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Hatton Garden Arrests, $20 Million Jewel Heist in Cannes & Record Breaking Kashmir Sapphire

  Its the gorgeous month of May which means two things, its THE month of emeralds (yea) and also the exciting event of the Cannes Film Festival. But whats a film festival without a little drama? It seems that news of robberies have been occurring more frequently lately and usually centered around a red carpet event.  Cannes film festival started this year on May 13th and runs until May 24th.

 A week before the festivities were to begin a theft happened at Cartier to the tune of $20 Million dollars. A man had entered the store wearing a senior citizens mask and sporting a machine gun. They had managed to penetrate the stores security system and security detail at 11am on last Tuesday. two accomplices came in hiding their faces with scarves and one person keeping watch outside the store. They held up the two employees and one customer in the store. They had taken the jewels and had placed them in a leather briefcase. They sped off in a Mercedes Benz that was reported stolen in March. The car was later found abandoned and on fire, almost their trademark now. There hasn't been any public acknowledgment of the actual items that were taken. Is it possible this could be the work of the Pink Panther Gang again?

 In July of 2013 at the time the largest theft of gems and jewelry had occurred to the cost of $136 Million dollars. A door that was supposed to be locked was open ( unlocked ) and a person wearing a helmet and carrying a gun had walked out of the  Carlton Intercontinental Hotel  where they were exhibiting a collection of Lev Leviev jewelry and gems. Reports estimate that 72 pieces (including rings, pendants and earrings) were stolen, with 34 items considered “exceptional.” That case has never been solved.

Cannes is also a great event to view celebrities in a fabulous array of jewels and fashions. Lasting 11 days many movie stars pack several outfits and jewels for various parties and events and of course premieres.  Its a great way to view some exceptional jewels!

Julianne Moore looked flawless at Cannes wearing emerald and diamond Chopard earrings
Fan Bing Bing dazzled in Chopard diamond and emerald earrings
Naomi watts at the premiere of Mad Max, Fury Road wearing platinum, emerald and diamond earrings by Bulgari High Jewellery
The Chopard party featured a bevy of stars dancing the night away in some jaw dropping jewels. What fun they must of had! But I couldnt imagine an event, outfit changes etc for 11 days!

An exceptional canary diamond collar necklace

Hardly any make up, but who needs it when youre dripping in diamonds and luscious pearls~

Stunning sapphire and diamond pendant earrings
And on the same subject, the UK Metropolitan police have raided 12 addresses (one with a large amount of high value jewelry) with the help of 200 officers and have arrested 9 men ranging in age from 48 to 76  in connection with the famous Hatton Garden burglary that happened over the bank Holiday of April 3rd.

The vault wall that was bored thru to get to the safety deposit boxes
 "A number of large bags containing significant amounts of high value property have been recovered from one address," the force said in a statement. "Officers are confident these are items stolen during the burglary."

The suspects were arrested for "conspiracy to burgle", got to love the Brits~

39.05cts Kashmir Sapphire sold for $7.3 Million
Records can be broken when you have extraordinary gems being auctioned. Christies surpassed pre auction estimates and selling an amount of $97Million dollars. 15 items sold for over a million. One incredible Kashmir sapphire weighing 35.09cts sold for a record breaking $7.3 Million dollars. Thats a little over $200,000/carat!

Rahul Kadakia, International Head of Christie's Jewellery Department, declared: “The inexorable rise in demand for coloured gemstones and pearls continued this evening. A 35.09 carat Kashmir sapphire established a new world record of over $200,000 per carat. A single strand of natural pearls changed hands for $3.8 million and a 5.18 carat vivid pink diamond sold for $10.7 million. We now look forward to exciting sales in Paris, Hong Kong, London and New York during the next month.”

An incredible pair of Colombian emerald and gold bangles sold for $1.7Million dollars. From what I from what I have researched, they are from royal provenance. The matching color and hue of the emeralds is magnificent and also the fact that they are over 100 years old and in excellent condition.

Colombian emerald & gold bangles sold for $1.7 Million

Another celebrity has jumped on the making jewelry (or lending their name band wagon). Angie Harmon is known for her acting role on the crime drama "Rizzloi and Isles". When she had learned about "Red Earth" an ethical and lifestyle brand that supports artists around the world she had decided she wanted to be a part of the brand and to help other artists. It nice to see someone in a position to help so many people.

 She designs the pieces of jewelry (retail prices starting at $30) and are created by artisans that are contracted for the work. Here is a link to the website, http://redearthshop.com/product-category/angie-harmon-x-red-earth/.


"Yes, it's a creative outlet, but it's about exposing the talent and giving the credit to these artist and designers in Africa," Harmon says. The rugged-yet-elegant pieces have a modern edge, but it's the love and hard work put into every piece that makes the line unique. "That's what makes it so special," Harmon says.

A selection of Angie Harmons designs on Red Earth

 The full line of accessories are created in bone and brass. There's also a brief bio and picture of the jeweler that made the pieces. A beautifully created line of jewels that benefit many~

                                                     Keep sparkling until next time~

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