Friday, September 27, 2013

Emmys JEWELS Rundown & 59.360cts "Pink Star" Diamond

 Last Sunday aired the 65th annual Emmy awards.  If you were watching the red carpet pre show you had noticed all the gorgeous dresses in the palest shades and the an assortment of jewels. For the most part most of the actresses favored "less is more". But if you saw Sofia Vergara in all her glory then you know, with her more is better! There were many bare necks and ears down the red carpet. What a shame~

   Sofia Vergara wowed everyone by wearing a fabulous red lace dress by Vera Wang.  And also 140 carats of Colombian emeralds, sapphires and rubies set in platinum, her ring a Colombian emerald and diamonds weighing 41cts. Her earrings, emerald ring are by famed jeweler to the stars Lorraine Schwartz. All of the jewels were estimated at $7 million dollars!The color and the quality of her emeralds were perfection!

Vera Wang red gown and lots of gems!
Sofia wearing Lorraine Schwartz Gemstone earrings 161cts!

 The 21ct Asscher cut Diamond ring is from her fiance Nick~ nice job! Its a beauty!

 Maria Menuous from " Extra" dazzled the interviewers with her blue strapless form fitting gown. Her necklace was a combination of Colombian emeralds and diamonds set in white gold. Her earrings were Colombian emerald studs set in black rhodium. All the pieces were courtesy of Lorraine Schwartz and values at $2.5 million dollars.  Pictures of Maria courtesy of Just Jared. 

 In total there were 9 actresses that were wearing Lorraines creations. Christina Hendricks from Mad Men was wearing Colombian emerald bangles piled on her arm. She was also wearing a 35ct Colombian emerald cabochon and diamond ring. 

                   Christina Hendricks wearing Lorraine Schwartz 35ct Cabochon Emerald ring

 A few years ago Angelina Jolie was wearing massive Colombian emeralds to many award shows. Since then emeralds and Lorraine Schwartz name go hand in hand. And it doenst hurt that Pantone chose Emerald as color of the year!

  Auction houses are doing well when it comes to mega large diamonds and jewels hitting the market. Not to ever be outdone by Christies, Sothebys is holding an auction "Magnificent Jewels" on Novemeber 13th. the title says it all!  One of the top attractions at this auction is a breath taking 59.60cts fancy pink diamond called the "Pink Star". It was cut from a piece of rough that weighed 132.50cts at the DeBeers mine in 1999.  It took two years to cut and polish by Steinmetz Diamonds. The pre auction estimate is to top OVER $60 Million.... It just boggles the mind! Im curious to see who the heavy bidders will be, Graff I'm sure~

 According to GIA " the Pink Star is notable because it has received the GIA’s highest color and clarity grades for pink, but it also an ultra-rare Type IIA diamond, meaning it is more chemically pure than other stones and has greater optical transparency. It is also the largest internally flawless fancy vivid pink diamond that the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has ever graded.
“The occurrence of pink diamonds in nature is extremely rare in any size,” said Tom Moses, GIA senior vice president, in a statement provided by Sotheby’s. “It’s our experience that large polished pink diamonds—over 10 carats—very rarely occur with an intense color. The GIA Laboratory has been issuing grading reports for 50 years, and this is the largest pink diamond with this depth of color [vivid pink] that we have ever characterized.”

 It is a stunner~ and the MOST valuable diamond ever to be auctioned, ever!

Largest Fancy Pink Diamond 59.60cts

  And speaking of large diamonds a 257 carat rough diamond from the Karowe Mine in Botswana. There hasnt been an indication of the color or clarity. Its to be sold on tender on the 4th quarter of this year.  To date this year the Karowe mines have produced 14 stones OVER 100 carats!!

257cts rough diamond mined at Karowe mines in Botswana
 Bonhams Auction house is having an auction on December 5th on Bond street, London with an author whose name you might of heard of. 

  Barbara Taylor Bradford is known all over the world as being an author of 27 books published in every language ( top ten best sellers on both coasts) and her personal wealth is estimated at $290 Million dollars and she is also the 31st wealthiest woman in Britain.  Barbara is selling 40 pieces that have been given to her during her 49 year marriage to her husband TV producer Robert Bradford.  

  The novelist said she wanted to auction some of her less frequently worn pieces because it was “silly” to hold on to pieces she hardly wears. “Beautiful things need to be on display and admired. I want someone else to own and wear these pieces I have cherished and enjoyed,” Bradford said. “I want the jewelry to live again."

 The item that is going to fetch the highest amount will probably be the 14.07-carat cushion-cut G, VS1 diamond ring (below left) made by London jeweler David Morris. The ring is expected to sell for as much as $700,000. And with the tenacity of larger stones being sought at auction I wouldn't be surprised if the ring sells for higher than that!

  She said: ‘My father told me when I was a child, after he gave me a string of pearls: “You must always let them breath. They should be out on your neck, not buried in a drawer.”
'Why was all this buried in a drawer?, Well, I didn’t know.
‘Then I realised I was going to leave that jewellery to two of our female heirs. They didn’t really want it, I don’t think, because they don’t really lead the kind of life that I lead as a well-known writer, and I’m out and about.
‘So Bob and I decided it might be nice to auction it and the money will be a little nest egg for them. Let somebody else enjoy those beautiful things.’
   How generous and selfless an act! The items are expected to sell for more than $3 million dollars!! Some nest egg~ She hasn't disclosed the names of her female heirs, but there has been some speculation that they are the descendents of her Aunt Mary and Uncle Fred. 

An antique sapphire and diamond brooch. S J Phillips, London.
Estimate: $100,000-150,000

Cushion-shape sapphire ring, weighing 18.37 carats with a Gubelin certificate stating the stone is of Burmese origin. Harry Winston, New York.
Estimate: $150,000-200,000

A pair of old cut fancy yellow diamond single-stone earrings. David Morris, London.
Estimate: $80,000-100,000 
A coral and diamond 'Rose de Noël' brooch and earclip suite. Van Cleef&Arpels, New York.
Estimate: $20,000-30,000
  She said "Every piece of jewellery in the auction was purchased by my darling husband. When I reviewed my collection, what really struck me is that it reveals the story of my marriage to Bob, a wonderfully romantic love affair which has lasted for 50 years."
"I appreciate what a charmed life we have together, along with very successful careers. I write the books, he makes the movies. It's been quite an adventure and still is! I really want these stunning pieces of jewelry to give someone else the joy that they have given me."

                                                  Keep sparkling until next time~

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

118cts D Flawless Diamond Auction & Kim K 20ct Engagement Ring

Sothebys is having a "Magnificent Jewels" auction on October 7th and one of the highlights is a 7.59cts round blue diamond. It is even more rare to have a blue diamond that is brilliant cut. This is an exceptional stone and so far the pre auction estimate is $19 million. Which will be the HIGHEST ever paid for a fancy colored diamond. 

7.59cts Fancy Blue Diam0nd
    Along with the premier fancy blue diamond there is also going to be a 118ct D flawless oval diamond that is going to be auctioned. Can you even imagine?? How would you set this diamond?? The 118cts Oval came from diamond rough that weigh 299cts that was mined in Southern Africa 2011. The new owner will also get naming rights, as all large stones get names given to them by the new owners. It is expected to sell between $28 million to $35 million, which would be the highest price for a white diamond, topping the the 101.73 D-Flawless Winston Legacy's $26.7 million.. Wow!!
Just to give you an idea on the size, its massive!

118cts D Flawless Diamond
  And a name that you will be hearing alot about is Cindy Chao. She is a Taiwan based jeweler and creates some of the beautiful and artistic of jewelry that is on the market right now. Her talent is remarkable, I'll be writing about her in our next entry.  A 8.03cts pigeon blood Burmese ruby and diamond ring from her collection will be up for auction at Sothebys on October 7th. The ring is estimated to sell between $3.5 million - $4.2million.

Cindy Chaos 8.03cts Burmese Pigeon Blood Ruby & Diamond Ring

  There are a few other beautiful pieces set to be auctioned. A stunning 19.51cts diamond ring by Harry Winston, a stunning 10.94cts fancy Light pink pear shaped diamond and diamond ring.

The Rose gemstone and diamond bracelet Tiffany & Co.

10.94cts fancy light pink diamond and diamond ring 

19.51cts platinum and diamond ring Harry Winston
  This diamond and platinum necklace also caught my eye, looks vintage but its a stunner! But I have to ask who has a 15 inch neck?? tiny~

50.45tcw Diamond and Platinum necklace estimate $200,000 - $300,000

18k Diamond Melone Evening Bag Bulgari, love this one!

 There has been a bit of news regarding the pink panther robberies. They have recently arrested (as of 6 days ago) Zoran Tomovic 47, from a villa in the south of France who had escaped from a Swiss prison last month. The person he was staying with apparently wasnt aware of his recent run in with the law.  Tomovictried to escape from a bathroom window and is wanted for armed robbery, weapons and drug-trafficking charges in Switzerland, where he was one of five inmates who escaped May 14 from a detention facility in Lausanne. He is also wanted in Macedonia in absentia for murdering his former girlfriend which he denies.  Lloyds of London had offered a reward of$1.34 million dollars for information leading to an arrest. No word if the money will be rewarded to anyone. They got a tip from Swiss authorities.
The Carlton Hotel where the crimes have taken place
  The search for treasure beneath blue waters continues all over the world, but more so in Florida.  Many wrecks have occurred from the 1600's - 1800's on both coasts of Florida. For one family in Ft. Pierce its not about getting rich, its about locating and finding history. The scuba loving family from Sanford, Florida were diving in 15 foot waters and saw a beautiful sight that any diver would love t see, a fleck of something shiny. The Schmitt family are owners of the Booty Salvage Company and found 8 long gold chains and an assortment of gold coins. A Spanish Gallion sank there in 1715. The lot is appraised at $500,000. And from the ships manifest there's more treasure to be found, $400 million to be exact. This ship sank 150 years before the Civil war, incredible~
Gold chains and coins from 1715

  Not to be outdone by Sothebys Christies is having an auction of "Magnificent Jewels" on October 15th in New York. Up for auction are  beautiful pieces of jewelry by David Webb as well as Van Clef and Arpel. He died young tragically in 1975 of pancreatic cancer. He was a much loved designer of Elizabeth Taylor, Doris Duke was a fan and had many pieces custom made for her.  His pieces are still being created by his partner at the same location. His name still has a strog following and is much coveted by collectors worldwide. 

 There's also a large selection of natural pearl jewelry, (they're making a comeback!) The collection of items being auctioned are more beautiful than the next. its nice to see an influx of old school designed items from the best jewelry houses back on the market. I enjoy seeing the different assortment of materials that are used.  Most of the jewels auctioned are from families or private collectors. 

8.77cts fancy Intense Pink Diamond

   A few of the stand out items are this spectacular fancy intense pink diamond that is estimated to sell between $5.5 - $6.5 million Yikes! 

A Cushion-Cut Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond Ring of 3.81 carats

  This fancy vivid blue cushion cut diamond is estimated to sell between $2.5 - $3.5 million. The color of both of these stones are extraordinary!

  Their is Jewelry that is from two extraordinary women's collection. Honorable Noreen  Stonor Drexel from Newport Rhode Island and also from Diana Dollar from San Francisco. both women were known for their poise and also for their charitable works. 

 Noreen had an extensive collection of jewelry by David Webb from the 60's and 70's. This remarkable time in the history of jewelry you see more whimsical pieces. 

  An impressive 16.21cts rectangular cut diamond ring by Lorraine Schwartz is estimated $300,000 - $500,000 lot 194.  If this ring looks familiar it might be because it used to belong to no other than Kim Kardashian. Her ex Kris Humphries is donated a portion of the proceeds to charities, no word which ones tho. He was waiting til the divorce was final before selling the ring. Kim gave the ring back over a year ago.
20.0tcw rectangular diamond ring by Lorraine Schwartz, previously owned by Kim Kardashian

A mystery set sapphire and diamond flag pin that had belong to Argentina's President Eva Peron a by Van Clef and Arpels is estimated $300,000 - $500,000. 


  With these auctions at times you see items for men, but not often. There is one ring that had caught my eye that is just superb.  It is a 14.33ct Ceylon sapphire, untreated! Its set in a simple ring, but the color is outstanding. the pre sale estimate for this piece is $450,000 - $550,000.

 With 400 lots in this auction the presale estimate is $40.0 million dollars. The items are truly breath taking and can be seen in their e catalogue

                                                        Keep sparkling until next time~