Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jewelers International Showcase & Record Breaking Gemstones!

This past weekend was a fabulous weekend if you're in the jewelry business. The JIS (Jewelers International Showcase) was held at The Miami Convention Center last week. It's always a great time to be in Miami, but last weekend even more so. The JIS is only for approved memebr4s of the Jewelry trade. And let me tell you, the security was tighter at this show than the White house! But you also have to think with upwards of  50,000 square feet and some of the largest and the best gems were housed under one roof for a brief amount of time. The next show is in April 6- 8 of 2013.

 It was wonderful to see friends and make some new ones as well. And the jewelry? Incredible and some of the most amazing designs! Truly dizzying~ I always get inspired by all the pieces I see at the shows. Many countries, various foreign languages can be heard throughout the show.  With other jewelry companies coming from all four corners of the world, as you can imagine it was quite overwhelming! Many vendors give us a glimpse into some trends that we'll be seeing soon in the retail market. One style that we had noticed which is a trend that we will be seeing more often and possibly until the next few seasons is the longer lariat or the sautoir necklace . The sautoir gets its name from the length of the actual necklace. A sautoir doesn’t have a clasp and usually worn draped in many rows and/or has tassels. Long thin necklaces accented with pearls and gemstones. They're great to layer with and with most of the country begining to feel the effects of fall and very shortly winter it's a great look to wear over thin shirts and paired with longer cardigans.

                                           Art Deco Pearl Sautoir

All of our designers at JR Colombian Emeralds (myself included) get our inspiration from many sources. Trends in clothing, mother nature, the color of the sky at sunset can all be used in a color scheme for a new line of earrings or even a pattern or a style of a new piece of jewelry.  Inspiration comes in many forms!

If any of you were watching the "Today" show this week you saw one of the most exceptional diamonds that his been mined from one of the best producing mines in India, the Golconda mines. I had written about this diamnd a few weeks ago. But what a gorgeous stone to see! I look forward to seeing the results from that auction on November 13th in Geneva.

                                        The Archduke Joseph Diamond
A few times a year Christies and Sotheby’s have a few Magnificent Jewels auction. Another highlight at this time of year and something I definitely look forward to.

 More and more larger diamonds and colored diamonds are back on the market. With at times 7 figures for some of these stones, for whatever reason it’s nice to see them in the spotlight again. Especially with all of the history tied to these magnificent gems. And I think I even saw a belt that was worn in the movie Harriet Craig with Joan Crawford, history indeed!

Emerald and Diamond Earrings at Auction Christies October 16th

 According to Christies these are the fnest pieces they have displayed in 5 years ( I guess maybe they're not inclduing Elizabeth Taylors record breaking jewels and auction last December??!) . With the Auction being today ( you can watch the auction live if you sign in and register with Christies, it's free~) I look forward to see what the results are. being in the jewlry industry and have gemstons being a major part of my life I can understand how they realize the auction price, with these gorgeous jewels.

 And as always, it's never to early to start your shopping for people on your Christmas List, JR Colombian Emeralds is your only source for Colombian Emeralds!

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