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$200 Million Dollar Necklace, Royal Gems & World Reocrd Breaking Diamonds!

In 2010 Chow Tai Fook, a diversified company that is property development, hotel, casino, transportation, jewelry, port and telecommunications businesses had purchased a rough diamond that weighed 507 carats at the cost of $35 Million and was called the Cullinan Heritage. At 507 carats its one of the largest rough diamonds ever mined in the world. Chow Tai Fook ( here's a link to their jewelry website, the pieces are truly incredible!, http://www.chowtaifook.com/en/ collaborated with Hong Kong jeweler Wallace Chan on creating a piece of jewelry with the Cullinan Heritage. What resulted is an extraordinary necklace aptly named the "heritage in Bloom " that consists of 11,151 diamonds the center being 104cts and also 24 flawless diamonds cut the from Cullinan. Add 22 people and 44,000 man hours it almost explains the price tag of $200 Million dollars. This necklace can also be worn 27 different ways! Its also the most expensive diamond necklace to date. No official word from The Guinness Book of Records, yet!
Petra CEO Johan Dippenaar and the 507ct "Cullian Heritage"

A sketch of the infamous necklace, so many working parts!

Wallace Chan working on the model, larger than life size!

Magnificent, looks unreal, the diamond color is fascinating
Closer view of the intricate setting holding the 104cts diamond

 Jewels of a royal provenance have always besotted auction goes and jewelry connoisseur. To be to actually own ( and if you can afford the price) of royal history fascinates many. A highly desirable and also along with quite the story is the fabled necklace and tiara of  Queen Nazli. Not just any necklace and tiara.

Queen Nazil of Egypt
  The two items were commissioned by Van Clef and Arpels at the request of King Farud on the event of his daughters Princess Fawzia marriage to the future Shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi in 1939. Truly breath taking, the necklace contains 212 carats of diamonds set in platinum and is hinged so it nestles on any womans neck. While the tiara has 274 carats. Both pieces were auctioned off in 1975 to aid the ousted Queen Mother of Egypt ( a title which she was stripped off when she had coordinated the marriage between her daughter and Riyad Ghali Effendi, who was a Copt and went against the Kings wishes) and her daughter who were living in Beverly Hills. Apparently the daughter had a lavish lifestyle she wished to live. Trying to claim bankruptcy the court had decided that for the selling the jewels for $180,000 they had decided to sell them privately to get more funds. They initially thought they would bring in $500,000 to help clear debts. A sad story of truly fabled royal jewels.

 Exceptional not only in size but also quality these two pieces will be auction on December 9th by Sothebys for the Magnificent Jewels in New York. The pre auction estimate is $3.6Million - $4.6Million. One of the most spectacular necklaces at the auction, but the tiara is not included in this sale.

The custom created tiara created for Queen Nazil in 1939 by Van Clef and Arpels

Joseph Lau Hong Kong Real Estate Developer, $11.1 Billion net worth!
Joseph Lau is a businessman with  eccentric tastes and obviously adores his 7 year old daughter, Josephine. Mr. Lau who is one of Hong Kongs largest real estate developers owning 1/3 of the real estate in China. He had a small setback in 2014 when he was sentenced to 5 years for bribery in Macau. But fortunate for him, there is no extradition between China and Macau. His name comes into the news, this time for a different reason. He recently purchased not one but TWO of the largest diamonds ever to come to auction totaling a remarkable $77 Million dollars. Joseph didnt purchase one but bought two exceptional diamonds from the Sothebys "Noble Jewels" auction in Geneva on November 11th. The auction had netted $139 Million dollars and featured two prominent colored diamonds. The 12.03 blue diamond set a world record auction price at an astonishing $48 Million dollars! he had also purchased a 16.08ct pink diamond ring for $28.5 Million dollars. Pink and blue hued diamonds are the rarest colors in the shades of diamonds.

The 12.03ct  "Blue Moon of Josephine"set world records when auctioned for $48 Million dollars, thats about $4 Million/carat!
“Tonight we set a new world record, a new auction record for any diamond, any jewel, any gemstone, with the sale of the Blue Moon diamond,” said auctioneer David Bennett in Geneva. He specified the price as $48,468,158. “I have never seen a more beautiful stone. The shape, the color, the purity — it’s a magical stone.”

"The polished blue gem was cut from a 29.6-carat diamond discovered last year in South Africa’s Cullinan mine, which also yielded the 530-carat Star of Africa blue diamond that is part of the British crown jewels, and the Smithsonian Institution’s “Blue Heart” discovered in 1908. "

The 16.08ct Pink diamond , "Sweet Josephine" sold for $28.5 Million
A very fortunate 7 year old, Josephine Lau~
Rio Tinto mines have unerathed a record breaking 1,111 rough diamond in the Lucara Diamond firm Its the world’s second-largest diamond of gem quality in Botswana. This 1,111-carat diamond is second only to the 3,106-carat Cullinan diamond found in South Africa in 1905. The gem measures 65mm x 56mm x 40mm and was recovered from the Karowe mine located just north of the capital, Gaborone.

Not actual size! 1,111 Lucara rough diamond
  “This has been an amazing week for Lucara with the recovery of the second largest and also the sixth largest gem quality diamonds ever mined,” William Lamb, chief executive officer of Lucara. It was also released that Lucara’s stock price rose 32%, adding $150 million to its market value. Call your stockbroker dears~

This is the largest diamond unearthed in a century! It is roughly the size of a tennis ball. This mine had a great week also unearthing two other rough diamonds weighing 813 carats and 374 carats! No word as to the value of the latest large rough. With stones of this size it can take a year or longer to diagram and cut the diamond. And more than likely it will be cut into several smaller stones. I would hope to see some of these magnificent diamonds in a museum, for the whole world to see and enjoy~ 

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

$7 Million Royal Pearls, $28 Million Pink Diamond & Emmy Jewels

Watching the actresses parade down the red carpet on Emmy night is always an event to look forward to. One actress who never fails to disappoint the masses on the red carpet is Sofia Vergara. Not nominated for an award her show "Modern Family" but there to support her cast and crew. Stunning in not only her looks and fun personality her glittering jewels. Looking superb in a new designer she hasnt worn to an award show she radiated glamour in  metallic fishtail dress by St John. Her jewels accented her rose gold colored beaded dress perfectly and were by Lorraine Schwartz and featured natural diamond bangles and diamond modern swirl dangle earrings. Her best accessory of course is her future husband Joe Manganiello.

The best looking couple of on the red carpet!

Julie Bowen looking glam in her Monica
Another standout on the red carpet was Suzanne Cryer from "Silicon Valley". Wearing one of the most incredible necklaces from the evening. Created by Davani her necklace featured a 60.20ct emerald sugarloaf cabochon along with multi rows of 12cts of diamonds. What a stunner!

One can only imagine the sheer brilliance and size in person!

A stone that is coming to Auction ( and creating quite the buzz) at Christies in Geneva on November 10th is sure to set world records. A 16.08ct Fancy Pink IF type lla cushion shape pre auction estimate is from  This type of diamond is rare not only for its spectacular hue but also stones in type such as the Hope Diamond and the Graff Pink The fancy vivid pink means the hue is of the purest and strongest of saturation.

Stated by Chrsities, " In almost 250 years of auction history, only three pure vivid pink diamonds of over ten carats have appeared for sale ".

  Rahul Kadakia, Christie’s International Head of Jewellery had said, "As large and rare colored diamonds of this caliber become increasingly hard to locate, this 16.08 carat Fancy Vivid pink diamond comes to market at a time when great gems are mirroring prices achieved for masterpieces in the world of fine art. Collectors are looking to jewels as savvy investments that are both beautiful and can appreciate considerably in value over a relatively short period of time".

 Christies states that the previous owner had purchased the stone as an investment. A smaller pink diamond, 8.79cts had sold for $15.9Million in May in Geneva. So its quite possible that this particular diamond can break world records buy selling for even more than the pre auction estimate of $28 Million. Its anyone's guess as to how feverishly collectors will be bidding on this exquisite diamond.

The 16.08cts Fancy Vivid IF Pink up for Auction on Nov 10th

The Maharani of Baroda, the first owner of the "Princie Diamond" a slightly lower-grade fancy intense cushion-shaped pink diamond of 34.65 carats known as The Princie brought $39.3 million at Christie's in 2013.
A red spinel is a popular stone that often gets mistaken for a red ruby. But a new world record has been set for the sale of a red spinel that was owned by Henry Phillip Hope. He was also the owner of the Hope diamond. A Collector of gems in the 1800's he had a Henry Philip Hope (1769-1831) may not sound familiar to most people, but he came from a prominent banking family and started collected gems in 1800, until his death in 1839. He is the Hope that was the infamous Hope Diamond now housed at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History’s Gem Hall in Washington, D.C. It was donated to the Smithsonian in 1958 by Harry Winston. His collection featured more than 700 gems ( that were cataloged and written about prior to his death in 1839)
The exceptional stone is set in a 19th-century silver and gold brooch and flanked by diamonds. It last sold at auction in 1917
The reason for that is the stone’s coloring, mining locations. While the spinel comes in many shades, including blue, purple, and black, the most valued and desirable shade, is red. The gemstone is one of only three stones in nature that produce true red coloring, along with the ruby and the diamond.
Henry Phillip Hope, gem collector from the late 1700's

Evelyn Walsh Mclean last owner of the Hope diamond as seen here
 The Hope diamond was rumored to have been removed from the eye of an idol and that was the reason for the ill fated curse that the owners of this gem experienced. Since it has been acquired by the Smithsonian, the curse has faded as nothing but good fortune as the stones presence has caused the attendance numbers to rise. The stone traveled from Turkey to King Louis XIV then to the US. It was thought to have been cut from its original size of 112-115cts.
The infamous Hope Diamond 45.52cts
Another notable item coming to Sothebys auction on October 10th in Hong Kong is a highly prized and notable strand of gray saltwater pearls, called "The Cowdray Pearls".The pearls of royal provenance having been once owned by Viscountess Anna Pamela Cowdray . Pre auction estimate is from $4.5Million - $7Million. Originally the strand had 42 pearls but she had the necklace shortened to 38. They have since been restrung to the original size of 42 pearls. They were sold at previous auction in 2012 for $3.3Million.Barbara Hutton's pearl necklace that was once owned by Queen  Marie Antoinette nd consisted of 44 pearls ranging in size from 8.7mm - 16.3mm. The necklace was inherited by Queen Marie and was in her possession until she was incarcerated. She had given her jewels to lady Elizabeth for safe keeping until she was able to escape. That day, sadly never came.
The Cowdray Pearls ranging in size from 6.8mm - 11.4mm
Viscountess Anne Pamela (bridgeman) Cowdray on her wedding day July19th 1939

Barbara Hutton's pearls once owned by Queen Marie Antoinette

Barbara Hutton wearing the Royal perals on her wedding day in 1939 to Prince Midvani

The pearls were a gift from Barbaras father on the event of her wedding to Prince Alexis Midvani in 1933. The pearls had been auction at Christies in 1999 for the large sum of $1.4 Million . The high bids on pearls recently is due to the rarity and the provenance of the large size ( known as a grain when measuring a pearls weight) and the color.Larger sized pearls with a royal provenance coming to auction will always command high prices~

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Friday, August 21, 2015

WOW! 339ct Rough Diamond Find, Palm Beacher Jewelry Auction, Tower of London Jewels

The Karow mines in Botswana are having an exceptionally good week. On Monday they announced they had unearthed a 336 carat type IIa diamond. type IIa diamonds make up 1-2% of all diamonds mined and are usually without any impurities. They had also discovered three other exceptional large rough diamonds over the weekend. a 184-carat diamond, a 94-carat diamond, and an 86-carat diamond. A beautiful 12-carat pale pink diamond was also discovered ( remember the last pink diamond at auction? It was sold for $15.9 Million) the color of the pink diamond wont be confirmed until after it has been cleaned.Here is a link about the number of carats this mine can produce, its worth a look! http://www.lucaradiamond.com/s/karowe.asp?ReportID=655918
8.72ct pink diamond ring sold in May 2015 for $15.9 Million aka The Historic Pink Diamond, and was thought to have been owned by Princess Mathilde, niece of Napoleon

336ct rough rough diamond, gives you an idea of scale!

The Lucara mine has been a winning mine that is owned by a Vancouver company. They have unearthed over the past three years, since the first discovery of a large diamond at the Karowe mine, Lucara said it has recovered 216 diamonds that have sold for more than $250,000 each. Twelve of these stones sold for more than $5 million each. Over the past three years, since the first discovery of a large diamond at the Karowe mine, Lucara said it has recovered 216 diamonds that have sold for more than $250,000 each. Twelve of these stones sold for more than $5 million each.What is the reason why so many large diamonds are being unearthed

“The ongoing recovery of large exceptional diamonds from the Karowe Mine continues to support the resource estimates,” President and CEO William Lamb said. “This resource has consistently produced significant value for the company and its shareholders and the ongoing recovery of high value stones sets Lucara apart from most other diamond producers.”

203.94ct rough diamond from the same mine
Being one of the lucky few to live in Palm Beach the locals are always aware of the low key celebrities and shiny sheet regulars that donate much of their time and resources to local charities. We lost a great woman who donated her time, resources and was very active in the Palm Beach Jewish community known as a philanthropist and humanitarian,., her name was Rita Dee Hassenfeld. Her husband was Harold Hassenfeld whose family created Hasbro which is responsible for many of my childhood memories playing monopoly, Nerf and Play Doh. They split their time between two homes  in Nashville and  Palm Beach.

Rita Dee and her husband Harold Hassenfeld 
She was a well known ballerina but gave up her career to focus on her family with Harold. her jewelry collection was spectacular and was unmatched in the quality and design . Leslie Hindman auctioneers will be auctioning off and the Sept. 16 sale of her jewelry will offer about 250 lots of “unerring taste characterized by elegance, color and a sense of whimsy,” according to Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, presenters of the sale. Here is a link to the auction, http://www.lesliehindman.com/sale/hassenfeld/
Harry Winston Diamond Ring, pre auction estimate is $375,000- $425,000

Spectacular 37.0tcw diamond cuff bracelet pre auction estimate $30,000- $50,000

An 18k and platinum Colombian emerald and diamond ring by Harry Winston

A unique art deco lapel watch featuring diamond and emerald by Cartier, pre auction estimate $100,000 - $150,000

Tony Duquette carved emerald and 18k gold ring

Gorgeous emerald rondelle and diamond bead necklace
18k gold and 32.0tcw gold bangle bracelet by Harry Winston (my personal fav!)

Simple aquamarine ring inset with round diamonds

 Her collection of jewelry is as diverse as she was. From everything from a luscious emerald carved ring by Tony Duquette to a simple aquamarine ring set with round diamonds, to the over the top emerald and diamond lapel watch.  There is something so elegant about a woman that wears jewelry suites. Its a beautiful trend that  Her collection of jewelry is as diverse as she was. From everything from a luscious emerald carved ring by Tony Duquette to a simple aquamarine ring set with round diamonds, to the over the top emerald and diamond lapel watch.  There is something so elegant about a I wish that would return~

St. Mary Magdalene church where the christening took place in Normandy

News was made when  Princess Charlotte was baptized on July 5th at the same chapel where her grandmother Princess Diana was also baptized in Norfolk called St Mary Magdalene Church . Not only is this occasion special because its royalty but also because it is the first time that Royal Jewels are leaving the Tower of London (where all of the Royal gems and jewels are housed) and London in general. The Lily Font, made its way to Norfolk for the christening. It was commissioned for Queen Victoria's in 1840 for her eldest child. It stands 17 inches high and is gilt silver plated in gold. And it weighs 21 lbs! The Lily Font had water that was from the River Jourdan for the christening.

The Lily Font Ewer 1841 commissioned by Queen Victoria

The sweetest picture taken at the christening

The Royal family at the christening

Doris Payne is a woman who is unsuspecting in her appearance but her notable name and criminal history would baffle anyone who would meet her. I had written about her previously a few times. She is an 84 year old international jewel thief. Having stolen reportedly worth a few million in jewels during her life time.
Doris Payne in her younger years (looking smug)
One of her several mugshots

 She was arrested in September 2014 after stealing a ring from a jewelry store in California, but was later released in October 2014.  She was recently spotted at an upscale mall in Charlotte North Carolina at another jewelry store. A saleswoman at Tiffany & Co had noticed her and was alerting the sales staff at David Yurman, but at that point it was too late. Using slight of hand and a diversion tactic she was able to leave the store with a $33,000 platinum David Yurman bridal engagement ring in platinum.
The David Yurman ring in question that was reportedly stolen

Its difficult to think this unassuming 84 year old is a convicted jewel thief!

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Record Price Ruby Ring, Janet Jackson Jewels, Gems on Pluto?

 Derived from the Latin word "ruber" meaning red.The birthstone for July is the red ruby. They can command the highest prices per carat of all the colored stones. Ruby gems have been preferred and been used by nobility for centuries from jewelry to being embellished in tea sets and even furniture. In medival times Europeans wore rubies to guarantee health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love. A spectacular Burmese ruby ring that weighed 25.59cts sold at auction on May 12th for a record $30.3 Million dollars. Yes, you read that correctly, $30,335,698 Million dollars, or a little over $1 Million per carat. I would be curious to see if a collector had purchased this ring or if it was a lover of jewelery. The difference in that the ring might be worn ( with massive amounts of security)  instead of in a vault~

Record breaking 25.59tcw Burmese Ruby & diamond ring by Cartier, $30 Million Dollars
Ruby rings of this size and untreated are exceptionally rare. The signature 'pigeon blood" ruby is the most desirable for any jewelry collector and they are highly coveted. Named the "Sunrise Ruby" the color and quality of this ruby upset the last high record price for a ruby ring last year when on November 12th 2014 Sothebys auctioned a ruby and diamond ring by Graff for a auction price of $298,669 per carat.

The 8.62tcw Graff Ruby Ring sold at Sothebys November 12th,  2014

On the same note, there is an auction that will be held in September by the reputable John Pye auctioneers. They will be auction the largest gemstone collection, featuring over 680 gem stones. from a private collectro in the UK. It has taken the collector over 40 years to amass these gems. He bought the stones directly from the mines in Burma, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Zambi and obviously had purchased the best of the best quality. A spectacular gem in this collection is a mesmerizing 133 carat loose tanzanite. Deep blue and purple flashes, extraordinary.  The anonymous owner had stated, “I am now happy for the stones to be sold so other people can enjoy them as much as I have.”

Here is the link to register for bidding, http://www.johnpye.co.uk/gems/

John Pye gemstone valuer Ian Hall said: “This is quite simply a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy from an exquisite and extremely valuable collection of gemstones. “We believe the collection to be certainly the largest in the UK, if not Europe “Every gemstone in the collection has its own independently-issued certificate, a guarantee of both authenticity and quality, including GemResearch Swisslab (GRS) certificates showing that they are the purest quality in their natural form.”

The first auction in September will offer 345 gemstones from the collection and is valued at $16 Million dollar retail.  The lowest bid is for a 8.96cts pink topaz ring starting bid is $1200 USD. An exquisite collection that any gem lover would love to possess~

 Just the name Bernie Madoff makes people shudder not only in Palm Beach but all over the US. His name is synonymous with the most notorious of Ponzi schemes. He bilked many people out of hundreds of millions of dollars for over 20 years. After being convicted of the crime in 2009 he is serving his sentence at a North Carolina and is currently battling cancer.

Priciest item is 1 10.03cts ascher cut diamond ring, $327,000
One of the items up for auction
Mens Rolex lot 1050

Shana Madoff and Eric Swanson
 All of his nieces Shana Madoff and her husbands Eric Swanson their personal property and residences were surrendered to the authorities in order to pay back restitution to the victims. An auction is being held online with pages and pages of items from expensive diamond jewelry to rugs and household items. http://www.txauction.com/items.cfm?id=660

An image from Bernie and Ruths auction~

His wife Shana had high end jewelry from all the largest jewelry designers to inexpensive  funky shell necklaces that looks like they were purchased while on Holiday on a tropical island, of course all paid for by investors money. She also had an infinity for cubic zirconia jewelry, by looking at the lots for auction. Its curious to see what other people have in their jewelry collections, very interesting!

More and more celebrities are joining the ranks by creating their own collection of jewelry. An unexpected name came up in this game, Miss Janet Jackson. her new line of jewelry is called " Unbreakable Diamonds Collection. She had worn two items from her line on the BET Music awards. She had worn,  a 25 ct. heart-shape fancy intense yellow diamond necklace that will retail for $2 million and a 13 ct. fancy intense yellow diamond ring that will retail for $500,000. The collection in collaboration with Paul Raps NY will be sold at his store and she will also be wearing these pieces when she begins her world tour on August 31. Her high end pieces are not for the faint of heart, and in a twist she is looking to attract the high end boutique jewelry connoisseur. She secretly married Billionaire Wissam Al Mana in 2012 and currently lives in Dubai. Besides the jewels can we talk about how she looks like she has not changed one bit from the 80's?!!  Shes looks incredible~

Janet at the BET Music awards on June 28th wearing two pieces from her new jewelry line
With NASA trying to explore the planet mars, it has been discovered that our favorite gemstones might give clue as to possible life on Mars. Craziest is you'd think this would of been towards the tops of the news! in 1911 a meteorite that had fallen from mars and is currently housed at the Natural History Museum in Egypt. The meteorite was shown to have small traces of opal used of course to adorn jewelry. The scientist also believe that the craters on mars surface can contain traces of fossilized life, Scientists say that opal is usually found in hot springs, or mineral-rich waters that allow for microbial life to exist. It could help future exploration missions decide where to look for evidence of Martian life. What are the possibilities of new gemstones being discovered on the planet? And to think it looks like an ordinary rock, that holds many secrets! Its an exciting development that I look forward to hearing about~

Nakhla meteorite discovered in Egypt in 1911
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