Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wolrds Largest D Color Diamond 101.73cts & International Museum of Emeralds~

We have very special news to announce~ For the FIRST time, 11 Colombian Emerald specimens are leaving their home at the International Emerald Museum in Bogota, Colombia and are on loan to JR Jewels in Jupiter, Florida USA for a very limited time. These specimens are for SALE, SERIOUS Inquiries only!! We can be reached at 1 800 840 6828.
  These exquisite specimens have been seen by thousands of people since the inception of the museum. Noticing that the Smithsonian has a Hall dedicated to the world’s largest and best diamonds Alberto Sepulveda was thinking that if Colombia has the best emeralds why not a museum for them? He has been collecting these spectacular gems and specimens for over thirty years. With the help of Herbert King an actor, they opened a museum in Bogota featuring the world’s best Emeralds.

  This is the only museum in the world that just features Colombian emeralds. With over 3,ooo of the best Colombian emerald specimens, jewelry and carvings it is a sight to see! 

   This quality of Colombian emerald specimens are coveted the world over by collectors and other museum curators. These pieces are also for sale. The largest of the specimens has over 200 emerald crystals in the specimen.

  These 11 incredible Colombian Emerald specimens can be viewed specially at our showroom at JR Jewels (we are the only wholesaler of Colombian Emeralds in Florida)

 There’s other big news in the jewelry world. Christies Auction House is set to auction the largest D colour diamond EVER in Geneva on the May 15 2013. It is difficult to judge the size, but it is a whopping 101.73cts! This is the first time it is being offered for sale. From the research that I have done I’m figuring that this stone was found about 2 years ago. The stone was carved from a rough diamond that weighed 236 carats.   It meets every criteria for an excellent quality gem and can possible command in excess of 20 million.

                            Glorious 101.73ct Pear shaped Diamond
  This whopper of a diamond is not only one of the largest pear-shaped diamonds ever seen but it is also one of the world's most perfect diamonds that is D color. This incredible diamond was mined at the Jwaneng diamond mine in Botswana. Only about 1-2% of the diamonds mined in the world such as the famous Cullinan and the Koh-I-Noor have this grading.
 There hasn’t been an estimate as to how much this stone will be auctioned for, but I’m sure it’s going to set many world records! Is it possible for this stone to reach an auction price of 40 million? We’ll see who in the diamond world has deep pockets. You can believe that many of the top Jewelry houses in the world will be vying for this top gem.  And after the stone is purchased the new owners will give this stone a name.  Because every great diamond needs name!

                  The yet unnamed 101.73ct Pear shaped Diamond

  Recently auctions for vintage jewelry and large white diamonds have been setting auction records. If you remember the last large diamond that was up for auction was “The Duke” or the Archduke Joseph diamond which weighs 76.45cts and had a pre-sale estimate of $15 million.  That Diamond and had sold for $21.5 million.  This stone was owned by Alfredo J. Molina, chairman of California-based jeweler Black, Starr & Frost. The winning bidder, who wished to remain anonymous, is going to donate the diamond for display at a museum. So in the meantime that lovely stone is awaiting its moment of glory at the chosen museum. It’ll be great to actually view that stone in person~

                       The Archduke Joseph Diamond 76.43cts

 Larger white diamonds have been selling well at the auction house. After a small slump in larger stones and items of jewelry (who can forget the incredible and news worthy jewelry from dame Elizabeth Taylors estate?)

 I was searching on Christies site to see what other jewels are going to be auctioned with the Pear Diamond, my mind is spinning with all the possibilities!

                                  Keep sparkling til next time~