Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oscar Jewelry Rundown! The Best and the Blingiest!

 Awards season, one of the best indications other than Fashion week ( going on now in Paris) as to the newest styles, trends, and colors that we are sure to see the following season. This past Oscar show, and from what we have heard there was some good and not so good reviews. Me personally, I think it was a tad boring!  The best part of the show other than watching the winners is the red carpet with all of those divine dresses. And I have to tell you, I do not think that Seth was the best host either!

We were amazed at the sea of colors that we saw, and the style of the dresses, mostly vintage haute couture (how fabulous!)

 The girls on the red carpet shown brightly in vibrant  Jane Fonda in that canary yellow Versace ( did we mention she's 75??) with her sparkling Chopard 25.0cts Yellow diamond chandelier earrings. Many actresses opted to go for  vintage jewelry from the best fashion houses.

 One of the actresses that caught our eye was Charlize Therons in US$4.5 million worth of Harry Winston diamonds: emerald-cut earstuds at 5ct each (US$1.6 million); vintage 1959 diamond lattice bracelet, 58.07ct; vintage 1959 cluster bracelet 57.30ct; diamond marquise lattice bracelet; and marquise-cut diamond cluster ring, all set in platinum. They were spectacular! And paired with her stunning white form dress, she was definitely statuesque!

Jane Fondas fabulous canary yellow Versace gown, not bad for 75!

                         Chopards 25.0cts yellow diamond chandelier earrings

              Charlize Therons white column dress by Dior, shes their spokesperson

Now that's alot of sparkle! Gives you an idea of how large the bracelets are

                             Harry Winston vintage diamond bracelet in platinum
 Singer Norah Jones wore these incredible Kimberly McDonald for Forevermark diamond bangles.  Wish we could of seen these in person, in love with the uniqueness of these!

         Worn by singer/songwriter Norah Jones, Kimberly McDonald for Forever mark diamond bangles
Singer/songwriter Norah Jones

    And of course everyone had their tongues wagging when it came to Best Actress in a Leading Role Winner Jennifer Lawrence wore Chopard with a pair of white gold diamond earrings featuring rose-cut pear-shaped diamonds (12cts), round-cut diamonds (9cts) and brilliants, a white gold long necklace set with diamond beads (73cts) and brilliants, a ring featuring three platinum flowers set with rose-cut diamonds (6cts) and brilliant-cut diamonds (2cts) and a white gold ring from the Ice Cube Collection set with diamonds (4 cts). Her dress by Gucci was simple and stunning and captured her youth and innocence!

              She truly glows! Beautiful dress with simple large diamond jewelry!

  As it was reported and by Anne herself she switched gowns at the last moment because her Costar from Le Mis Amanda Seyfried wore a dress that was similar to Annes Valentino. She switched to a simple Prada sheath gown, but still wore the same jewelry she was going to wear with the other dress. But not without a huge tantrum from what we've heard! I think that this dress needed big earrings and not so much of a busy necklace. The necklace by Tiffany, was exquisite with alot of detail, but you weren't able to view it. The necklace was in to much competition with the straps of her dress.

Tiffany & Co diamond "Corsage" necklace, love the flower detail! (reportedly worth $354,300)

 And another personal favorite in a sea of neutrals and pastels was Jennifer Garners purple hued dress by Gucci accented with 2.5million dollars of diamonds by Neil Lane. The simple silhouette of the front of the dress really focused on her divine figure, AND she's had 3 children! She looked just breathless. Jennifer was wearing an antique diamond bib style necklace in black rhodium. Plus her bracelet, and her best accessory, her gorgeous husband and Oscar winner Ben Affleck. What girl wouldn't be happy to be on his arm!

                    Close up of Jennifer Garners diamond bracelets by Neil Lane

                Antique diamond bib necklace by Neil Lane in Black rhodium

                            Love the color of her dress and the ruffle detail 

                       And her best accessory is her gorgeous hubby Ben affleck, lucky girl!

 One of my all time favorite moments it happened on the red carpet a few years ago. Oprah Winfrey was at an event on the red carpet and a reporter had asked her the obligatory question, "who's jewelry are you wearing?" She replied, "My own", now my darlings that's rich!

                                           Keep Sparkling, until next time~