Monday, December 24, 2012

Auction & Record Setting Prices - Best of the Year~

As you might of seen in the news Pantone has declared the color “Emerald” as THE color for 2013! Pantone is known for predicting and choosing the color trends for the seasons. Retailers are already picking up on the trend by creating Emerald green makeup according to Sephora as well as nail polish. There will be more focus and attention on all things emeralds, especially Colombian ones~
This has been an extraordinary year in jewels and auctions as some of the world finest auction houses have set world records for loose stones and for jewelry. And making the news yet again for a purchase that has everyone’s tongues wagging is Mr. Laurence Graff of Graff Diamonds and also known as the “King of Diamonds”. He is known for his exceptional and usually historic diamonds and colored gemstones. He just set the world record for a jaw dropping 50 carat D color VVS2 for $8.37 million dollars that was sold to him from Christies auction house. This is the third time he has came into ownership of this stone. He purchased the 50 carat for $4.2 million in 2004 from Christies. Since then the price has more than doubled.  Here are some of the highlights of the incredible jewels from the past year.
                        50.01 carat Graff Diamond sold for 8.3 million or $167,400 per carat
          3.15 carat circular cut orangish red diamon sold at Christies for 2.09 million dollars
 This record breaking 76.02cts Archduke Joseph Internally Flawless D color diamond sold for $21.5 million to an anonymous buyer

                                                 Another front view

                                        Side view of this magnificent stone

This stone is ver 400 years old and has quite a coloful history! We have writen about the auction in one of our past Blog entries.

 The Clark Pink that was once owned by the reclusive Copper Heiress Huguette Clark who had passed away at the age of 104 had several incredible jewels that were valued at over 21 million dollars. The 9.0ct pink diamond sold for a staggering 15.9 million dollars. Which is the highest amount ever paid for4 a pink diamond in the US. It is believed that her mother gave her the ring in 1910. With all great vintage jewelery there is usually a grand story. Ms. Clark never had any children and had died at the amazing age of 104 in a New york hospital. It is reported that she spent the most of her adult life in medical facilities. She left her personal nurse $35 million dollars in her will. And left the majority of her $400 million fortune to charities.

Copper Heiress Huguette Clark

9.0cts Pink Diamond sold for

Another Auction that has some extraordinary jewels is well known billionaire philanthropist Lily Safra. Widow of Edmond Safra who died in a fire at their Monaco home in 2004. ALL the proceeds went to 32 different charities. This Auction was titled "Jewels for Hope" Being a billionaire is extraordinary in itself but to donate all the proceeds is such a generous act. The 32 charities varied from faith based to children charities throughout the state of new York.

19.86cts D Color Square cut Diamond ring by Cartier circa 1920 sold for $8.7 million dollars
  179.03cts Ruby Camellia Flower Brooch  by JAR sold for an astonishing $4.31 million dollars. Beautiful piece, but it's a pin! Incredible craftmanship~

 All of us at JR Colombian Emeralds wish all jewelry lovers worldwide a very Happy Holidays! Wear something sparkly and celebrate!

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