when Sotheby’s in Geneva will auction legendary Italian Actress and screen star from the 40’s and 50’s Gina Lolobrigida pieces of Bulgari jewelry collection that she had accumulated during her career in the 40’s and 50’s. And who knew that is a well known sculptor and photographer? The sale of her jewelry is going to fund stem cell research.

“For her commitment to various humanitarian organizations, she was nominated first Ambassadress for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in 1999 and has worked closely with UNICEF, UNESCO, Médecins Sans Frontières, Mother Theresa of Calcutta and children in Romania.”
 Another actress who is and has been doing something good with her life and her notoriety! Well done Gina!

  How I love the large stones, colors shapes and sizes. An extremely beautiful and rare, rare 25.5cts rough blue diamond was mined by Petra Diamonds Limited at the Cullinan mine in South Africa. My guess is that this stone will be cut and on the Auction block in 1 -2 years. The Petra mines mined another blue diamond in Petra Diamonds also set a record in December 2011 when it sold a 4.8 ct. piece of blue rough from the same mine for $1.45 million—more than $300,000 per carat. Wow! And with the crazy prices that the larger stones have been selling for it’ll be incredible to see how much this rare blue diamond will actually sell for.

                                                                       Big Blue!

  And speaking of large diamonds Sothebys had a Magnificent Jewels  auction yesterday in New York. Impressive jewelry and large numbers for the auction too! A pear shaped internally flawless D color 75.0cts ( yes, 75 carats!) Diamond was sold for a record breaking $14.1 million dollars. That is $2.0million OVER the estimated price! No word yet on who purchased this stone. But according to some reports 5 bidders were vying for the stone. The trend seems to be that the buyers of the larger stones are staying anonymous and for good reason!

               You're able to see the scale and how large this stone actually is! Jay Gould family diamond

Unbeknownst to me Jay Gould legendary financier and robber baron had many items of family jewelry for sale at this auction. Jewels from his family were expected to reach $3million but went for a staggering $7.9 million! I was researching the items and one of the larger and most notable was a Colombian emerald and diamond brooch that sold for$2.9 Million! 

This is what a $2.9 Million Colombian emerald and Diamond brooch looks like, in case you were wondering~

Jay Goulds family has a rich family history, literally! I'm reading up on his family ( the story behind  his families jewels is fabulous and worthy of posting ). What an interesting family tree, that’s a family I’d love to be a part of~

 Have to admit my jaw was on the floor with the recent price of the gold market! The volatility of the gold market (lowest its ever been in 30 years!) dropping to low prices is some say because Cyprus is dumping their gold reserves over 13 tons of gold back into the market. They are trying to save the country from financial ruin. Which in turn has flooded the market with gold. Hence the lower rate. It’s a great thing if you’re a jeweler. Lower gold prices encourage people to shop more and purchase jewelry that they otherwise might not purchase til items are on sale or maybe wait for a special Holiday. Between all of the experts at this point it’s a matter of opinion as to when the price will go back up. At this point its still below $1400 an ounce.

  Bonham’s auction house in New York is not as well known outside of the city as Sotheby’s and Christies but they have been having auctions with a few considerable pieces that have garnering some interest in the gem world. An exceptional 18-karat gold ring from Bulgari featuring a 21.07-carat fancy intense yellow diamond flanked by triangular-cut brilliant diamonds sold for $590,500. Considering the high pre sale estimate was $750,000. Considering this auction brought in 5.3million dollars.  These prices seem like bargain basement prices compared to the sky high prices that were the final numbers at Christies and Sotheby’s.  The next auction at Bonhams will be on June 19th. I will jeep you posted on the fabulousness that I’m sure they’ll be auctioning!

 With Mothers Day right around the corner and May being THE month for Emeralds. We still have plenty of time to custom create any item of jewelry for you in time for Moms special day! Our designers are always ready to assist! We can be reached at 1 800 840 6828.  

Until then, keep sparkling~