Thursday, August 23, 2012

Largest Diamond? Newset Parcel and Tropical Weather~

 JR Colombian Emeralds is based in Jupiter, Florida and as of today is in the"cone of error" when it comes to Tropical Depression Issac. Doesn't give you a warm feeling, but we hope it will bypass us and not cause injury to anyone. But with this being Hurricane season til the end of November, it's not easy to tell!

  While we keep up to date on all the news in the jewelry world there are times when even we are amazed at what is reported. This time the news is about the largest rough diamond that has been mined since the Khol l Noor that is part of the Crown Jewels in London. This massive piece of diamond rough weighs 131cts and was found by West Perth, Australia-based Lonrho Mining from Australia. they have an interest in a mine in Angola. Apparently this is the largest find since the company started prospecting in 2008. It's not often that you hear of larger diamonds being mined. It's be wonderful to see what size and color this diamond will turn out to be. As well as the other pieces of rough that look like they might be truly beautiful! It would be nice to see them go up for auction at one of the larger auction house but it's possible they will be sold to a private company to bet into a piece of jewelry later.

 And speaking of beautiful, we have new rough Colombian Emerald parcels that we have been sorting thru. The colors are just amazing and the quality of the rough is definitely gem quality. We're excited to get them cut and set in some of our new designs before the Holidays come around. Scary to think it's only a few months away!

 Also keep in mind NOW is the time to start thinking about Christmas and making a custom piece of jewelry! We can create a new piece of jewelry in 7 - 10 business days. Please contact us at 1 800 840 6828 to find out details. It's a simple process and we can work within all budgets.

 On that note make sure to check out our "Back to School" sale on Ebay~ the kids are in school and now is the time to treat yourself~

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