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$22 Million Dollar Diamond, World Record Pearls & Historic Pink Diamond

Sothebys held an auction on April 21st where the second highest diamond carat weight diamond was sold for a record of $22 Million dollars. This remarkable diamond is classified as a type IIA diamond, D color and internally flawless and was mined by DeBeers in South Africa. People that have seen the stone in person compare the colorless stone to the color of a piece of ice, with a hefty price tag. This time around Mr Laurence Graff wasn't not the purchaser of this stone. Both the seller and the purchaser have decided to remain anonymous. Shame on the curious people that have been anticipated the sale of this record breaking stone.This diamond is one of 6 that is over 100 carats that has come to auction.

The 100 carat emerald cut diamond, as of now, it hasnt been given a name, usually by the new owner

The uncut rough weighed over 200 carats and took over a year to have the stone cut and polished.  This is the same mine that has produced many of the gems that is in the Royal collection at the Tower of London.

Original rough weighed 200 carats prior to being cut and polished
Recently a large rough of diamond was unearthed by Lucara diamond mines (based in Canada) at the Karow mine in Botswana. It is classified as a type IIa.   This magnificent piece of rough weighs an impressive 341.9 carats! Once cut and polished its possible for this stone to weigh 150 -200carats.This is the third piece of rough over 100 carats that has been mined at this location. Two other roughs were mined last year. It hasnt been released as to when this stone will be auctioned. Lucara Diamond Corp. is based in Vancouver. The company has the Karowe Mine in Botswana and the Mothae Project in Lesotho, which is operates in a 75-25 percent partnership with the government of the kingdom
341.9cts rough recently unearthed at the Karow mine in Botswana
 Record prices are being reached for many jewels that you would think wouldn't reach that level of pricing. A superb strand of multi colored natural pearls sold at Christies New York location for a world record breaking price of $5 Million Dollars. The pearls are natural and are saltwater as well. The pearls range in size from 4.90mm to 12.65mm.

World record breaking pearls sold for $5 Million Dollars at Christies
The stories that go hand in hand with the exceptional jewels that are seen at the auctions can be almost more captivating that the actually items themselves. Huguette M.Clark was born in France in 1904 to a business tycoon and copper baron William Clark . He was the second richest man in America behind Nelson D. Rockefeller. She had amassed millions upon millions of dollars and properties that she had never spent a night in and jewels that would make any art curator jealous.

Huguette Clarks pink diamond, recently recut from 9 cts to 8.72tcw

A stunning image of a young Huguette Clark
  When Huguette ( she had secretly gone by the moniker of Harriet)  had passed away at the age of 104 in 2012. She lad lived with her mother in her New York 5 avenue apartment until her mother had passed away in 1963. They each had lived separate lives and at times would have family and friends visit. After her mother  had passed away she had lived with her Irish caregiver, until she too had passed away in 1980. After that she went to she had been living as a recluse for the last 80 years, 20 of those years in New York hospitals.

Her jewels were sold in 11 lots in 2012 by Christies. All stunning and had been untouched in the vault in their original boxes since 1940's. One of the most anticipated was a light pink diamond ring affectionately called the "Clark Pink". The ring was sold for $15.7 Million dollars in April of 2012. The ring was sold to U.S. diamond, gem and jewelry specialist Brett Stettner of Stettner Investment Diamonds. He started his diamond company in 1995. The stone was removed from the setting and had been recut to 8.72cts and has now been classified as fancy intense pink diamond by GIA. Not only increasing the value of this record breaking diamond, but also the color grade. It was graded originally as a purplish pink diamond.

Brett Stetner of Stettner Diamonds, previous owner of the Clark Pink

The recut "Clark Pink" from 9.0cts to 8.72cts

Nothing is more epitomes with Royalty than the famous Faberge eggs. Faberge is returning to its roots by creating the first Faberge egg since the 1900's by celebrating 100 years since the last delivery of an egg.  The last egg commissioned by Tsar Nicholas was in 1916 before his abdication from the throne in February 1917. It was called the "Steel Military Egg" It was going to be a gift to his wife Alexandra.  Faberge had to stop production on any new pieces as all of his craftsmen were fighting on the front lines of the war. And not having any materials to create new pieces with as gold and silver were forbidden for jewelers to use. The Steel Military Egg was never sold and is one of ten Imperial Easter Eggs on display at the Kremlin Armory in Moscow.

"Steel Military Egg" Faberge 1916 created with using gold, steel, silk, jade, white and orange enamel.
 The Pearl Egg that was created by Faberge features 139 natural seawater pearls from the Gulf in Qatar. These pearls come from the personal collection of  Hussain Alfardan. He is one of the largest collectors of pearls and is the CEO of Alfardan Group in Qatar.

The magnificent Fabrege Pearl Egg, valued at $2 Million Dollars
 It took 20 skilled masters two years and over 3,300 diamonds, 139 natural sea water pearls, carved rock crystal and mother-of-pearl set on white and yellow gold. The base features white pearls, diamonds and mother-of-pearl in a scallop-motif design.

Hussain Alfardan and Robert Benvenuto President adn COO of Fabrege at the unveiling of the Pearl Egg in Qatar

The six "petals" open to reveal a lustrous 12.17cts gray pearl in the center of the egg. Its value is estimated at $2 Million dollars and was purchased by Hussain Alfardan.

Inside is a 12.17cts gray pearl

 Robert Procop who is a jewelry in the very exclusive area of Beverly Hills. He collaborated with Angelina Jolie in 2013 to create a line of jewelry with 100% of the profits are going to her charity, "Education Partnership for Children of Conflict'. Now his beautiful designs are in collaboration with another actress hoping to help another charity. Brooke Shields had met Robert over 30 years ago when Brooke and her mother were doing a book signing on Rodeo Drive. Their creative paths crossed last year when they began on working on a line of jewelry.  It was recently discovered that Brooke has Royal blood in her veins, and she is a descendant of Louis XIV.  The line is called legacy Brooke and benefits "House of Ruth" that helps women to recover from domestic violence and or sexual assault. Robert has been helping this organization for 25 years.

 Brooke had said, “I had just come back from charting my genealogy and finding the French component of my ancestry,” says Shields, who learned that she’s a descendant of Louis XIV. “We started playing with heirloom pieces, things I loved from going to the antique jewelry fairs.” Two years, hundreds of sketches, and one soldering lesson for Shields later (“Let’s just say I need a little more work,” the actress laughs) now the items will debut in June and will be in stores in September.

The pieces are lovely as you can see Roberts amazing design style with the use of Brookes favorite gemstones. Using amethysts, peridot, blue topaz, and tourmaline in smooth unfaceted cabochons make the jewels seem timeless and elegant. 

Sugar loaf amethysts set in 18k gold with diamonds

21.35cts of green sugarloaf tourmaline set in 18k with 0.97pts of diamonds $12,000

 The retail prices range from $5,000 - $200,000.  A superb collection that will benefit many women and families to get back on their feet~

                                                    Keep sparkling until next time!

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