Monday, May 20, 2013

Cannes Red Carpet & The Great Gatsby Jewels

  The premiers at Cannes have been going smoothly except for uh hum maybe a wardrobe malfunction and a few raindrops. There have been a few winning looks  that are so fresh and inspiring!

 Justin Timberlake was out shined by his wife Jessica Biel at the premier of his movie "Inside Ilewelyn Davis"  in a stunning in a Marchesa lace and feather dress. Her neutral make up and the pale shade of her dress only showcased her diamond and emerald snake necklace by Bulgari. A stunning effect!

 Jennifer Lawrence always gets it right when she walks the red carpet this time was no exception. Her black and white strapless dress by Dior shone even more with the added accessory of diamond and emerald earrings by Chopard. She has such a beautiful sense of style or else she has an amazing stylist!

 Chopard sponsors the event and they are also the ones that get to create the winning trope for the film festival. This year the award is so beautiful and simple!  It looks like a large piece of jewelry~

                                          The Festival of Cannes Award created by Chopard

With the movies premiering at Cannes for another few days there has been alot of buzz surrounding the movie "The Great Gatsby". From the actors chosen, the directors way he told the story to he fashion. And how can we forget about the jewels?!

 Artists are inspired by everything around them, including the movies and music scene. Art Deco is all the rage now with the release of Baz Luhrmanns screen adapatation of "The Great Gatsby". I haven't seen the new version but there has been mixed reviews. If you saw the original movie with Mia Farrow and Robert Redford the new movie seems like it shows the true opulence that F. Scott Fitzgerald was trying to achieve.

 Tiffany and Co. held a Blue Book Ball in Rockefeller Center on April 18th to celebrate Jazz Age Glamor.. With a massive 31 foot high blue box covering the 15,000 square foot skating rink. It was a decadent event with 400 celebrities that celebrated with 142 magnums of Moet Chandon. Live music, guests wearing flapper dresses and a finale of glittering confetti it must of been the most beautiful of evenings! The celebrities were adorned with the sparkling goodness of Tiffany and Co jewels.

                                  Bathed in blue light  the 30 foot Blue box on Rockefeller Center

 The jewels that were created for the film was a collaboration with Catherine Martin for Tiffany and Co. and inspired by Baz Luhrmann. were worn by Carey Mulligan including a stunning headdress made with diamonds and the gorgeous feather detail encrusted with diamonds.

           From conception to reality
                                            Carey Mulligan wearing the Savoy Tiffany and Co headdress

 I have a feeling that the Art Deco phase in jewelry is going to be a trend for a while. After of the heavy large gemstones recently fashion regardless of clothes or jewelry usually goes the opposite after a fad.  Vintage styles in jewelry have always been popular but now I'm sure we're going to see custom created Art Deco pieces. the jewelry from that time in history was very stylized and geometric, symmetrical. A beautiful trend that I look forward to seeing! Here's a few of the styles created by Tiffany and Co.

                                      This pearl diamond and platinum hand ornament

  The beautiful diamond pearl and platinum hand ornament is one that broke apart while Carey was filming a scene, reported at 6 figures ( on T& Co it's $75,000). She said everyone moved so quick to retrieve all the pearls. How nerve wracking!

So in love with this necklace! A bargain at $1200, sterling silver and freshwater pearls

After seeing the  jewelry that the talented Catherine Martin collaborated with Tiffany and Co ( did anyone mention that she is also MARRIED to Baz Lurhmann? ) I think we are going to see more of a resurgence in pearl jewelry. They're gorgeous come in many colors and can add elegance to any design. A nice change in the world of jewelry~ 

 Until next time Keep Sparkling~


Friday, May 17, 2013

The Met Gala, Cannes & $1.4 Million Chopard Theft

Excitement ran abound in new York City on May 6th when the Met held their famous Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The them was "Punk" from "Chaos to Couture'. Most stars could interpret the them in their own artistic way. And who needs a theme? It's THE MET! The GALA at the Met!  For me that's plenty, but then I digress...

 Where to start? Beyonce was named the honorary chair and looked fabulous in a Givenchy gown with decorative boots.  I was kind of disappointed that she wasn't wearing any jewels but her dress did impress! The boots with the matching material was a great accessory!Congrats to Beyonce and Jay Z on the recent announcement of baby No2! She looked incredible and with the print on her dress her stomach is not noticeable. That could of been the effect she was going for.

 Sarah Jessica Parker had a feathered ornate Mohawk head dress and tartan boots with her dress by Giles. She was wearing a beautiful diamond Riviera necklace that was out of this world! The combination of colors in her dress with the velvet tartan boots along with the headdress made it a  Her escort was Hamish Bowles was wearing more jewelry than most of  the women were!They looked incredible together~ His custom tux took 5 weeks to complete and was created out of100 pieces of gold safety pins set with diamonds and emeralds.


Jennifer Lawrence in classic black with Sarah Jessica Park 

"Stylist and Jewelry Designer David Thomas created an entire look for Hamish Bowles to the Met Gala on May 6th 2013.  Taking 5 weeks from concept to completion this specially commissioned piece by "Gentleman - David Thomas xJBH" is worth $250,000.00!  The outfit is comprised of 100 pieces of white gold and white diamonds and emeralds made especially for this project in the Jason of Beverly Hills factory in downtown LA."

The 100 pieces are made up as follows:
  • 1 pair of white gold and emerald cufflinks
  • 1 set of white gold and emerald shirt studs
  • 30 small safety pins in white gold and diamonds
  • 20 medium safety pins in white gold and diamonds
  • 14 medium safety pins with chain in white gold and emeralds
  • 30 large safety pins in white gold and diamonds
  • 2 kilt pins in white gold and emeralds
  • 2 fleur de lys pins in white gold and diamonds

                                                      Mock up of the tux without the jewels

After the jewelry was created all the pieces were then hand stitched onto the lapels. What says Punk more than safety pins? Bejeweled is a glamorous spin on the theme. That must of been quite a task for the jeweler to create all the safety pins in gold then to set the stones! But it is the most clever of ideas! When i think of the 90's and the fashion safety pins definitely comes to mind~

  Award season may be over but there still another exciting every that happens every year at a little fabulous place on the French Riviera called Cannes! 

 The Festival de Cannes is from May 15th - May 26th. Cannes previews films from all genres from all over the world. It is always in the spotlight with the actresses and their numerous outfit changes, directors vying for the spotlight with their film. The first night on the red carpet is always a favorite and that is when you see spectacular gowns, big jewelry and perfectly coiffed hair. The looks along with the celebrities that walked the red carpet were different to say the least. The next week can be a little more casual as some of the previews are held during the daytime and a casual look is more favored.

  Here's a few of my favorite looks from the red carpet:

                   Model Cara Delevingne looking fierce for 'The Great Gatsby" Jewels by Chopard

Even with pouring rain she still smolders!

Marion Cotillard looking tres chic in Chopard Jewels in her hair~ 

Singer Lana Del Rey in a romantic dress

After seeing all of these breath taking jewels its hard to imagine that they'll never be sen again! At approximately 2:30am on Friday when Chopard was having a party at the 5 star Martiniez Hotel across town. The jewels were stored at the Novotel Hotel and where in a Chopard Representatives room safe. According to reports the whole safe wad ripped OUT of the wall!  Some estimates are saying the figure could be closer to 1.4 million. But still a huge shame~ Jewelers work for many months and sometimes years to assemble all the stones that are needed for a suite of jewels. Still waiting on reports as to how the thieves gained access to the room. Chopard traveled to Cannes with an entourage of 40 people to ensure the celebrities safety with the jewelry. Obviously this was an inside job, knowing when people wouldn't be in the room and well aware of the celebration still going on at another hotel across town. I'm sure that for next year they will be changing their protocol and also to whom they tell of their travel plans. I'm sure in the days and weeks to come more information will be coming out as to what pieces were stolen and the actual value. 

Theres still a few more days left til the cannes festival comes to an end. I'm hoping there's not any more drama! Just beautiful designed clothes and jewels! 

Keep Sparkling until next time~


Monday, May 13, 2013

Cleopatra's Emeralds & The Worlds Largest Diamond Briolette 75.36cts

 Here at JR Colombian Emeralds we await the arrival of May like it's Christmas! May is also know as THE Month of Emeralds.  If you were born in May or know someone who is then you are already aware of this shiny fact. We are wholesalers of Colombian Emeralds so this is particularly busy time of the year for us.

 Cleopatra was not known to be a beautiful woman but she was a great leader and had her charms when it came to men. She is the first person who had brought these beautiful gems to light. It was said that she had her own mine and used to be covered in the jewels day and night. (I'm thinking of Elizabeth Taylor portraying Cleopatra when I think of her! )

  After Cleopatra committed suicide all of her personals writings and any documents were destroyed. As to what happened to her jewelry one can only guess as to what happened with those magnificent gems?  Is it conceivable that her stones could of been passed down and been recut only to have some unknowing person actually wear her gems? Now that's an idea~

                             A bust presumed to be of Queen Cleopatra, not the most striking of women!

                                                   How most of us envision Queen Cleopatra !

  With the uncovering of one of the greatest ports in Egypt before even the founding of Alexandria , called Thonis-Heracleion. This city was a sunken port-city that had served as the gateway to Egypt in the first millennium BC. The port city, situated 6.5 kilometres off today’s coastline, was one of the biggest commercial hubs in the Mediterranean.  Looking at some of the relics you get an idea on how grande of a life they lived.
                                          One of the many relics just located underwater in Egypt
                                         The lost city of Alexandria, just recently found!

   Cleopatra had her own mine and was known for draping herself in all her jewels. It was said she would literally sparkle from a distance. I can only imagine how incredible the jewels must of looked!

                                             Cleopatra's Emerald Mine in Egypt

  Emeralds hold many mystical properties that people have been believing for thousands of years. the healing properties range from calming to having more insight into a situation, protection, even to being faithful! Silly as it may sound but there is a sense of calmness when you wear them. They are majestic stones.

 Did you know that the history of the first engagement ring? Thats ok, many people don't! The first engagement ring was given to Queen Victoria by her beloved Prince Albert in 1840. It was the form of a snake (romantic huh? ) which represent eternal love with the eyes being emeralds, Victoria's birthstone. This was also the beginning of birthstone jewelry being used in many designs at the time. There are stories of early engagement rings but the time they occurred (in the 1400's?) could possibly be hearsay.

                                                        Queen Victoria on her wedding day

                                            Queen Victoria's actual engagement ring??

  There's many misconceptions about emeralds, how they are mined and what happens after they are found. Being in the business for most of my adult life I hope I can shed some light on the process.

 Emeralds are mined in many different locations thru out the world. The best emeralds derive from Colombia. Our emeralds come from a few different mines in Colombia, Muzo (the worlds best) La Pita, Cosquez and Chivor.  It takes a long time to drill and literally blow up the veins and the ground so the miners can begin the laborious process of locating the emeralds.

                                            Excellent Colombian Emerald Crystal
                                                   Colombian Emerald Crystal in Matrix
                                        Another example of Colombian Emerald Crystal in Matrix

   It can take days, weeks maybe even months before the miners locate just one emerald crystal! The price of the stones can vary from the color, the cut and the transparency. The emerald business is different in the fact that all dealers and jewelers have a different method or category of color for the emeralds. I have seen some pretty creative names for the varying hues of emeralds.

 Something exciting that is taking place next month who any jeweler worth his salt know its  the JCK Jewelry Show in Las Vegas. I have been going just about every year. its a great time for people in the business to meet one another face to face and to see what the clients are requesting and to possibly get an idea about upcoming trends. The jewelry is mystifying! But it is only open to people in the trade. It is going to be incredible! I'll let you know what I saw and how it went in my next entry~

 I'm not exactly sure what is going on in the world of Auctions when it comes to large colored and diamonds and gemstone, jewelry. But there seems to be a plethora of amazing jewels that are HUGE! Are these Royal or Prominent families looking to sell these heirloom baubles for cash?? Here's a few other sparkles that are going up for auction at Christies in Hong Kong on May 28th.
75.36 Diamond Briolette Necklace estimated 8.5 Million - 12.5 Million

Wowsa is all I can say when I first saw the 75.36cts Diamond Briolette Necklace. It is an unusual cut for such a large stone. this isn't the first large Briolette that has been cut from a diamond. there are a few more, but according to Christies this is the largest Briolette that they have had up for auction. Seems like they say that every time a super large stone reaches the auction block. But looking back they always manage to get their hands on the largest most historic diamonds and colored gemstones. 

According to my research and personal knowledge there are only 3 historic Diamond Briolettes. The Vanier Diamond is 116.60 carats and is currently owned by Sultan of Brunei. The other diamond briolettes are 180.85cts and 114.64cts. They are currently unnamed and are in private collections.

This necklace will more than likely receive a name by its new owner. It is beautiful and looks like it should be hanging from a chandelier in someones foyer!

A Few of the other sparkles that are hitting the auction block along with the unnamed 75.36cts Diamond briolette necklace. And a  breath taking Colombian Emerald (yea!) and Cushion Cut Diamond necklace.

       What a divine necklace! Colombian Emerald Cabochon Drops & Diamond Necklace up for Auction

  Christies estimates that this necklace featuring Colombian Emerald and Cushion Cut Diamonds ( no word on the actual carat weight) will go between $2,000, 000 - $5,000,000. I think it might even command a higher price than that. it is exquisite! 

 Another Colombian emerald that had caught my eye is the 23.82cts Colombian Emerald and Diamond ring. The color is mind blowing and there's not doubt that it originates from the Muzo Mine in Colombia. As you see in the picture the stone is so transparent ( a feature highly coveted in gem quality emeralds) you can actually see the setting under the stone. Out of this world color! The ring is estimated to sell between $1,300,000 - 1,800,000.. My personal opinion is it could even go for more~  For people with a love for fine gemstones I'm betting there's going to be alot of bidding activity over this one!
                                        23.82ct Colombian Emerald & Diamond Ring
       There are so many large carated diamonds and colored stones in this auction that it'll actually make your head spin!  Here is another fine example.  A 76.91cts Cushion Cut diamond that is F in color and VVS1. Impeccable stone. As far as I see this stone doesn't have a name but will most likely get a new moniker from the new owner.

                                      76.91cts Cushion Cut loose Diamond F in color VVS1
An absolutely divine pearl diamond and emerald necklace is most breathtaking. It's difficult to see in the pictures but between each pearl isn't a knot as you'd usually see in another strand of pearls. In this necklace between each pearl is a smaller pearl that is knotted between the larger 14mm pearls in the front portion of the necklace. This necklace also features pear shaped diamonds and a Cushion Cut Colombian Emerald that is set in platinum that is part of the clasp. Beautifully designed and will fetch a higher price than estimated. Pearls are one item that i have seen at auction that usually commands a high price. A strand of pearls recently sold at auction for over 2 million dollars. maybe its because of the simplicity and the classic look. Large pearls that are natural and over 14 -20 mm can command a high price becasue it takes years and years to be able to find and match all the pearls that are need to make up one necklce. But if you add gemstones and precious metals, you have a winner!
                                Superb 10.37mm - 14.0mm pearl Emerald and Diamond necklace

If you're at a computer on May 15th ( two days away!) its worth the time to sign up and watch some of the auctioning.  The larger items they usually save for later in the auction to garner up people and keep them interested! Heres the link to the auction...

So until next time Keep Sparkling~