Thursday, July 25, 2013

A $118,000 Diamond Phone & Paris Couture Week

  Here we are in the final days of July, already! July is also the month where its that beautiful time of year in Paris also know as Couture week. During this week fashion and jewelry designers worldwide meet in Paris to show their custom created an usually over the top designs. The grander and sometimes the more unusual is normal. Great pouffs on a dress, thigh high slits, extravagant beading and head dresses are all items that you'll see sashay down the catwalk. This is also a time when the great jewelry houses show off their "blingiest designs". Gorgeous array of gemstones, intricate and over the too designs will be shown.  Here's a few of my favorites I've picked out~

Cher Dior Emerald & multi gemstone ring, colorful and decadent!

The detail and millgrain around the BACK of the ring? Surprising and worth every penny!

Emerald and multi gemstone dangle earrings, Cher Dior

Incredible amount of attention is paid to the setting, head and shoulders above other jewelry houses

Pink sapphire diamond emerald cocktail ring, Cher Dior

Love these floral gemstone chandelier earrings, hope this style is making a comeback!

Emerald and diamond sapphire cocktail ring, more decadence by Cher Dior

  Bulgari is known worldwide for their beautiful and colorful designs beloved by Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren and most notably Elizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth Taylor had an extensive collection of jewels from Bulgari. Most of the gifts from her beloved Richard Burton, but also from directors and producers of her many movies. These helped to inspire the jewelry house with a new line debuting at Paris Couture week. This new collection is called "Diva".  These screen sirens were the inspiration, and what a great name!  Bulgari always gets it right. Amazing designs with colorful gems~

Bulgari Diva gemstone necklace (I especially love the diamond set gems, this necklace resembles candy!)

Even though we are in the heat of summer color still plays a part in the designs that you see today. Much time and finding the resources to create a ring or necklace can take weeks, months and sometimes year before the item is completed.  All of the major jewelry houses featured a range of colored gems, in a variety of shapes and in engineering feat settings!  One for example is Chaumet.  Chaumet is one of the oldest and best recognized luxury jewels. Their stunning rings are one of my absolute favorites and worth sharing!

This incredible ring by Chaumet, one of 12 new designs in the Haute  Joaillierie features a 10.69cts cushion cut sapphire and 224 brilliant cut diamonds

Everyone wants to stand out in a crowd and be recognized. This next beauty will sure do that for you. Freedom of expression is a fabulous thing, especially if it comes in the form of a sophisticated and uber stylish cell phone. Savelli a Geneva based luxury jewelery designer has broken the mold for smart phones. They have created an absolute beautiful smart phone, sleek and modern but designed with the consumer in mind, women (yea!!).  It has gentle curves and is adorned with diamonds, 18k rose gold, ceramic (think Chanel J12), exotic leathers such as blue ostrich, pearly iguana and black alligator. They operate from a Google android platform. And so far they come in 11 different styles, with prices ranging from $9,040 - $9,830. One special model is called Black Insane and features diamond baguettes in the top portion of the phone.  This little beauty will set you back $118,000.  Talk about decadent! And heartbroken if it ever gets lost....   How does that work on your homeowners policy?  Just wondering~

In more jewelry news James Dean was and still is an iconic actor and style figure long after his short life and untimely death.  Very rarely do any of his personal items reach the auction block. His family still lives in the small Indiana farm town Fairmount were he was raised.  Which makes his pocket watch when it went up for auction on June 22 in Hong Kong even more special.

 His favorite pocket watch a very unassuming Elgin Standard with gold plate, his initials engraved in the front sold for 4 times over the pre estimate auction price of $14,000. The buyer is an unnamed European buyer. He used to say it was his lucky watch  and had worn it during many of auditions.

James Dean Standard Elgin pocketwatch 


So there you have it, all the best in jewelry news... keep sparkling until next time~

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