Monday, November 26, 2012

Eight Exceptional Jewels & Cyber Monday~

 We hope everyone had a enjoyable and very Happy Thanksgiving.
After much celebrating and a lot of overeating the only thing left to do (other than work) is partaking in  Cyber Monday! There’s many great deals, especially us too!
This past week there was a beautiful Auction titled “ Eight Exceptional jewels from a Private Collection” that was held at the Bonham’s auctions House in Hong Kong. These pieces are just incredible; here are the pictured and some of the stories that go along with them.
What sets these jewels apart from other auctions ( and there seems to be quite a few of them!) is that the pieces were created by the famed jeweler to Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor, Van Clef and Arpels. All the items were owned by one owner. Quite the collection!

 This dazzling Emerald and Diamond necklace by Van Cleef and Arpels contains 47.04cts of Emeralds and 70.60cts of Diamonds (412 total) mounted in Platinum and 18k gold, and sold for $1.241 million dollars.

 The Emerald and Diamond necklace is attached in 4 pieces and can be either worn as a two bracelets or a shorter necklace. How versatile!

Since all the items were breathtaking, this one even more so. An exquisite 43.16cts Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond ring sold for 1.59 million dollars. The highest amount paid for a sapphire ring per carat. Bidding for this ring was fierce, and sold for $36,000 per carat! Jacques Arpels traveled to Sri Lanka personally to purchase this stone in 1969.

 Stunning Ribbon styled Ruby and Diamond Bracelet that sold for $466,000. This bracelet was created in 1936 ( according to Van Cleef archives) and is comprise of 107.25cts of rubies and 16.70cts of diamonds.

  A superb Emerald and Diamond brooch 10.43ct Emerald and 11.43cts of Diamonds and is created in 18k gold. This brooch sold for a little less than $300,000. and was created in 1952.

 My personal favorite from the auction, a 22.43cts step cut emerald with diaomd pendant. the diamond weigh approximately 2.20cts each. Sold for $373,000.

 Now take a moment to explore our sale and take a look at our magnificent jewels~

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