Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sparkly New Years Wishes~

Wow! Where has this year gone? What I do know is that time has literally flown by! It's amazing to me that what seems just like yesterday I was celebrating 2011 New Years! It's been a year of many ups~ We've expanded our jewelry line, gained a new jeweler and have amassed some of the most exquisite Colombian Emeralds that we have seen in a while.

 The news in the world has been bleak to say the least, but in the world of jewelry its been a fabulous one! Huge stones setting record prices at auctions, and a hint of new stones and jewelry going up on the auction block next year. And you my dear readers know I will keep you posted on all thinks bright and sparkly!

Here's a link to the  jewelry auctions that Sothebys will be holding until May, That's something to look forward too!

Christies has one auction so far posted in their website its being held on Jan. 16, 2013 in London.

 From all of us at JR Colombian Emeralds thank you for making 2012 a very memorable one! We look forward to informing and serving you in 2013~


Monday, December 24, 2012

Auction & Record Setting Prices - Best of the Year~

As you might of seen in the news Pantone has declared the color “Emerald” as THE color for 2013! Pantone is known for predicting and choosing the color trends for the seasons. Retailers are already picking up on the trend by creating Emerald green makeup according to Sephora as well as nail polish. There will be more focus and attention on all things emeralds, especially Colombian ones~
This has been an extraordinary year in jewels and auctions as some of the world finest auction houses have set world records for loose stones and for jewelry. And making the news yet again for a purchase that has everyone’s tongues wagging is Mr. Laurence Graff of Graff Diamonds and also known as the “King of Diamonds”. He is known for his exceptional and usually historic diamonds and colored gemstones. He just set the world record for a jaw dropping 50 carat D color VVS2 for $8.37 million dollars that was sold to him from Christies auction house. This is the third time he has came into ownership of this stone. He purchased the 50 carat for $4.2 million in 2004 from Christies. Since then the price has more than doubled.  Here are some of the highlights of the incredible jewels from the past year.
                        50.01 carat Graff Diamond sold for 8.3 million or $167,400 per carat
          3.15 carat circular cut orangish red diamon sold at Christies for 2.09 million dollars
 This record breaking 76.02cts Archduke Joseph Internally Flawless D color diamond sold for $21.5 million to an anonymous buyer

                                                 Another front view

                                        Side view of this magnificent stone

This stone is ver 400 years old and has quite a coloful history! We have writen about the auction in one of our past Blog entries.

 The Clark Pink that was once owned by the reclusive Copper Heiress Huguette Clark who had passed away at the age of 104 had several incredible jewels that were valued at over 21 million dollars. The 9.0ct pink diamond sold for a staggering 15.9 million dollars. Which is the highest amount ever paid for4 a pink diamond in the US. It is believed that her mother gave her the ring in 1910. With all great vintage jewelery there is usually a grand story. Ms. Clark never had any children and had died at the amazing age of 104 in a New york hospital. It is reported that she spent the most of her adult life in medical facilities. She left her personal nurse $35 million dollars in her will. And left the majority of her $400 million fortune to charities.

Copper Heiress Huguette Clark

9.0cts Pink Diamond sold for

Another Auction that has some extraordinary jewels is well known billionaire philanthropist Lily Safra. Widow of Edmond Safra who died in a fire at their Monaco home in 2004. ALL the proceeds went to 32 different charities. This Auction was titled "Jewels for Hope" Being a billionaire is extraordinary in itself but to donate all the proceeds is such a generous act. The 32 charities varied from faith based to children charities throughout the state of new York.

19.86cts D Color Square cut Diamond ring by Cartier circa 1920 sold for $8.7 million dollars
  179.03cts Ruby Camellia Flower Brooch  by JAR sold for an astonishing $4.31 million dollars. Beautiful piece, but it's a pin! Incredible craftmanship~

 All of us at JR Colombian Emeralds wish all jewelry lovers worldwide a very Happy Holidays! Wear something sparkly and celebrate!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Eight Exceptional Jewels & Cyber Monday~

 We hope everyone had a enjoyable and very Happy Thanksgiving.
After much celebrating and a lot of overeating the only thing left to do (other than work) is partaking in  Cyber Monday! There’s many great deals, especially us too!
This past week there was a beautiful Auction titled “ Eight Exceptional jewels from a Private Collection” that was held at the Bonham’s auctions House in Hong Kong. These pieces are just incredible; here are the pictured and some of the stories that go along with them.
What sets these jewels apart from other auctions ( and there seems to be quite a few of them!) is that the pieces were created by the famed jeweler to Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor, Van Clef and Arpels. All the items were owned by one owner. Quite the collection!

 This dazzling Emerald and Diamond necklace by Van Cleef and Arpels contains 47.04cts of Emeralds and 70.60cts of Diamonds (412 total) mounted in Platinum and 18k gold, and sold for $1.241 million dollars.

 The Emerald and Diamond necklace is attached in 4 pieces and can be either worn as a two bracelets or a shorter necklace. How versatile!

Since all the items were breathtaking, this one even more so. An exquisite 43.16cts Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond ring sold for 1.59 million dollars. The highest amount paid for a sapphire ring per carat. Bidding for this ring was fierce, and sold for $36,000 per carat! Jacques Arpels traveled to Sri Lanka personally to purchase this stone in 1969.

 Stunning Ribbon styled Ruby and Diamond Bracelet that sold for $466,000. This bracelet was created in 1936 ( according to Van Cleef archives) and is comprise of 107.25cts of rubies and 16.70cts of diamonds.

  A superb Emerald and Diamond brooch 10.43ct Emerald and 11.43cts of Diamonds and is created in 18k gold. This brooch sold for a little less than $300,000. and was created in 1952.

 My personal favorite from the auction, a 22.43cts step cut emerald with diaomd pendant. the diamond weigh approximately 2.20cts each. Sold for $373,000.

 Now take a moment to explore our sale and take a look at our magnificent jewels~

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Astonishing Royal Gems & Jewelry Record Auction!

 Sotheybys had their breath taking auction for Magnificent Jewels in Geneva on November 11th. The results are staggering! This auction is even more noteworthy for the simple fact there are not one, but actually two Royal stones that wereup for sale at this auction. The obvious one The Archduke Joseph Diamond was originally owned by the Archduke Joseph August of Austria (1872-1962), a prince of the Hungarian line of the Hapsburgs. This fabulous diamond is known for being the largest colorless diamond that was sold for 21.5 million dollars. This stone had been in the possesion of Black, Starr and Frost from Phoenix, that is owned by Alfred Molina. His personal collection of colored gems and diamonds is note worthy. The exciting thing about this auction and more importantly about the buyer ( there were actually two anonymous buyers that were bidding for the stone via phone) is that after he/she won the diamond they stated that they are going to donate the diamond to a museum, possibly the Smithsonian? Only seems fitting. And thrilling to be able to see another historic diamond in person.

 A few of the larger colored diamonds didnt find a buyer. How is this possible when they are so incredible? One of the stones that didn't find a new home is an unmounted recatngular fancy vivid yellow diamond weighing a massive 70.19cts is one of them. This stone doesn't have a name, but the color and cut are truly spectacular! I'll take two please~

Not all the royal jewels were sold at the auction. Two that went under the hammer but their price wasn't realized. These two stones are unamed (hopefully they'll be named after they find an owner)

Not only did this auction set a few records for the highest prices paid for stones per carat, but it just goes to show that there is an appreciation for larger gemstones and that the need is still high. Even though there still much unrest in certain parts of Europe. 

From what I had seen of the auction live streaming (the best ever!) it seemed as if the auction went into two different directions. Some of the more extraordinary pieces that were signed by famous jewelry houses and were typically over 100 years old, sold for less than what you'd imagine. while some of the larger gemstone rings surpassed the estimated by 3xs!

Here's a few of the other noteworthy items that were up for auction.

            Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain's Cartier Conch Pearl and Diamond Bracelet  

The Queen wearing the famous bracelet

Queen Victoria Eugenie was the youngest daughter of Queen Victoria and was born at Balmoral Castle in 1887. She is also the grandmother of Juan Carlos, King of Spain. When she passed away in 1969 she left behind a legendary collection of jewels. This was one of the last items to be auctioned and one of the most important of the 600 items. The title on this piece was from a "lady of title" and was offered by an unnamed member of the Spanish Royal family. This bracelet sold for two times the estimated price, fetching a staggering 3.4 million dollars.

Matching 11ct each Burmese Ruby and Diamond pendant ear clips once owned by  Princess Max Egon zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg of Germany 

These incredible earrings garnered 3.5 million dollars. It seems that when there is a story even one of royalty the prices and people eagerly bidding on these items. Interestingly enough of the almost 600 items, 70 of them are from Royal families and descendants. Which families where some of the other items of jewelry came from might come out more later in the news.

Another record breaker at this auction was for the stunning 10.48ct Blue Diamond briollette that sold for *gasp 10.86 million dollars. Purchased by the famous Laurence Graff of Graff Diamonds, he is also known as the "King of Diamonds". Graff is planning on recutting the stone to reveal a more intense blue to about 7 cts.

Seems like sapphire and Emeralds were the best sellers with  high prices. Another showstopper that was sold was a gorgeous 39.00 cts Ceylon Blue sapphire, that is not heat treated and natural. That ring sold for 2.9 million dollars!

Some truly amazing pieces that the world was watching with anticipation! You can see more of the higher priced items here,

Until then, get ready for Black Friday! What's on YOUR wish list??

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Estee Lauder & Wallis Simpson 47ct Yellow Diamond

 Our hearts and prayers are with the families, business and the many  people effected by Hurricane Sandy that has destroyed the East Coast.  Do what you can to make a difference. Donate Blood at the Red Cross or make a donation,

And with another storm a Nor'Easter that is headed in the same direction, it's an awful time for everyone that has already been touched by this natural disaster.

I'm sure it'll be much appreciated by everyone living in the disaster areas.

Now on to other news.... November 13th make sure to check out the amazing pieces of jewelry up for Auction in Geneva by the impressive auction house Christies. This auction will be different in that the items up for sale will be the Archduke Joseph Diamond which is a 76.92 ct Cushion Cut Diamond and is the most flawless diamond of its size. There is also a few Van Clef Flower pins ( the invisible set rubies ) that if you were following the auction last month one pin sold for over $350,000. I'm sure they're going to be a hot item and that many collectors will be anxiously bidding over them. There's also a few lots of incredible emerald and ruby jewelry that will have every ones tongues wagging! I always enjoy the auctions (watching the live stream is a fast fix!)

Since I'm in love with old jewelry, and larger sized stones and who doesn't enjoy a story that goes along with the jewelry? Then if you're like me the auction that Sothebys is holding on December 5th will sure delight you.

There's going to be more than 35 pieces at the auction with the proceeds going to a foundation that Estee had started in 1994, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Here's a few of the most important items.
                         Property from the Collection of Estée Lauder,
                 Fancy Intense Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring
                                 Oscar Heyman & Brothers
                 6.54 carats, Internally Flawless (IF), Natural Color
                                        Estimate $4 – $5 million

                    Property from the Collection of Evelyn H. Lauder
                          Platinum and Diamond Ring, Graff
            22.16 carats, Potentially Flawless, Very Very Slight Inclusions
                                                   VVS1 D Color
                                         Estimate $3 - $4 million  

                        Property from the Collection of Evelyn H. Lauder
            Mystery-Set Ruby and Diamond Brooch, Van Cleef & Arpels
                         4.95 carats, clarity and color designations vary
                                              Estimate $60 -$80,000

                           Property from the Collection of Estée Laude
Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond and Diamond PendantNecklace        
                                                 Van Cleef & Arpels
              47.14 carats, Very Slight Inclusions (VS1), Natural Color
                                      Estimate $1.5 – $2 million

Other notable items at the Auction will be some gems from the Late Estee and Evelyn Lauder ( her daughter in law) of the Cosmetics company Estee Lauder. The most recognized name known not only for her extensive jewelry collection (one to rival Elizabeth Taylors) but also for her headline making love story with the King who had abdicated the throne for her. Talk about a love story! Countless movies have documented their romance and lifelong relationship. One item that both of these incredible women woven into the ownership of the magnificent 47.14ct Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond. When Wallis Simpson had owned the stone she had the diamond set in a ring setting. What a ring that must of been!

The stone was later refashioned as a diamond pendant necklace by Van Cleef & Arpels for Estee Lauder in 1978. When the Duchess of Windsors jewelry collection was auctioned in Sothebys Geneva auction one item missing was the historic 47.14 Yellow Diamond.  It was later revealed that Estee Lauder who was a close friend of the Duke and Duchess had purchased the stone from the Duchess' lawyer in the mid 70's. With us just seeing a few of the majestic items up for auction, I would think that the items will far surpass the auction estimates.

I never get tired of seeing the historic jewelry that has been under lock and key or only seen at large society events.

And speaking of events JR Colombian Emerald will be attending the Gem and Bead Expo at the South Florida Fairgrounds on November 19th.

 For all of us in Florida we have welcomed the beginning of Fall with much cooler temperatures and beautiful cloudless days. It's a great time of the year to be thankful for what you have (Thanksgiving is on 11/23 ) and of course Black Friday follows the day after Thanksgiving. And now is the time to start planning your Christmas wish list, here's a few thousand ideas

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jewelers International Showcase & Record Breaking Gemstones!

This past weekend was a fabulous weekend if you're in the jewelry business. The JIS (Jewelers International Showcase) was held at The Miami Convention Center last week. It's always a great time to be in Miami, but last weekend even more so. The JIS is only for approved memebr4s of the Jewelry trade. And let me tell you, the security was tighter at this show than the White house! But you also have to think with upwards of  50,000 square feet and some of the largest and the best gems were housed under one roof for a brief amount of time. The next show is in April 6- 8 of 2013.

 It was wonderful to see friends and make some new ones as well. And the jewelry? Incredible and some of the most amazing designs! Truly dizzying~ I always get inspired by all the pieces I see at the shows. Many countries, various foreign languages can be heard throughout the show.  With other jewelry companies coming from all four corners of the world, as you can imagine it was quite overwhelming! Many vendors give us a glimpse into some trends that we'll be seeing soon in the retail market. One style that we had noticed which is a trend that we will be seeing more often and possibly until the next few seasons is the longer lariat or the sautoir necklace . The sautoir gets its name from the length of the actual necklace. A sautoir doesn’t have a clasp and usually worn draped in many rows and/or has tassels. Long thin necklaces accented with pearls and gemstones. They're great to layer with and with most of the country begining to feel the effects of fall and very shortly winter it's a great look to wear over thin shirts and paired with longer cardigans.

                                           Art Deco Pearl Sautoir

All of our designers at JR Colombian Emeralds (myself included) get our inspiration from many sources. Trends in clothing, mother nature, the color of the sky at sunset can all be used in a color scheme for a new line of earrings or even a pattern or a style of a new piece of jewelry.  Inspiration comes in many forms!

If any of you were watching the "Today" show this week you saw one of the most exceptional diamonds that his been mined from one of the best producing mines in India, the Golconda mines. I had written about this diamnd a few weeks ago. But what a gorgeous stone to see! I look forward to seeing the results from that auction on November 13th in Geneva.

                                        The Archduke Joseph Diamond
A few times a year Christies and Sotheby’s have a few Magnificent Jewels auction. Another highlight at this time of year and something I definitely look forward to.

 More and more larger diamonds and colored diamonds are back on the market. With at times 7 figures for some of these stones, for whatever reason it’s nice to see them in the spotlight again. Especially with all of the history tied to these magnificent gems. And I think I even saw a belt that was worn in the movie Harriet Craig with Joan Crawford, history indeed!

Emerald and Diamond Earrings at Auction Christies October 16th

 According to Christies these are the fnest pieces they have displayed in 5 years ( I guess maybe they're not inclduing Elizabeth Taylors record breaking jewels and auction last December??!) . With the Auction being today ( you can watch the auction live if you sign in and register with Christies, it's free~) I look forward to see what the results are. being in the jewlry industry and have gemstons being a major part of my life I can understand how they realize the auction price, with these gorgeous jewels.

 And as always, it's never to early to start your shopping for people on your Christmas List, JR Colombian Emeralds is your only source for Colombian Emeralds!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Golconda, Brooke Astor and 158cts!

After a Hot summer all of us are welcoming a little cooler temperatures and the beginning of fall~
Here at JR Colombian Emeralds all of our staff have a passion and love for what we do, and also for the larger Historic diamonds and jewelry that will make their way to the auction houses. One that we had just noticed is an incredible 76.02ct D- IF Archduke Joseph Diamond is expected to sell for around 15 million dollar when it goes up for Auction in Geneva on November 13th (just in time for my bday)
After a Hot summer all of us are welcoming a little cooler temperatures and the beginning of fall~
Here at JR Colombian emeralds all of our staff have a passion and love for what we do, and also for the larger Historic diamonds and jewelry that will make their way to the auction houses. One that we had just noticed is an incredible 76.02ct D- IF Archduke Joseph Diamond is expected to sell for around 15 million dollar when it goes up for Auction in Geneva on November 13th (just in time for my bday)
76.02ct D – IF Archduke Joseph Diamond

Besides the color being graded as “D” and the color as clarity being graded as “IF” or internally flawless the other specialty about this diamond is that it is a Golconda diamond and as Christies says’ “one of the rarest and most famous diamonds in the world”. This stone was mined at the famous Golconda mines where such magnificent stones such as Koh-i-Noor, the Hope and the Regent. The Golconda diamonds are known for their pureness and that light can pass thru completely impeded The last time this stone was seen was in 1993 and prior to that was seen in 1962. This diamond gets its name from the owners Archduke Joseph August of Austria who in turn passed it on to his son, the Archduke Joseph Francis. To be in the same room as this Historic diamond and to witness the auction would be a treat for anyone to experience!
 And speaking of large diamonds earlier this month in Russia Diamond miner Alrosa has uncovered a massive 158cts diamond. The stone has some inclusions but if it goes to auction it could sell for 1.5 million dollars. Depending how the stone is cut it can produce several good quality diamonds worth hundreds of thousand of dollars. It's good to know that we're still able to mind diamonds of this exceptional size, even in Russia!

                    158cts Diamond mined by Diamond Miner, Alrosa in Russia

Brooke Astor who had passed away at the ripe age of 105 in 2007. She once said “Money is like manure, it doesn’t mean anything unless its spread”.  An auction of her furniture, art work and jewels occurred at Sotheby’s n September 24th and 25th and the results were just received. All of her jewelry has been sold (61 fabulous pieces) for a staggering 18.8 million dollars. She was a collector of French Louis XIV furniture as well as  Asian arts.  One of her most noted pieces of jewelry was a 22.84cts Emerald Diamond and Platinum ring which had sold for a mouth dropping price of 1.2 million dollars. Her Emerald cabochon Diamond and Platinum necklace sold for $686,500. Beuaitufl jewelry and the proceeds benefit many of the chairities she was known for supporting throughout her long life. Taking a look at the auction results ( be warned there’s 30 pages!) You can see she had a great affinity for classic works for art, furniture, and animals in all forms, namely paintings of dogs.
                            22.84cts Emerald Diamond and Platinum Ring
          Brooke Astors Bulgari 18k gold, platinum, emerald, and diamond necklace
New Seasons means two things, new designs and the beginning of awards season!
With baited breath we await the award season, especially everyone in the jewelry industry. The Emmys that had aired last Sunday was no exception. We saw fabulous jewels in a watercolor pallet of colors.
There was a dizzying array of jewelry some small and sparkly to the rather large and opulent,  and who can forget Sofia Vergaras Diamond suite she wore, over 180tcw!
As usually we always keep on on the lookout for Emerald jewelry. One of the nicest pieces we had seen was Jane Krakowski’s Emerald, Onyx and Diamond ring and Emerald cabochon earrings. Guilliana Rancic also sparkled with longer dangling Emerald cabochon earrings. Most of the trends we had seen were dangling earrings with a variety of metals and gemstones. You can be sure that is a trend that will be visible in the retail market soon! Us included!
With all of that said, we think we are going to have a dazzling awards season~ and with Christmas ONLY 3 months away it’s never to soon to start planning your WISH list~
Take a moment to enjoy our newest designs and our sale,

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Largest Diamond? Newset Parcel and Tropical Weather~

 JR Colombian Emeralds is based in Jupiter, Florida and as of today is in the"cone of error" when it comes to Tropical Depression Issac. Doesn't give you a warm feeling, but we hope it will bypass us and not cause injury to anyone. But with this being Hurricane season til the end of November, it's not easy to tell!

  While we keep up to date on all the news in the jewelry world there are times when even we are amazed at what is reported. This time the news is about the largest rough diamond that has been mined since the Khol l Noor that is part of the Crown Jewels in London. This massive piece of diamond rough weighs 131cts and was found by West Perth, Australia-based Lonrho Mining from Australia. they have an interest in a mine in Angola. Apparently this is the largest find since the company started prospecting in 2008. It's not often that you hear of larger diamonds being mined. It's be wonderful to see what size and color this diamond will turn out to be. As well as the other pieces of rough that look like they might be truly beautiful! It would be nice to see them go up for auction at one of the larger auction house but it's possible they will be sold to a private company to bet into a piece of jewelry later.

 And speaking of beautiful, we have new rough Colombian Emerald parcels that we have been sorting thru. The colors are just amazing and the quality of the rough is definitely gem quality. We're excited to get them cut and set in some of our new designs before the Holidays come around. Scary to think it's only a few months away!

 Also keep in mind NOW is the time to start thinking about Christmas and making a custom piece of jewelry! We can create a new piece of jewelry in 7 - 10 business days. Please contact us at 1 800 840 6828 to find out details. It's a simple process and we can work within all budgets.

 On that note make sure to check out our "Back to School" sale on Ebay~ the kids are in school and now is the time to treat yourself~

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Hope Ruby Ring~ Queens Jewels and The Majestic Pink

The heat of summer is coming to an end for most of us. In South Florida we have another few months of sticky weather to endure!
A little news article that I think most people had missed happened back in May. Not only were there absolutely incredible jewels that were auctioned (as most auction houses go) but also because the owner of all the jewels GAVE ALL the money to variety of charities, 32 in all. Now you would think that would have been in the news more than it was. Her name is Lily Safra, and her collection “Jewels for Hope” was sold at Christies and had raised a whopping 38 million dollars! She originally had only 20 charities listed but added 12 more after the success of the auction. A notable item that was sold was an exquisite 32.07ct Ruby and Diamond ring called “the Hope Ruby” sold for a staggering 6.7 million, a far cry from the anticipated 5 million.
It should be mentioned that she is a billionaire, with a “B” and is currently ranked #102 on Forbes Wealthiest list. She inherited her billions when her husband had passed away at a fire in their home in Monaco in 1999.
Most times when auctions are held the proceeds go to the auction house (normally) and to the seller. I'm sure she doesn't need the money but it was nice to know so much funds have gone to many charities that will benefit hundreds and maybe thousands of people.
The Hope Ruby Ring by Chaumet

A notable auction that was held at Christies in October in 2006 were the Magnificent Jewels of a person you might of heard of, Ellen Barkin. An American actress and known for roles in “Sea of Love”, “This Boys Life”. She had auctioned off 100 pieces of jewelry her ex husband Ron Perlman had given her. Divorce is an ugly word and can get even worse when you’re escorted out of your own home by security. So as just deserts, she had an auction. It must be said that her divorce was finalized on Valentines Day 2000. Obviously Mr. Perlman had exquisite taste and had purchased for her some amazing antique jewels from some of the best well known and respected Design Houses. You can see the actual items on Christie’s page. A truly remarkable collection! The only thing I can say is that if the auction was held today, I’m sure that the prices realized would be much higher. Her collection could have rivaled Dame Elizabeth Taylor!
 What $352,000 Emerald & Diamond earrings look like! Stunning~

Van Clef and Arpels Emerald Diamond and Gold Bangle Cuff , $408,000

 According to reports a trend that we have been seeing since late last year has been an increase in the sale of colored stone jewelry (yea!). An exquisite Pink Diamond (absolutely breathtaking) ring 12.27cts is set in rose gold and platinum and is owned by M.S. Rau, jewelry and antique dealer in  Baltimore is going up for Auction and can be viewed from August 23rd - 26th at the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show. The price has been set at a jaw dropping 7.85 million (GIA report included). The Majestic Pink as it has been called and is a lla type diamond. One of only a handful in the world. The type lla means that it doesn't have any trace of nitrogen in the stone which can give a diamond a yellow tint. Giving the stone greater optical transparency. Mother nature is incredible and we're excited to see what the ring will bring at auction.
                                                             The Majestic Pink 12.27cts Ring

 And one cannot mention jewels without talking about the Queens jewelry. Even though the Queens Jubilee has come and gone, (the Olympics I hear are not to be missed ) her historic jewels can still be seen at the Tower of London til October 7th. It's almost worth the trip just to see these lovelies!

                                                   The Coronation necklace and earrings

                                                               The Cullinan Brooch

               Cullinan III and IV Brooch and the Cullinan VII Delhi Durbar Necklace and Cullinan Pendant

                                                   The Girls of Great Britain Tiara

                                      So there you have it, in the meantime, keep shining!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Big Name = Big Results?

There have been some rumblings in the gem world; Gemfieldsand emeralds. Gemfields is basically a new kid on the block when it comes to the colored stone market. An obscene amount of money has been put into their new advertising campaign for “ethical emerald and ruby mining” which is running in Vanity Fair and a few trade publications til next month. They have been around for only for a few years but so far have managed to make quite an impact on the colored stone sectre. They are in the process to truly dominate the colored stone market, and be the colored stone version of DeBeers.

Emeralds are a stone that has some mystery behind them. Emeralds don't follow a uniform color grading system like Diamonds. Emeralds are one of the most difficult and misunderstand stones to color and grade. Almost every broker or dealer has their own color grading system in place. Which makes it more difficult for buyers to decipher the color of one stone from a dealer to another. Gemfields is trying to change that. Gemfields which is a publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange and has been in business since 2008. Their mine in Zambia produces about 20% of the worlds Emerald production. Colombia produces 50% of the worlds emerald production. They currently own a percentage/own 5 mines that produce different colored gemstones. In 2008 they had halted or ceased production due to no fiscal income in 2008. My they have come a long way! How they plan to get Emeralds graded, and how long it will take still has to be seen. But we're sure that's going to be many years from now.

An Auction that is going to be ending soon (but you're still able to view the lots online, ). Apparently Mr. Frank  Calabrese Sr. accepted gems and jewelry in lieu of payment  (he was a collector, or a loan shark). His attorney states that he's simply a jewelry collector. Ok, a jewelry collector that was one of several reputed mobsters convicted in 2009 in a racketeering conspiracy that included 18 decades-old murders. He was blamed for 13, sentenced to life in prison and ordered to pay more than $24 million in restitution. But either way it's interesting to take a look at some of the items up for bid. Most notable on page 7, (yes I looked at all of them! ) some of the larger loose diamonds and more expensive items being bid on.  Some unique items, (more Italian horns than you can shake a gold rope necklace at) but the history that comes along attached to them? I was tempted by a gold plated bookmark that has his initials on it. A piece of faded glory that was the Mafioso in Chicago.

 In the meantime if all of this jewerly talk has you wanting a unique piece of your own, take a look at our extended SALE on Ebay ~ I'm sure you'll find something pleasing!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Big Auctions and Big Jewelry

Here we are in the heat of Summer, and boy is it hot! We are hoping that all of our friends and loyal customers on the East Coast have faired okay with the power outages.

 Angelina Jolie is known for doing good work for charity is back at it again. This time shes doing more incredible work for one of her favorite charities by using her jewelry line created with jewelry designer Robert Procop, who also helped her fiance Brad Pitt ( has a nice sound, lucky girl!) to create her stunning Emerald Cut Diamond and Baguette Enagegemnt ring. Which reportedly cost upwards of $250,000 and a year to comleted.

Her line is called 'Style of Jolie' (as well as some pieces that she has worn to various premiers) exquisite jewelry that is seen by appointment only will be on display (gasp) in the South of France & Monaco for 1 month at Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat (Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat) and Monaco's prestigious Hotel de Paris concurrently between July 15 and August 15.

 She has a great eye for style and the simplicity of the jewelry and proceeds from the sale of the jewelry  will be donated to her charitable foundation, the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, which helps children across the globe.

 Since we're still a few months away from one of my personal seasons (if you can call it that) the awards season! Big sigh* There's been some other mention of Emeralds and fabulous jewelry in the news!

As some of you may have know about the reclusive American Heiress Huguette M. Clark had passed away in 2011 at the ripe old age of 104 (God bless!) and didn't leave behind any direct descendents.

 She was the daughter of Copper Baron William A. Clark. At the time when she was born his fortune was amassed at 150 million or today at roughly 3 billion. She had amassed quite a jewelry collection that was auctioned of in April of this year. She had some amazing gems! They estimated her jewels would go between 8 - 12million but reached a little under 21 million dollars. one of the most notable pieces was an exquisite pink diamond referred to as the "Belle Époque" cushion-cut fancy vivid purplish pink diamond ring of 9.00 carats, by Dreicer & Co., circa 1910. Pre-sale estimation was $6 million to $8 million. But the actual sale price was  $14 million! A magnificent diamond that we're sure the lucky owner will cherish and hopefully put into a ring setting! Some other notable jewels were an incredible art deco diamond and emerald bracelet that was estimate to be $300,000 - $500,000. She had passed away with a fortune of 400 million dollars, numerous estates valued at over 55 million dollars and a few homes that she never lived in. She spent most of her living in institutions for much of her life.

 A sad ending to a life that must of been fascinating! I can't wait to see the movies and books that follow about this little known American heiress. Guess money doesn't buy happiness after all.

Another famous woman and New York Socialite is Brooke Astor, she had passed at 105! (we'd be blessed to live a life that rich and long!) Her beautiful collection of art, jewels, books and other items, totaling 800 items in all will be auctioned off in September 24-25. Pictures of the items haven’t been made public yet. But I'll be sure to get a copy of the auction book once its published.

 Stayed tuned for next weeks Blog, Emeralds, the new fair trade act?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

JR Colombian Emeralds~ Welcome!

Welcome to JR Colombian Emeralds and our first Blog entry. To tell you a little about us we are located in South Florida, Jupiter to be exact (45 mins from Miami on the east coast)

 We've been involved with selling Colombian Emeralds (the best in the world) for over 20 years. Not only do we have a passion for them but we're the only Wholesalers of Colombian Emeralds in Florida!

 With this Blog we want to educate inform and possibly amuse our clients and fan base.

Emeralds first came on the scene (and I mean Red Carpet) back in 2009 when Angelina Jolie wore those Stunning Lorraine Schwartz 115cts Pear and Cushion Cut Colombian Emerald earrings to the Oscars. And don't forget her 65ct Round Emerald ring too! Since then, Emeralds and especially Colombian Emeralds have been more visible and more in demand.

 Many people don't know the value of emeralds or the history of these amazing stones. The world was first enchanted with these incredible emeralds by Queen Cleopatra (69BC -30BC). Her slaves bared unbelievable heat, scorpions and possibly death to find these magical stones for their queen. No known stones or her jewelry is known to exist. Her artifacts were destroyed when she died.

 Next notably was the young Queen Victoria, her engagement ring was an emerald. And I think we are all aware of the legendary jewels that the royals have at the Tower of London.

 So there you go, our first Blog entry and a small introduction into the world of emeralds.  Our next Blog entry will be about the astronomical auction that Christies is having today, the reclusive Heiress Huguette Clark and Brooke Astor. They were both known to have quite a substantial collection of jewelry, even though Huguette was a recluse and only a handfull of pictures of her exist. All of us are looking forward to the auction results and to see some of the news making pieces!