Monday, May 20, 2013

Cannes Red Carpet & The Great Gatsby Jewels

  The premiers at Cannes have been going smoothly except for uh hum maybe a wardrobe malfunction and a few raindrops. There have been a few winning looks  that are so fresh and inspiring!

 Justin Timberlake was out shined by his wife Jessica Biel at the premier of his movie "Inside Ilewelyn Davis"  in a stunning in a Marchesa lace and feather dress. Her neutral make up and the pale shade of her dress only showcased her diamond and emerald snake necklace by Bulgari. A stunning effect!

 Jennifer Lawrence always gets it right when she walks the red carpet this time was no exception. Her black and white strapless dress by Dior shone even more with the added accessory of diamond and emerald earrings by Chopard. She has such a beautiful sense of style or else she has an amazing stylist!

 Chopard sponsors the event and they are also the ones that get to create the winning trope for the film festival. This year the award is so beautiful and simple!  It looks like a large piece of jewelry~

                                          The Festival of Cannes Award created by Chopard

With the movies premiering at Cannes for another few days there has been alot of buzz surrounding the movie "The Great Gatsby". From the actors chosen, the directors way he told the story to he fashion. And how can we forget about the jewels?!

 Artists are inspired by everything around them, including the movies and music scene. Art Deco is all the rage now with the release of Baz Luhrmanns screen adapatation of "The Great Gatsby". I haven't seen the new version but there has been mixed reviews. If you saw the original movie with Mia Farrow and Robert Redford the new movie seems like it shows the true opulence that F. Scott Fitzgerald was trying to achieve.

 Tiffany and Co. held a Blue Book Ball in Rockefeller Center on April 18th to celebrate Jazz Age Glamor.. With a massive 31 foot high blue box covering the 15,000 square foot skating rink. It was a decadent event with 400 celebrities that celebrated with 142 magnums of Moet Chandon. Live music, guests wearing flapper dresses and a finale of glittering confetti it must of been the most beautiful of evenings! The celebrities were adorned with the sparkling goodness of Tiffany and Co jewels.

                                  Bathed in blue light  the 30 foot Blue box on Rockefeller Center

 The jewels that were created for the film was a collaboration with Catherine Martin for Tiffany and Co. and inspired by Baz Luhrmann. were worn by Carey Mulligan including a stunning headdress made with diamonds and the gorgeous feather detail encrusted with diamonds.

           From conception to reality
                                            Carey Mulligan wearing the Savoy Tiffany and Co headdress

 I have a feeling that the Art Deco phase in jewelry is going to be a trend for a while. After of the heavy large gemstones recently fashion regardless of clothes or jewelry usually goes the opposite after a fad.  Vintage styles in jewelry have always been popular but now I'm sure we're going to see custom created Art Deco pieces. the jewelry from that time in history was very stylized and geometric, symmetrical. A beautiful trend that I look forward to seeing! Here's a few of the styles created by Tiffany and Co.

                                      This pearl diamond and platinum hand ornament

  The beautiful diamond pearl and platinum hand ornament is one that broke apart while Carey was filming a scene, reported at 6 figures ( on T& Co it's $75,000). She said everyone moved so quick to retrieve all the pearls. How nerve wracking!

So in love with this necklace! A bargain at $1200, sterling silver and freshwater pearls

After seeing the  jewelry that the talented Catherine Martin collaborated with Tiffany and Co ( did anyone mention that she is also MARRIED to Baz Lurhmann? ) I think we are going to see more of a resurgence in pearl jewelry. They're gorgeous come in many colors and can add elegance to any design. A nice change in the world of jewelry~ 

 Until next time Keep Sparkling~


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