Thursday, August 15, 2013

Marjorie Meriiweather Post & Fabrege Collection "Master of Dreams" Documentary

  I used to think the happiest place on earth was Disney but now I have been proven wrong!  It's apparently the Crater of Diamonds state in Apex  Park in North Carolina.  One lucky 12 year old boy scout by the name of Michael Dettlaff unearthed a 5.16ct rough brown diamond approximately the size of a jellybean . AND he found the stone after only digging for 10 minutes. No word for how much the stone will sell for, but what a great day he must of had!

Michael Dettlaff holding his find, a 5.16cts rough brown diamond 

5.16cts rough brown diamond about the size of a jellybean

   In 2011 the US produced $11.0 million of the worlds productions of gemstones. That's not alot considering that the United States imported about $23.5 billion dollars of gemstones. A majority of those stones are from Brazil. Small drop in the bucket, literally!  But there are many mines in the US to take your family to go prospecting too. I have been a gem and mineral collector since I was 2 and spending the day looking for stones is a great way to a spend the summer.  Here's a link to some of the many varieties of gems and minerals for prospecting mines that are available, all different kinds too!  And if you notice there is only ONE mine in the US that produces emeralds, Hiddenite, North Carolina. The color doesn't compare to Colombian emeralds, but they can be amazing~ 

  There is a new documentary about the hushed and exclusive jewelry houses. The title is "Master of Dreams".  It features 4 episodes and takes place in Italy, France, South Africa, UK, America. The documentary focuses on 13 iconic jewelers and the design process, from start to finish. The different jewelers being highlighted are" Boucheron, Buccellati, Bulgari, Chaumet, Chopard, Damiani, De Beers Diamond Jewellery, Forevermark, Graff Diamonds, H. Stern, John Hardy, Stephen Webster and Verdura, with interviews from the original founders, the brands’ designers and ambassadors."

From inception~
To creation~
What a massive diamond!

Christies auction of the Elizabeth Taylor Collection
     Also covered in the documentary is Christies Elizabeth Taylor Collections, the London Masterpiece Fair and Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris ( which is to fabulous for words!) The 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival.  You can purchase the 2 dvd set on Amazon

   Fairtrade when it comes to jewellery has been gaining more popularity as people are becoming more conscious as to where their jewels, gold and gems are being mined.  One sector that has not been mentioned is the pearl industry. There is a company called Kamoka Pearl Farm in Tahiti that creates Tahitian pearls. John Humbert has been pioneering a new method of growing Tahitian pearls that supports aquatic life. Instead of leaving the sea as a desert, he urges pearl farmers to modify their methods of harvested pearls.  He is also a national geographic photographer. Here is the link to their website and their beliefs, love the cover photo on the home page~

Kamoka Pearl Farm at Sunset
  The rumor mill has been going crazy with the talks of Apple creating a smart watch. And some are thinking that this will take business away from watch brands. It basically does everything that your cell phone does currently, but its on your wrist. The prices are not cheap and start at $399. The major about this watch? People cant see you've spent a few hundred dollars on technology when its in your pocket or in your purse, it'll be a status symbol. The project is shrouded in secrecy and might be released in 2014 if at all! Apple did file for Japanese  trademark for i watch.  But it looks like Samsung might actually beat Apple to the punch with the release of a smart watch that will be unveiled on September 4th. Tech websites have been teasing of new product to be released on that date. The talk is that the Samsung smart watch will have a flexible screen like the Emopulse watch and will be a companion to the Samsung Galaxy phone. These watches will have all tech savvy people wanting one!

Emopulse watch        

Mock up of what the i watch might resemble, along with the competition

   Faberge has been making been making jewelry since 1842 and was started by Gustav Faberge. They became well known for creating jewelry and objects de art for the Russian Imperial family. One of the items being the intricate detailed eggs that were created for the Russian Tzars. Peter Carl Faberge took over the family business in 1924.  The first FabergĂ© Imperial egg presented by Tsar Nicholas to his mother Empress Maria Feodorovna in 1895.The company had been sold a few times and had lost the right to produce and market their own deigns in 1951 ( who drew up that contract? that would be horrid!) But in 2007 the family has been reunited with the Faberge name. They have introduced a new line called Les Danses Fantasques based on the beauty of the Russian Ballet. Here's a few pictures of the some of the glorious new designs. Its good to know that the family will be able to create these fabulous designs again! 

Fabrege Danses Fantasteques Emerald and diamond necklace

Diamond Fabrege Danses de Fantasteques necklace

Fabrege Emerald and diamond earrings

Faberge diamond and emerald tassel earrings 

  One of the largest collectors of the Faberge objects de art was the heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post. It is the most comprehensive collection of Russian Imperial art outside of Russia. She has 90 items created by Faberge for the Russian Imperial family. She collected her first Faberge piece in 1926.  Even Queen Elizabeth has 2!

                               So there you go, keep sparkling until next time~

Friday, August 9, 2013

Llolyds of London $1.3million Reward & Bonhams

 Marriage equality is a right that all people should have. But we're not here to make a political position, we're here to talk about jewelry! Currently 13 states recognizes same sex marriages, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington State. Washington's largest jewelry store, Ben Bridge Jeweler is now carrying the line created by jeweler Rony Tennebaum. Rony has been designing elegant engagement , wedding bands and anniversary bands for the LGTB community for more than 25 years. It is a sector of the market that many jewelers hopefully will introduce into their line of inventory. 

His line is quite extensive, with beautiful and elegantly made jewelery.  Here is a link to his website, His logo is especially nice, no matter how you spell it, love is love.

 Bonhams is an English based auction house located in you guessed it, the UK.They were established in 1793.  there name might not be as well know and might not command as a high a price for their jewelry items. But their pieces are splendid and you might even be able to find a few items that won't break the bank.  Here is a link to their website, they also have art auctions and other items also,

 They carry a wide assortment of eclectic jewelry pieces. Not the stature of the Smithsonian, but really lovely none the less. Im definitely going to be keeping an eye out for their auctions., Here;'s a few of their pieces that caught my eye. 

 And who wouldn't ;love a gold compact ( so 40's and "All about Eve") encrusted with diamonds and what appears to be ranch life? Cute and very quirky! 


  After searching their listings they do have a few of the well known luxury jewelry named items up for auction. The items they have listed are unique, its almost like going thru your mothers jewelry box. You never know what you're going to come across!

The form of self expression is one way to distinct ourselves from the people and the world around us.  Fads have come and gone thru out the years. But a new trend or style I have seen is places for jewelry where you wouldn't normally see them. On your head ( who doesn't want to feel like royalty??) maybe the side of your ear, off of your shoulder.... Unconventional places to wear jewelry that is being creating is the hottest trend right now. As a designer gives me a different way to see jewelry and gives me new ideas!  

  Heres a few of the pieces I have seen that point in that direction~ 

                         Just crazy about this off the shoulder necklace! Designed by Mirari

Rose Gold Ryan Storer ear cuff, decadent in a shiney futuristic kind of way~

                     Ryan Storer has some beautiful designs, and not all just ear cuffs, truly fun pieces! I can tell that he must have a loyal following!  Here's a link to this up and coming designer,

 Jewels for your feet, by Indian designer Sunita Shehkwat..

This necklace is called "Symphony of Strings"  by Mirari. Off the shoulder with diamonds and white gold. Just incredible! I'm starting to run out of adjectives for these inspiring pieces! 
Beyond brilliant! Like a jeweled collar, love this idea!

Beautifully executed design

And who knew this little nugget of information?? Burmese rubies and jade are NOT allowed in the US since 2008 with the Tom Lantos Block Burmese JADE Act. President Obama on August 7 had issued an executive order extended the act for one more year.  The ban was named in the honor of the late US Congressman Tom Lantos. He was a
veteran United States legislator, Holocaust survivor, human rights advocate and long-time supporter of the United Nations.

Tom Lantos was a US Congressman for CA

The order “prohibits the importation into the United States of any jadeite or rubies mined or extracted from Burma and any articles of jewelry containing jadeite or rubies mined or extracted from Burma,”quoted by President Obama.  The order was expected to expire this summer.  The ban was imposed when the white house had concerns regarding the labor and human right in the gem sector.   Here is the link to all the fun govt info,  One has to wonder how the ban has affected the miners and the people that make their livelihood.  Hopefully when the ban is lifted to be able to give the miners a better quality of life.

Burmese rubies from the mines

Excellent quality ruby and diamond ring
Miners searching for jade

An update on the latest Cannes burglary that occurred a few weeks ago. 72 items were taken with an estimated value of $136 million dollars.  32 of those items were worth several million euros a piece.  Lloyd's of London is offering a reward of $1.3 million reward. "A reward of up to 1 million euros pro rata is offered to the first person who provides information which leads to recovery of the goods. Offer subject to certain conditions," the insurance company said in the statement advising "persons with specific information" to get in contact. Lloyds has set up a gmail account "" for any possible information.

Here's a few pictures of the items that were taken in the heist.
Heartbreaking! Emerald and diamond tassel necklace

Blue diamond ring with pink diamonds

Diamond ring carved out of one diamond stone!

With these pictures its easy to see how it can add up to $136 million!

Keep sparkling until next time~

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cannes Robbery AGAIN, Alexandre Reza & Gemfields

 Sothebys  is having a showstopping exhibition from November 1st- 14th. If you live in New York it is worth visiting.  If you haven't heard of Alexandre Reza he is known as being the  greatest gem collector and jeweler of the 20th century. He was born in Moscow to a Jewish family that then fled to Paris in the early 20th century. He had began his career sourcing every diamond gem needed for clients."Alexandre was a real artist" say Bernard Ruiz Picasso, grandson of Pablo. "Besides having very important stones, he had the patience to wait to find the one that would make the necklace. He was a true creator of jewelery and there are few of those left".

 When the best jewelry houses of the day, Boucheron, Bulgari, Cartier, Chaumet, Gerard, Harry Winston, and Van Cleef & Arpels need a specific stone for a client, they would call Alexandre. What a fantastic job that would of been! 

 Sadly his beautiful salon was shuttered up in 2008 due to his Alzheimer's. There were drawers filled with drawings of his designs along with a vault full of gems. His son Olivier has taken over the salon and a stunning $1,000 coffee table book was published in May by Assouline chronicling his career and his glorious designs.

Alexandre Reza built his reputation in his native Paris in the 50's as a gems specialist. 25 of his historic pieces from the past 40 years will be on view at Sothebys global offices in Doha, Beijing and London. His pieces are extraordinary. Here's a few pictures of his astonishing archive.
134ct Untreated Ceylon Sapphire brooch with pear shaped sapphires and diamonds

Weighing more than 51cts Colombian emerald and 14cts diamond platinum art deco earrings

                                      29cts Pearl with 12cts of natural and yellow diamonds

Decadent emerald and diamond pieces!

Cant help it, I'm partial to the emeralds~

Olivier Reza and his Mother Karin, she is wearing a brooch created for Sammy Davis Jr.
A view of his Salon at one of the most recognized addresses 21 Place Vendome, what a beautiful space to create in everyday!

Alexandre Reza with one of his designs

  Women have adorned themselves with jewelry for thousands of years. Farther back than the Egyptians remnants of jewelry can be found in ruins. One of my favorite countries that has the most unique and decorative items of jewelry is India. One notable store is The Gem Palace located in Jaipur India. They employ 160 people and do all the work in house from polishing and cutting rough to the final product. They have been in business since 1852 and the stores interior remains the same as it did on opening day. Fabulous golden yellow material covers the walls, the the heavy antique wall cabinets.

Emerald with polki diamonds and rubies brooch/pendant
The back of the brooch great attention to detail!

  In India it is tradition for brides to be bedecked in jewelry from their heads to their toes. Beautiful colors and intricate work makes these pieces favored from everyone from Royalty to everyday people.

Classic polki diamond and gold multi layered necklace

Emerald and diamond brooch/pendant by The Gem Palace

 Gemfields is a UK base company that ethically mines colored gemstones throughout the world. Their emeralds are mined from Kagem mines in Zambia. According to Gemfields it is one of the largest producers of emeralds in the world. Emeralds are one of the most rare stones, 20 times more rare than diamonds.  Gemfields had been in the news recently concerning the auction they were going to have in Singapore on July 2nd. They currently have an agreement in place with the Zambian government that specifies they can only auction the stones in the country of Zambia and not anywhere else. A little going back and forth and then the auction was held in Lusaka, Zambia from July 15th - 19th due to government pressure. They had invited 45 companies to participate but 37 had attended and 36 had placed bids. They auctioned off approximately 583,448 thousands carats of rough emeralds. This auction set records with $31.5 million. This is the second highest auction for Gemfields.

Great picture of the loose emeralds

      The Hollywood remake of "The Great Gatsby" is having more of a an effect on jewelry styles~ Tasseled jewelry (one of my personal faves, love the movement!) in the form of earrings and necklaces are being created by the most respected jewelry houses. A fun and flirty style of jewelry that allows the light to catch the reflection of the different gemstones and will be a great seller for a while to come. 

All of the best stones, emeralds, coral, diamonds, and onyx

My all time faves, Fabrege emerald & diamond tassel earrings

Decadent diamonds tassel earrings, I can imagine the sparkle with every movement!

Tiffany & Co Pearl and Sterling silver tassel necklace

Onyx and sterling silver with pearls, Tiffany & Co

Lapis tassel earrings

Lusting for this pair, Garrard diamonds and pearl tassel earrings

Swoon! Sapphire & diamond tassel earrings, Garrard

     And I can't even believe I am writing about this once more.. It's always a stores greatest fear, to be robbed and burglarized. But this will be the 4th time that a burglary has occurred in Cannes.  This time the incident happened at Kronometry a luxury watch store half a mile from the Carlton International Hotel where the other 3 robberies have taken place.  Two men covered in scarves and caps were armed ( guess even French burglars are fashionable) with a grenade and got away with approximately 40 watches. No one was hurt during the robbery.They have not given an exact dollar  amount but maybe those numbers will be released at a later time.  If I was a jewelry in Cannes I'd be watching my every move closely~ Be safe my French darlings...

Police on the scene at Kronometry

             So there you have it, the latest and best in the world of jewels and jewelry. 

                                                      Keep sparkling until next time~