Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Hope Ruby Ring~ Queens Jewels and The Majestic Pink

The heat of summer is coming to an end for most of us. In South Florida we have another few months of sticky weather to endure!
A little news article that I think most people had missed happened back in May. Not only were there absolutely incredible jewels that were auctioned (as most auction houses go) but also because the owner of all the jewels GAVE ALL the money to variety of charities, 32 in all. Now you would think that would have been in the news more than it was. Her name is Lily Safra, and her collection “Jewels for Hope” was sold at Christies and had raised a whopping 38 million dollars! She originally had only 20 charities listed but added 12 more after the success of the auction. A notable item that was sold was an exquisite 32.07ct Ruby and Diamond ring called “the Hope Ruby” sold for a staggering 6.7 million, a far cry from the anticipated 5 million.
It should be mentioned that she is a billionaire, with a “B” and is currently ranked #102 on Forbes Wealthiest list. She inherited her billions when her husband had passed away at a fire in their home in Monaco in 1999.
Most times when auctions are held the proceeds go to the auction house (normally) and to the seller. I'm sure she doesn't need the money but it was nice to know so much funds have gone to many charities that will benefit hundreds and maybe thousands of people.
The Hope Ruby Ring by Chaumet

A notable auction that was held at Christies in October in 2006 were the Magnificent Jewels of a person you might of heard of, Ellen Barkin. An American actress and known for roles in “Sea of Love”, “This Boys Life”. She had auctioned off 100 pieces of jewelry her ex husband Ron Perlman had given her. Divorce is an ugly word and can get even worse when you’re escorted out of your own home by security. So as just deserts, she had an auction. It must be said that her divorce was finalized on Valentines Day 2000. Obviously Mr. Perlman had exquisite taste and had purchased for her some amazing antique jewels from some of the best well known and respected Design Houses. You can see the actual items on Christie’s page. A truly remarkable collection! The only thing I can say is that if the auction was held today, I’m sure that the prices realized would be much higher. Her collection could have rivaled Dame Elizabeth Taylor!
 What $352,000 Emerald & Diamond earrings look like! Stunning~

Van Clef and Arpels Emerald Diamond and Gold Bangle Cuff , $408,000

 According to reports a trend that we have been seeing since late last year has been an increase in the sale of colored stone jewelry (yea!). An exquisite Pink Diamond (absolutely breathtaking) ring 12.27cts is set in rose gold and platinum and is owned by M.S. Rau, jewelry and antique dealer in  Baltimore is going up for Auction and can be viewed from August 23rd - 26th at the Baltimore Summer Antiques Show. The price has been set at a jaw dropping 7.85 million (GIA report included). The Majestic Pink as it has been called and is a lla type diamond. One of only a handful in the world. The type lla means that it doesn't have any trace of nitrogen in the stone which can give a diamond a yellow tint. Giving the stone greater optical transparency. Mother nature is incredible and we're excited to see what the ring will bring at auction.
                                                             The Majestic Pink 12.27cts Ring

 And one cannot mention jewels without talking about the Queens jewelry. Even though the Queens Jubilee has come and gone, (the Olympics I hear are not to be missed ) her historic jewels can still be seen at the Tower of London til October 7th. It's almost worth the trip just to see these lovelies!

                                                   The Coronation necklace and earrings

                                                               The Cullinan Brooch

               Cullinan III and IV Brooch and the Cullinan VII Delhi Durbar Necklace and Cullinan Pendant

                                                   The Girls of Great Britain Tiara

                                      So there you have it, in the meantime, keep shining!

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