Friday, May 17, 2013

The Met Gala, Cannes & $1.4 Million Chopard Theft

Excitement ran abound in new York City on May 6th when the Met held their famous Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The them was "Punk" from "Chaos to Couture'. Most stars could interpret the them in their own artistic way. And who needs a theme? It's THE MET! The GALA at the Met!  For me that's plenty, but then I digress...

 Where to start? Beyonce was named the honorary chair and looked fabulous in a Givenchy gown with decorative boots.  I was kind of disappointed that she wasn't wearing any jewels but her dress did impress! The boots with the matching material was a great accessory!Congrats to Beyonce and Jay Z on the recent announcement of baby No2! She looked incredible and with the print on her dress her stomach is not noticeable. That could of been the effect she was going for.

 Sarah Jessica Parker had a feathered ornate Mohawk head dress and tartan boots with her dress by Giles. She was wearing a beautiful diamond Riviera necklace that was out of this world! The combination of colors in her dress with the velvet tartan boots along with the headdress made it a  Her escort was Hamish Bowles was wearing more jewelry than most of  the women were!They looked incredible together~ His custom tux took 5 weeks to complete and was created out of100 pieces of gold safety pins set with diamonds and emeralds.


Jennifer Lawrence in classic black with Sarah Jessica Park 

"Stylist and Jewelry Designer David Thomas created an entire look for Hamish Bowles to the Met Gala on May 6th 2013.  Taking 5 weeks from concept to completion this specially commissioned piece by "Gentleman - David Thomas xJBH" is worth $250,000.00!  The outfit is comprised of 100 pieces of white gold and white diamonds and emeralds made especially for this project in the Jason of Beverly Hills factory in downtown LA."

The 100 pieces are made up as follows:
  • 1 pair of white gold and emerald cufflinks
  • 1 set of white gold and emerald shirt studs
  • 30 small safety pins in white gold and diamonds
  • 20 medium safety pins in white gold and diamonds
  • 14 medium safety pins with chain in white gold and emeralds
  • 30 large safety pins in white gold and diamonds
  • 2 kilt pins in white gold and emeralds
  • 2 fleur de lys pins in white gold and diamonds

                                                      Mock up of the tux without the jewels

After the jewelry was created all the pieces were then hand stitched onto the lapels. What says Punk more than safety pins? Bejeweled is a glamorous spin on the theme. That must of been quite a task for the jeweler to create all the safety pins in gold then to set the stones! But it is the most clever of ideas! When i think of the 90's and the fashion safety pins definitely comes to mind~

  Award season may be over but there still another exciting every that happens every year at a little fabulous place on the French Riviera called Cannes! 

 The Festival de Cannes is from May 15th - May 26th. Cannes previews films from all genres from all over the world. It is always in the spotlight with the actresses and their numerous outfit changes, directors vying for the spotlight with their film. The first night on the red carpet is always a favorite and that is when you see spectacular gowns, big jewelry and perfectly coiffed hair. The looks along with the celebrities that walked the red carpet were different to say the least. The next week can be a little more casual as some of the previews are held during the daytime and a casual look is more favored.

  Here's a few of my favorite looks from the red carpet:

                   Model Cara Delevingne looking fierce for 'The Great Gatsby" Jewels by Chopard

Even with pouring rain she still smolders!

Marion Cotillard looking tres chic in Chopard Jewels in her hair~ 

Singer Lana Del Rey in a romantic dress

After seeing all of these breath taking jewels its hard to imagine that they'll never be sen again! At approximately 2:30am on Friday when Chopard was having a party at the 5 star Martiniez Hotel across town. The jewels were stored at the Novotel Hotel and where in a Chopard Representatives room safe. According to reports the whole safe wad ripped OUT of the wall!  Some estimates are saying the figure could be closer to 1.4 million. But still a huge shame~ Jewelers work for many months and sometimes years to assemble all the stones that are needed for a suite of jewels. Still waiting on reports as to how the thieves gained access to the room. Chopard traveled to Cannes with an entourage of 40 people to ensure the celebrities safety with the jewelry. Obviously this was an inside job, knowing when people wouldn't be in the room and well aware of the celebration still going on at another hotel across town. I'm sure that for next year they will be changing their protocol and also to whom they tell of their travel plans. I'm sure in the days and weeks to come more information will be coming out as to what pieces were stolen and the actual value. 

Theres still a few more days left til the cannes festival comes to an end. I'm hoping there's not any more drama! Just beautiful designed clothes and jewels! 

Keep Sparkling until next time~


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