Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pink Panther Bandit Strikes AGAIN & Apple Smart Watch

The world has waited with baited breath for new technology that might, just maybe change the way we wear and buy jewelry.  Apple has released images and design of their newest gadget for any tech savvy loving person. So far the watch is available in 3 different models. The Apple Watch Sport, the Apple Watch, and the Apple Watch Edition. All three offer both 38mm and 42mm rectangular case sizing options, but the materials and finishes vary by collection, as do the band options offered by default.  The wait list for the watch begins on April 24th and the price varies from $349 to $10,000. Leave it to Apple to always create a buzz and a desire or need for new technology. The Watch Edition uses the same sapphire crystal to protect its screen, but it comes in either rose or yellow 18-karat gold, which is partly the reason for the higher cost. The Watch Edition also offers exclusive strap options, including leather bands and sport bands with special 18-karat gold hardware in finishes matching the case of each watch model.

The watch features for this watch include various faces with customizable colors and detail views. You will have the ability to send a tweet, Instagram, call someone from your contacts, directly from the watch. Look at appointments, maps and many more.

Apple isnt the first to create and produce a smart watch, but it'll be interesting to see if these become mainstream and how they can affect drivers, no cellphone during driving in California and New York. But what about a Smart Watch?

The Apple iWatch comes n a variety of colors and materials         

Jewel heist in France leaves two cars burned and millions in euros of jewelry, gone

The large sized trucks were carrying millions of euros in jewelry 

An armed guard stands where the raid happened
In the world of gems and expensive jewelry security is always a major concern, especially when expensive pieces of jewelry are being transported.  An unfortunate incident occurred on the A6 highway at the M-way toll booth on the A6 near Auxerre, 125 miles south-east of Paris. A group of 15 assailants wielding machine guns attacked two vans carrying millions of euros worth of jewelry, forced the drivers after spraying them in the face with a kind of gas, then they took off with the two vans. The vans were later found in the woods by police, abandoned and had been set on fire. No one was injured in the attack and the jewels are still missing. The incident was captured on CCTV. This heist was performed with military precision, all of the gang members were holding guns and not one gun was fired. There is talk that is the famous Pink Panther bandits, striking again.

Members of this gang are said to speak several languages and travel on genuine passports that have been issued to other people, but with the photos changed.  Interpol believes that many of the members are ex soldiers from Serbia.

They have carried out more than 100 raids across the globe, including further thefts in London, as well as in Dubai, Geneva, Monaco and Tokyo, but France is main target with the heists has been France.

Eight people were jailed last month for a theft that happened at Harry Winston in 2008. They had dressed up as women wearing wigs~

This heist is reminiscent of the a burglary that had occurred in 2013 in Cannes where an armed gunman walked into a jewel show at the Carlton International Hotel and left with $136 Million dollars worth of jewels then disappeared down a side street. No one associated with either crime has been found.

Slowly but surly with a crime gang of this size one misstep by a person and like a house of cards, it can all come tumbling down~

                                                Keep sparkling, until next time~

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