Saturday, July 18, 2015

Record Price Ruby Ring, Janet Jackson Jewels, Gems on Pluto?

 Derived from the Latin word "ruber" meaning red.The birthstone for July is the red ruby. They can command the highest prices per carat of all the colored stones. Ruby gems have been preferred and been used by nobility for centuries from jewelry to being embellished in tea sets and even furniture. In medival times Europeans wore rubies to guarantee health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love. A spectacular Burmese ruby ring that weighed 25.59cts sold at auction on May 12th for a record $30.3 Million dollars. Yes, you read that correctly, $30,335,698 Million dollars, or a little over $1 Million per carat. I would be curious to see if a collector had purchased this ring or if it was a lover of jewelery. The difference in that the ring might be worn ( with massive amounts of security)  instead of in a vault~

Record breaking 25.59tcw Burmese Ruby & diamond ring by Cartier, $30 Million Dollars
Ruby rings of this size and untreated are exceptionally rare. The signature 'pigeon blood" ruby is the most desirable for any jewelry collector and they are highly coveted. Named the "Sunrise Ruby" the color and quality of this ruby upset the last high record price for a ruby ring last year when on November 12th 2014 Sothebys auctioned a ruby and diamond ring by Graff for a auction price of $298,669 per carat.

The 8.62tcw Graff Ruby Ring sold at Sothebys November 12th,  2014

On the same note, there is an auction that will be held in September by the reputable John Pye auctioneers. They will be auction the largest gemstone collection, featuring over 680 gem stones. from a private collectro in the UK. It has taken the collector over 40 years to amass these gems. He bought the stones directly from the mines in Burma, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Zambi and obviously had purchased the best of the best quality. A spectacular gem in this collection is a mesmerizing 133 carat loose tanzanite. Deep blue and purple flashes, extraordinary.  The anonymous owner had stated, “I am now happy for the stones to be sold so other people can enjoy them as much as I have.”

Here is the link to register for bidding,

John Pye gemstone valuer Ian Hall said: “This is quite simply a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy from an exquisite and extremely valuable collection of gemstones. “We believe the collection to be certainly the largest in the UK, if not Europe “Every gemstone in the collection has its own independently-issued certificate, a guarantee of both authenticity and quality, including GemResearch Swisslab (GRS) certificates showing that they are the purest quality in their natural form.”

The first auction in September will offer 345 gemstones from the collection and is valued at $16 Million dollar retail.  The lowest bid is for a 8.96cts pink topaz ring starting bid is $1200 USD. An exquisite collection that any gem lover would love to possess~

 Just the name Bernie Madoff makes people shudder not only in Palm Beach but all over the US. His name is synonymous with the most notorious of Ponzi schemes. He bilked many people out of hundreds of millions of dollars for over 20 years. After being convicted of the crime in 2009 he is serving his sentence at a North Carolina and is currently battling cancer.

Priciest item is 1 10.03cts ascher cut diamond ring, $327,000
One of the items up for auction
Mens Rolex lot 1050

Shana Madoff and Eric Swanson
 All of his nieces Shana Madoff and her husbands Eric Swanson their personal property and residences were surrendered to the authorities in order to pay back restitution to the victims. An auction is being held online with pages and pages of items from expensive diamond jewelry to rugs and household items.

An image from Bernie and Ruths auction~

His wife Shana had high end jewelry from all the largest jewelry designers to inexpensive  funky shell necklaces that looks like they were purchased while on Holiday on a tropical island, of course all paid for by investors money. She also had an infinity for cubic zirconia jewelry, by looking at the lots for auction. Its curious to see what other people have in their jewelry collections, very interesting!

More and more celebrities are joining the ranks by creating their own collection of jewelry. An unexpected name came up in this game, Miss Janet Jackson. her new line of jewelry is called " Unbreakable Diamonds Collection. She had worn two items from her line on the BET Music awards. She had worn,  a 25 ct. heart-shape fancy intense yellow diamond necklace that will retail for $2 million and a 13 ct. fancy intense yellow diamond ring that will retail for $500,000. The collection in collaboration with Paul Raps NY will be sold at his store and she will also be wearing these pieces when she begins her world tour on August 31. Her high end pieces are not for the faint of heart, and in a twist she is looking to attract the high end boutique jewelry connoisseur. She secretly married Billionaire Wissam Al Mana in 2012 and currently lives in Dubai. Besides the jewels can we talk about how she looks like she has not changed one bit from the 80's?!!  Shes looks incredible~

Janet at the BET Music awards on June 28th wearing two pieces from her new jewelry line
With NASA trying to explore the planet mars, it has been discovered that our favorite gemstones might give clue as to possible life on Mars. Craziest is you'd think this would of been towards the tops of the news! in 1911 a meteorite that had fallen from mars and is currently housed at the Natural History Museum in Egypt. The meteorite was shown to have small traces of opal used of course to adorn jewelry. The scientist also believe that the craters on mars surface can contain traces of fossilized life, Scientists say that opal is usually found in hot springs, or mineral-rich waters that allow for microbial life to exist. It could help future exploration missions decide where to look for evidence of Martian life. What are the possibilities of new gemstones being discovered on the planet? And to think it looks like an ordinary rock, that holds many secrets! Its an exciting development that I look forward to hearing about~

Nakhla meteorite discovered in Egypt in 1911
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