Saturday, April 6, 2013

34.6ctct The "Princie Diamond" & Angelina Jolie does good, Again!

If April showers bring May flowers then we are in for a beautiful floral month in May! It has been a rainy and bad weather filled month for us so far in South Florida.

 Enough about the weather, onto good jewelery news !  Angelina Jolie is know for her charitable works and now she is even do more good things, this time with her jewelry line.  She has been collaborating with notable jeweler Robert Procop. Her line of exquisite jewels fabulously called "Style of Jolie" have been on display at a few exclusive locations worldwide. So far there are two showings that are going to be held in the US. The first viewing is at Tivols in Kansas City, MS and then Donohos in Woodland, TX.

 Her pieces are lush and are made with bright and sparkling gemstones that she had researched for two years that range from Colombian Emeralds (shes known to be a big fan)  to lesser known but still brilliant gemstones set in bezel settings in rich yellow and rose gold. The prices for these items start at $4,000+. There are plans for less expensive retail line but no mention a to when they will make their debut.

 The great part of the sale of these items from her line is that 100% of the proceeds from the sale are going towards Education partnership for Children of Conflict! She recently opened a school in Afghanistan for children and is currently looking to open more schools worldwide.

 I look forward to seeing her less expensive line appear at some my favorite retailers~

                       Here's a few pictures from her line of jewelry...

 The stones she has primarily used are Rubelite, Colombian Emeralds, Citrine and Green Amethyst set in rose gold, or yellow gold. Beautiful simple designs that she has previous worn both personally and professionally.

                       Exquisite Colombian emeralds all with matching color!

Cushion cut Black Spinel

A store in Edmonton, Canada called Birks & Mayors has on display a jaw dropping 16ct fancy intense Ascher cut yellow diamond ring. Set in platinum with pave diamonds it is really magnificent. No mention of the price but I would think it will be 7 figures. It is a conflict free gem that has been mined ethically. 

The color is described as intense fancy yellow , VVS1

There seems to be an abundance of colored diamonds hitting the auction block lately.  A 34.64ct fancy intense pink diamond is no exception! Mined from the south central mine in India, Golconda this diamond was named after the Prince of Baroda and is known as the Princie Diamond. this stone has a colorful history and is rumored to be one of the stones from the state jewels of Turkey. The estimated auction price is between $30 - $40 Million, yes MILLION. As you know the ancient Golconda mines have produced some of the most well known diamonds in the world. a majority of the diamonds from Queen Elizabeth's crown jewels are mined from Golconda.

“One of the largest and finest pink diamonds in the world, the Princie Diamond carries a fabulous provenance, which brings together the legendary names of Golconda, Nizam of Hyderabad, and the Maharani Sita Devi of Baroda,” Fran├žois Curiel, chairman of Christie’s jewelry department, said in a statement. “This rich history, combined with its rare pink hue, conveys a special charm, which will speak to all collectors in the world seeking the best of the best in gemstones.”

            Drool worthy 34.64cts Pink cushion cut Diamond " The Princie"

It is worthwhile to take a look at the Auction (even online) catalogue as there to numerous fabulous gems and jaw dropping stones for me to list here.


                                    Keep Sparkling until next time!


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